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PhD Students

PhD students in the Department

There are currently over 130 PhD students studying in the Department of Geography. Each student is allocated to a Research Domain. A list of students in each Research Domain, and more information on the research they are undertaking, can be found below:


Contested Development Research Domain

The Contested Development Research Domain provides an active and interdisciplinary home for PhD students who are encouraged to play an active role in managing and presenting seninars alongside staff and visiting scholars and practitioners. The large body of students provides real opportunity for exploring ideas and experiences as well as providing a social base and support network through PhD study.

PhD students affiliated with the Contested Development Research Domain include:

Santiago Alvarez Herrero

Luis Andueza Justiniano
Rivers, territoriality, and energy: a study on the political ecology of neoliberalization and resistance in south-central Chile

Roxana Borquez Gonzalez 
Thesis: Energy and water policies in Chile, the deliberative turn in a post-dictatorial democracy: power relations, civil participation and expertise

Brendan Bromwich
Thesis: A critical review of the promotion of environmental governance as a peace-building strategy with reference to a case study of UNEP's programme in Darfur, Sudan 2007-2013

Lars Gustav Cederlof
Thesis: Energy Revolution: Oil dependence and the political ecology of energy use in socialist Cuba

Kristofer Chan
Thesis: Enigmatic Impacts of Hydroelectric Dams in Southeast Asia

Ashley Crowson
Thesis: The Gemini News Service: Journalism, Geopolitics and the Decolonisation of The News, 1967-2002

Regina Da Rocha
Thesis: What are the ethical implications of water allocation in Minas Gerais? A view from the central Brazil

Rebecca Enderby
Thesis: The social and ecological impacts of decentralised biofuel production on marginal land in Karnataka, southern India

Rebecca Farnum
Thesis: Nature as Diplomat: Scale, Agency, and Purpose in Environmental Peacebuilding

Frezer Haile
Thesis: Power asymmetry across spatial scales: the Ethiopian pursuit of multi-layered counter-hegemony in the Eastern Nile Basin

Steven Harry
Socio-Energy Systems in the Anthropocene: Island Metabolisms and the Contested Geographies of Energy Transition 

Hali Healy 
Thesis: The Political Ecology of Transdisciplinary Sustainability Research

Josefin Hedlund
Queer Solidarities: Sexual liberation in International Relations

Idil Ires

Lara Langston
Thesis: Embracing complexity: Resilience and the new development agenda

Nando Lewis
Thesis: How are water security, food security, violence and forced migration related? How can the use of remote sensing, spatial statistics and qualitative field research improve data and the identification of causal relationships?

Felicia Liu
Climate Sustainability, Capital Markets and the Economic Geography of Non-financial Reporting in Asia

Felix Mallin

Pratik Mishra

Nikola Naumov
Thesis: Geographies of Transition: Heritage, Tourism and Identity in Post-Socialist Bulgaria

Birendra Rana

Nathalie Richards
Thesis: Water Users Associations for sustainable water use in Tanzania and Kenya?

Erin Roberts
Thesis: An examination of the role of leadership in the implementation of policies to address loss and damage and whether they are facilitating transformational change in developing countries

Camilla Royle
Thesis: Marxism and the question of non-human agency: what can we learn from the dialectical biologists?

Julian Robert Shaw
Thesis: Disrupting the Violences of Public Space by Acting Publicly: The Production, Segregation and Potential of Public Space illustrated in Luton

Ramya Tella
Thesis: Knowledge, Statecraft and the Stage: The performance of authority and credibility in Indian climate politics

Hazel Webber
Thesis: Adaptive mechanisms of an Indonesian coastal community dependent on a declining natural resource: A longitudinal investigation

Environmental Dynamics Research Domain

The Environmental Dynamics Research Domain has a thriving and dynamic PhD student body. Details of current students and their research can be found below. Funding and training for prospective PhD students is available via the NERC Doctoral Training Programme or the CANES Non-Equilibrium Systems Centre for Doctoral Training. If you are interested in PhD study within the ED Domain please visit our research interests page or the NERC-DTP PhD Projects page for more information about possible projects.


Natalie Bakker
Thesis: Evaluating transport of African mineral dust to the Amazon Basin

Diego Cisneros Heredia
Thesis: Impact of habitat changes on the biological diversity of the northern tropical Andes

Alejandro Coca Castro 
Thesis: Modelling pan-tropical land cover and land-use change trajectories of newly deforested areas

Mark De Jong
Thesis: The influence of weather and climate on global wildfire

Kelly Gunnell
Thesis: Ecosystem-Based Adaptation: Mapping and quantifying the role of natural infrastructure in hydrological ecosystem service provision to the world's cities under scenarios of land use and climate change

Claudia Gutierrez Arellano
Thesis: Modelling effects of land use change from forest to cropland on faunal ecosystem service supply and demand in the tropics

Eleanore Heasley
Thesis: Characterising catchment-level effects on river habitats: An investigation of topological, topographical and hydrological impacts on river habitat

