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Dr Maud Borie



Teaching Fellow

Bush House NE 5.14







Blank space Biography

My research looks at the politics of environmental knowledge and relations between nature and society at different scales and is situated at the intersection between Human Geography and Science and Technology Studies (STS).

In the context of my PhD research, conducted at the University of East Anglia, I have focused more specifically on biodiversity expertise at a global scale, conducting an ethnographic study of the Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) and contrasting it with the IPCC. More recently I have also worked on disaster risk reduction and resilience in different places including Nairobi, Cape Town, Manila and the Caribbean (Saint Martin/Sint Maarten).

We increasingly rely on scientific expert advice to address ‘global’ environmental challenges such as climate change or biodiversity loss. Yet, in contrast to what is often assumed relations between knowledge and policy are not linear and paying attention to a variety of socio-cultural contexts, and scales, is needed to understand when, why, and how knowledge is used, and with what implications. After my PhD I worked on a GCRF-funded project called “Why we disagree about resilience” whose objective was to reflect on science methods and epistemologies for resilience and find ways to “open-up” debates on resilience (at the city level) via the use of art-based methods and qualitative GIS. In this context I have studied more specifically the role of spatial knowledge and mapping practices for resilience building.


Blank space Research interests
  • Relations between environmental knowledges, expertise, and society
  • Global Environmental Assessments
  • Participatory and deliberative methods to open-up (environmental) debates
  • Biodiversity conservation
  • Geographies of science

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Borie, M., Mathevet, R., Letourneau, A., Ring, I., Thompson, J., Marty, P. (2014). Exploring


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