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Urban Futures Research Domain

Completed PhD Students

Dr Eduardo Ascensao

Informal urbanization in a post-colonial context – the lived experience of the architecture of shanty town dwellings in Lisbon, Portugal (Awarded 2011)


Dr Amie Louise Brown
Policing, citizenship and the New Public Management: An examination of the Neighbourhood Policing agenda in the Thames Valley (Awarded 2009) 

Dr Douglas Brown
Profiting from Pauperism? The Business of the New Poor Law in England and Wales 1834-c.1901 (awarded 2014)

Dr Youngsook Choi 
Surveillance as a Performative Space: Mystification and Transformation of Spatial Narratives in Surveillance regimes (Awarded 2011)

Dr Ben Clifford
Planning at the Coalface: British Local Authority Planners and Planning Reform in an Age of Neoliberal Governance (Awarded 2009)
CURRENTLY, lecturer, the Bartlett School of Planning, UCL

Dr David Craggs
Re-Imaging London: global city planning and skyscraper development (Awarded 2013)

Dr Federico Cugurullo 
Unveiling the eco-city phenomenon: is this the (urban) future? (Awarded 2014)

Dr Isabelle Dedieu
Political transfer in urban policies (Awarded 2014)

Dr Mariela Gaete Reyes
Understanding access through the embodied mobility of women wheelchair users (Awarded 2012)
CURRENTLY:  Research Fellow, University of Bournemouth
Dr Rene Hohmann
Poverty, Places and Polilcies: a comparison of area-based initiatives in England and Germany (Awarded 2011)

Dr Juliet Kahne
Gentrification in the ‘exceptional city’: the case of Silver Lake in Los Angeles (Awarded 2014)
Dr Cheng-Hsuan Kao
Mobility of Expertise, the Construction of Identity, Place Making: on the Case of the Regeneration of the Urban Villages in the PRD, China  (Awarded 2011)
CURRENTLY Researcher and writer

Dr Laura Keogh
Heritage, regeneration and placemaking: Sustainable community building in the Thames Gateway (2009)

Dr Emily Last
Disability and liveable environments: a comparative study of subnational governance (Awarded 2010) 

Dr Seon Young Lee
New Build Gentrification and Anti-Gentrification Movements in Seoul, South Korea (Awarded 2014)

Dr Llewellyn Leonard
Environmental justice in South Africa: The role of social movements in environmental waste governance (awarded 2009).
CURRENTLY Post-doctoral fellow, Middlesex University

Dr Wen-I Lin
Global urban renaissance and local geographical governmentality - London and Shanghai (Awarded 2009)

Dr Alan Mace
London’s Inter-War Suburbs: constructing a sense of place in a mega-city region (Awarded 2010)
CURRENTLY Lecturer in urban planning LSE

Dr Lidija Mavra
The old and the new: ethnicity and identity of London's Serbs (Awarded 2010)

Dr Jennie Middleton
‘The Walkable City: the dimensions of walking and overlapping walks of life’ (Awarded 2008)
CURRENTLY Lecturer in geography, Plymouth University
Dr Matthew Offord
Rural governance and social exclusion: the changing landscape of local government (Awarded 2011)

Dr Sarah Pellegrin
Integrating urban design and peacekeeping principals for regenerating the urban environment following violent conflict (Awarded 2012)
Dr Liat Racin
Beyond Flowers: Contested Identities in New York City’s Community Gardens (Awarded 2013)
Dr Adriana Soaita
A comparative analysis of the nature and extent of housing problems and resident responses in two forms of Romanian urban housing (Awarded 2011)
CURRENTLY: Research Fellow, University of St Andrews
Dr Emma Street
Planning for sustainable communities (Awarded 2011)
CURRENTLY: Lecturer, Reading University

Dr Aaron Van Klyton
The social life of musicians: transnational spaces, performances, and identities of 'world music' performers (Awarded 2011)
Dr Carry Van Lieshout
London's changing waterscapes: water management in eighteenth-century London (Awarded 2013)
Dr Stephanie Wyse
Gender, wealth and margins of Empire: Women's urban wealth networks, c1890 to 1950. (Awarded 2009)
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