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Research Staff

Dr Yara Evans



Research Associate


Telephone: 07854410913







Yara joined King's College on July 2017, as a Research Associate on the ERSC-NEWTON funded project led by Professor Cathy McIwaine 'Healthy, Secure and Gender Just Cities: Transnational Perspectives on Violence against Women and Girls (VAWG) in Rio de Janeiro and London'. Yara was previously based at the School of Geography at Queen Mary, where she worked on various projects that examined different aspects of the life experiences of migrants in London, with a focus on the Brazilian community.

Yara obtained her PhD in 2003 from the University of Wales Aberystwyth, and her thesis examined the political dimensions of community particpiation in natural protected areas, with a case-study of Serra do Mar State Park, in Brazil. Her research employed a political ecology approach to understanding the role of participation in helping resolve conflicts of natural resources. 

Research interests

Yara is a Human Geography with an interest in:

  • Gender and Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG)
  • International migration and migrant experiences in global cities
  • The role of Olympic Games in restructuring/de-structuring social-spaces in cities
  • Global urban restructuring
  • Political ecology in rural settings in the Global South
  • Economic and social development in the Global South 

Evans, Y and McIlwaine, C (2017) Supporting Brazilian Women in London: Service Provision for Survivors of Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG), CASA/ESRC/LAWRS/PPP/QMUL/Redes/UFRJ/UT: London.

Souza, A and Evans, Y (2015) Desafios no dia-a-dia: experiências de brasileir@s no Reino Unido, Londres: GEB/Queen Mary/UCL, IOE, London.

Evans, Y, Dias, G, Martins Jr, A, Souza, A, and Tonhati, T (2015) Diversidade de Oportunitidade: Brasileiros em Londres, Londres: GEB/Goldsmiths/Queen Mary/Oxford Brookes.

Evans, Y, Tonhati, T and Souza, A (2013) Brasileiras Pelo Mundo, GEB/QMUL/RH/Goldmsmith’s: London.

Evans, Y, Tonhati, T, Dias, G, Brightwell, M, Sheringham, O, Souza, A, and Souza, C (2011) Brazilians in London: a report, Canadian Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Studies, 36:71, 235–248.

Evans, Y, Brightwell, M, Tonhati, T, Dias, G, Sheringham, O, Souza, A, and Souza, C (2011) Em busca de uma vida melhor: brasileiras e brasileiros em Londres, Temas de Antropología y Migración (2).

Evans, Y, Tonhati, T, Dias, G, Brightwell, M, Sheringham, O, Souza, A, and Souza, C (2011) For a Better Life: Brazilians in London, 2010, GEB/QMUL/RH/Goldmsmith’s: London.

Wills, Datta, K; Evans, Y, Herbert, J; May, J, and McIlwaine, C (2010) Global Cities at Work: New Migrant Divisions of Labour, Pluto, London.

Evans, Y, Wills, J, Datta, K, Herbert, J, McIlwaine, C, May, J, Araújo, J, França, AC, França, AP (2007) Brazilians in London: a report for the Strangers into Citizens Campaign, Department of Geography, Queen Mary University of London


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