Fenner Holman
Thesis: Development of technologies and methodologies for use in high resolution UAV based remote sensing  for improvement of crop phenotyping in crop field trials

Sarah Johnson
Thesis: Trajectories of land cover change in semi-arid regions of East Africa and its impact on biodiversity and ecosystem services

Sarah Jones
Thesis: Sustainable agricultural intensification in small reservoir landscapes

Milan Karner
Thesis: Variations in Hydro-Climatic Vulnerability in a Transboundary Region: A Comparative Analysis of the Two Punjabs

Mary Langsdale 
Thesis: The derivation and validation of land surface temperature (LST) and emissivity (LSE) from hyperspectral/ hypertemporal LWIR remote sensing, exploiting new instrumentation, including an FTIR spectrometer and new sensors, both airborne and spaceborne

Andrew Lane
Thesis: Understanding the impact of anthropogenic land cover change on terrestrial ecosystems using agent based models and the mathematical analysis of their outputs

Anna Lavelle
This project seeks to examine ecosystem function across urban London rivers to determine the success of restoration. This involves examining various functional chemical, physical and biological parameters

Bernard Majani
Thesis: Multi-Hazard interactions in urban Africa and impact on urban infrastructure

Mattia Mancini 
Thesis: Modelling complexity in coupled human and natural systems: The tragedy of the commons in the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau

Daniel Mills
Thesis: ‘The Ecological Impacts and Environmental Challenges of a New Invasive Species in UK Rivers: The Quagga Mussel ‘Dreissena bugensis’

Hannah Nguyen
Sensing and data assimilation for the impacts of Biomass burning on Air Quality

Yu Kyung Oh
Thesis: Climate Change Adaptation in London through Resilient Ecosystem Services Management

Louis Reymondin
Thesis: Near-real time pan-tropical monitoring system for natural vegetation conversion detection

Jake Simpson
Thesis: There are four data chapters currently in progress, but currently most efforts are on:-Delineation of historical burned areas using Landsat, MODIS and Sentinal datasets

David Smedley
Thesis: Under what conditions can dry spells be overcome through low material cost water harvesting adaptions among small holder farmers in the Volta

Alois Tilloy
Thesis: A scenario-oriented probabilistic model of interacting natural hazard events

Anna Turbelin
Thesis: Understanding the relationships between alien species and natural hazards: a systematic review of natural hazards and alien species interactions

Briony Turner
Thesis: Transition pathways in practice: scaling up climate change adaptation solutions for existing housing stock in England's social housing sector   

Tianran Zhang
Thesis: New Estimates of Smoke Emissions from Eastern China's Agricultural Residue Burning based on NPP-VIIRS Remote Sensing and in-situ Measured Emission Factors

Urban Futures Research Domain

Soledad Alvarez Velasco
Thesis: Trespassing the Visible: The Production of Ecuador as a Global Zone of Transit for Irregularised Migrants Moving Towards the U.S.-Mexico Corridor

James Angel 
Thesis: Towards Urban Energy Democracy? The Contested (Post)-Politics of Europe's New Energy Municipalism

Lee Butcher
Thesis: Westminster-on-Sea: the political and cultural significance of Osborne House, Isle of Wight, c.1845-1901

Laura Canevari
Thesis: Building adaptive capacity in value chains: Business networks and climate change adaptation in natural production systems of Jamaica

Mengyao Chen
Thesis: The location patterns of Transnational Corporations' host-country headquarters in mainland China global cities: a comparative study between Beijing and Shanghai

David Colozza
Thesis: The impact of food system and social change on diets and nutrition-related chronic disease in Southeast Asia

Archie Davies
Thesis: Of Crabs and Men in Manguetown: Josué de Castro and the urban ecological politics of hunger

Wolf Ellis
Thesis: Livelihoods, food security and income as food

Irene Hakansson
Thesis: The socio-spatial politics of sustainable transitions: Urban sustainability initiatives and gentrification

Sabrine Hakam
Thesis: Examining African 'cityness' to inform an urban theory of the 'global south'

Timothy Harries
Thesis: A sampled approach to assessing the spatial distribution of plant species traits across the continent of Africa and their interpretation using environmental variables

Maryam Ibrahim
Thesis: Analysing urban improvement programmes for low income settlements through a gendered lens in Pakistan

Xiaofan Jin
Thesis: How does the development of affordable housing relect the characteristics of pro-growth colation under the context of socialist transitional society?

