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Research Staff

Dr Frans Sengers




Postdoctoral researcher


Tel: +31642257455 

Office: Bush House North East Level 6





Frans Sengers is a scholar committed to the study of 'transitions' to a sustainable society. This means he investigates major technological and societal change processes that enable shifts towards green and inclusive systems of consumption and production.

His research has focused on promising innovations that are geared to transform energy- and transport systems in cities across Europe and Asia. He explores how these innovations are introduced into society in pilot projects and living labs, how the impact of these initial experiments can be scaled up, and how this changes incumbent systems and institutions.

He began his academic career at the Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands (2003-2009). There he completed a BSc in Innovation Sciences (department of Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences, 20) and an MSc in Sustainable Energy Technology (department of Mechanical Engineering). After working as a researcher on Smart Grids and possible futures for the Dutch electricity distribution system (2010-2011) he started as a doctoral candidate and wrote his PhD thesis on the prospects for sustainable urban transport in Thailand (2011-2015). After his PhD, Frans worked as postdoctoral researcher at Utrecht University (2015-2018). There he continued his work about transformative change in urban contexts, with an emphasis on eco-city and smart city developments within Europe and China. His current research at King’s College London is about climate governance innovation, specifically on the embedding mechanisms of climate policy experiments.

Research interests

  • sustainability
  • transitions
  • socio-technical systems
  • urban transport
  • smart cities and eco-cities
  • policy experiments 


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