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Teaching Fellows

Dr Margaret Kadiri

KadiriTeaching Fellow

Department of Geography

King’s College London
King’s Building
Strand Campus





Research Interests

  • Nutrient and contaminant cycling in estuarine and saltmarsh environments
  • Hydro-environmental impacts of tidal renewable energy extraction
  • Saltmarsh resilience to contemporary and future environmental change


Margaret is a Physical Geography Teaching Fellow. She completed her PhD in the School of Geography at Queen Mary, University of London in 2010. Her doctoral research examined the mobilisation and release of particle-associated contaminants in saltmarshes restored by coastal managed realignment in order to aid the development of comprehensive coastal zone management strategies. Before arriving at King’s, she worked at Cardiff University for four years as a Research Associate on a multidisciplinary project which aimed to provide a better understanding of the impacts of tidal renewable energy extraction on water quality and ecological processes in coastal environments and to find mitigating measures to minimize such impacts, particularly the risk of eutrophication by nutrient enrichment. Prior to this, Margaret worked in the Department of Geography and Environment at London School of Economics. Combining field, laboratory and computational modelling approaches, Margaret is extending the scope of her research to examine saltmarsh resilience and to investigate how state shifts in saltmarsh distribution will be affected by future climate change.

Selected Publications

Kadiri M., Bockelmann-Evans B. and Rauen W. 2014. Assessing the susceptibility of two UK estuaries to nutrient enrichment. Continental Shelf Research 88: 151-160. 

Kadiri M., Ahmadian R., Bockelmann-Evans B., Falconer R. and Kay, D. 2014. An assessment of the impacts of tidal renewable energy schemes on the eutrophication potential of the Severn Estuary, UK. Computers and Geosciences 71: 3-10.

Kadiri M., Spencer K. L. and Heppell C. M. 2012. Potential contaminant release from agricultural soil and dredged sediment following managed realignment. Journal of Soils and Sediments 12: 1581-1592.

Kadiri M., Ahmadian A., Bockelmann-Evans B., Rauen W. and Falconer R. 2012. A review of the potential water quality impacts of tidal renewable energy systems. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 16: 329-341.

Kadiri M., Spencer K. L., Heppell C. M. and Fletcher P. 2011. Sediment characteristics of a restored saltmarsh and mudflat in a managed realignment scheme in Southeast England. Hydrobiologia 672: 79-89.


BSc Botany, University of Benin, Nigeria

MSc Environmental Diagnosis, Imperial College, London

PhD Physical Geography, Queen Mary University of London

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