Julia Nast

Dong Liu
Thesis: Social Inequalities in Chinese Peri-urban areas - a case study of Siping

Donald Orr
Thesis: Only Overcrowded The Effects of Changes to Social Housing Allocation on Non-Emergency Applicants in London

Fiorenza Picozza
Thesis: Producing Europe's Geographies of Asylum: Mobilities, Subjectivities and Solidarities Within and Against the Asylum Regime

Hannah Schling
Thesis: Gender, spatio-temporality and social reproduction: migrant labour in the Czech manufacturing sector

Sebastian Schlueter
Thesis: In my reserach I scrutinise so called church planting activities and the growth of church communities in gentrifying neighbourhoods in London and Berlin

Yang Song 
Thesis: The impact of China's ongoing hukou reform on second generation migrants' identity: A case study of Hangzhou

Alia Spathopoulou
Thesis: Moving from and moving back to the border: Migrants' uneven geographies within and against the hotspot regime governing "borderland Greece"

Susan Steward
Thesis: Growing Up in North Norwich - influences of neighbourhood and secondary school on disadvantaged young people in Norwich

Zakeera Suffee
Thesis: In a multicultural postcolonial Britain, where 'ethnic minorities' stake meaningful, if contested, claims to British identity and belonging, how do non-white British anti-racist activist citizens relate to discourses of 'illegal' migration?

Keattisak Tangrungruengyoo
Thesis: The Impact of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) on New-Housing Development, A Case Study of Bangkok, Thailand

Simone Veglio
Thesis: The Urban Enigma: a 'Decolonial' Geography of Postcolonial Latin America

Isobel Ward
Thesis: The Cultural Politics of Home in Tottenham and Kings Cross - The Uneven Geographies of Home

Can Yildiz
Thesis: The Roma Spectacle; Foreign-ness, Racialisation and Mobility among Roma Women in and out of a London prison

Risk and Society Research Domain

Laurence Ball-King
Thesis: Risk Management and Proportionality: A Synoptic View of UK Practices

Alejandro Barcena
Thesis: The role of identity in shaping land governance and vulnerability

Amar Yasier
Thesis: Disaster Insurance in Malaysia - This research is primarily focusing on the supply and demand of disaster insurance in Malaysia

Sophie Blackburn
Thesis: Can disaster rehabilitation catalyse the emergence of new - and/or more equitable, responsive and accountable - forms of representation and governance? Social-political outcomes of tsunami recovery in the Andaman Islands, using a social contract lens

Jose Di Bella
Thesis: Climate change adaptation, business model innovation and adaptive capacity 

Alexander Edwards
Thesis: The focus of my project is on the ongoing shift towards neoliberal governmentality within UK environmental policy and in particular the Green Deal and Energy Performance Certificates and will examine the implications of "responsibilising citizens"

Lukasz Erecinski
Thesis: A Difficult Pill to Swallow: Exploring Patients Risk Perceptions of Proton Pump Inhibitors and Dry Powder Inhalers

Jacob Fairless Nicholson
Thesis: Learning anti-racism: a cultural geography of anti-racist education in London, 1970-1990

Francesca Greco
Thesis: groundwater irrigation and crop export in Italy's arid zones: the paradox of virtual water trade in current  global crop markets

Fanny Frick
Riskscapes of flooding in a rapidly urbanising coastal region: The case of the Densu Delta, Accra, Ghana

Philip Hendy
Thesis: This project explores how the Port of London Authority organisationally manages risk on a day to day basis and explores the role of cultural, institutional and technical social systems in shaping the overall practice of risk management

Qiaonan Li
Thesis: Authoritarian management and risk governance in the field of building anti-seismic in China

Felicia Lui
Risk, regulation and the limits of the developmental state in Singapore

Maeve Mcloughlin
Thesis: In light of dieselgate, how can Europe better regulate diesel vehicle emissions?

Paul Pini
Thesis: The construction of the Athletes Village Project in preparation for the 2012 Olympic Games

Alexandra Sexton
Thesis: Exploring the biopolitical and ethical implications of alternative proteins as food security solutions. Key questions include: who and what expertise is involved; who are the target consumers; and, why now?

Justin Sharpe 
Thesis: Learning to Trust: Relational spaces and transformative learning for disaster management across citizen led, academic and professional learning contexts

Mihaila Swift
Thesis: Spatialising the interactions between people, animals, volcanic hazard, and local perceptions and responses to Popocatepetl volcano, Mexico

Maria Vinogradova
Understanding vulnerability and the epidemiology of flood fatalities in the UK

Rory Walshe
Social and Cultural learning from Tropical Cyclones in Mauritius in the Longue Durée

Li Wang
Food safety regulation in China

George Warren
Thesis: The Influence of Age on Perceptions of Climate Change and Energy Behaviours: A Climate Literacy and Energy Literacy Approach

Dominic Way
Thesis: The European Medicines Agency's Transparency Policies

Geocomputation Research Domain

Michele Ferretti
Thesis: Building the ’Smart City’: Unpacking software engineering practices at the interface of Code and Space

Paulina Hubner
Thesis: Drones in the Civilian Domain: A balancing act between Surveillance, Security and Privacy

Randa Kachef
Thesis: The Geography of Litter: Studies in space and time to tackle littering in the UK

Dit Maneepitak
Thesis: Potential economic and social impact of Land and Building Tax: An evaluation of property assessment system in Bangkok

Dominic Weldon
Thesis: A Mighty Cobweb: Graph Databases and Network Analysis in a Digital Humanities Approach to the Historical Geography of the UK Fixed Line Network


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