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Visiting Academics and PhD Students

Dr Ali Aldosari

Ali_Aldosari_picVisiting Senior Research Fellow


Primary Staff Sponsor: Dr Emma Tebbs

Ali Aldosari is Assistant Professor of Geography and Head of the Vegetation and GIS research group at King Saud University, Saudi Arabia. He is also Treasurer of Saudi Geographical Society and Vice President of Saudi National Population Centre. He has a PhD in Geography from Exeter University, UK (2006). Dr Aldosari’s research interests include GIS applications, spatial analysis, Earth observation, medical geography and habitat mapping. He has published extensively in the fields of remote sensing and ethnobiology and he is author of ‘The geography and geology of Arabian Peninsula (World and Its Peoples: The Middle East, Western Asia, and Northern Africa)’ (2007). Currently, Dr. Aldosari is being hosted by the Environmental Dynamics Group and the Earth Observation and Environmental Sensing activity hub at King’s College London, and he is collaborating with Dr Emma Tebbs and Prof Nick Drake to investigate the application of geospatial technologies for the conservation of a protected site and its habitats in Saudi Arabia. This work will include the application of remote sensing and GIS technologies to mapping the habitats of arid conservation area (Oroug Bani M’arad), Saudi Arabia.


Book chapter:

- Khraif Rshood, Asharaf Abdul Salam, Ali Aldosari, Ibrahim Elsegaey, Abdullah AlMutairi (2015). Social Progress in the Islamic World - social, economic, political and ideological challenges. Chapter: Demographic challenges of fast changing society of the Arab World. Springer, Editors: Habib Tiliouine and Richard J. Estes.

- Ali A Aldosari (2007). The geography and geology of Arabian Peninsula (World and Its Peoples: The Middle East, Western Asia, and Northern Africa). Marshall Cavendish Corporation, USA.

Peer review article:

- Alobeid Abdalla, Ali Aldosari, Muhamad Alrajhi and Mudasir Khan (2015). Alternative Approach for Recognition of Potential Ground Water Zones Using GIS and Remote Sensing. International Journal of Applied GIS and Remote Sensing. Vol. 2, 2, pp: 10-25.

- Hassan Sher, Ali Aldosari, and Rainer W. Bussmann (2015). Morels of Palas Valley, Pakistan: A Potential Source for Generating Income and Improving Livelihoods of Mountain Communities. Economic Botany. November, pp:1-15.

- Hassan Sher, Ali Aldosari, Ahmad Alia and Hugo J. de Boer (2015). Indigenous knowledge of folk medicines among tribal minorities in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, northwestern Pakistan. Journal of Ethnopharmacology. Vol. 166, 157-167

- Yuhong Zhoua, Fang Qiuab, Ali A. Al-Dosari and Mohammed S. Alfarhan (2015). ICESat waveform-based land-cover classification using a curve matching approach. International Journal of Remote Sensing. Vol. 36, No. 1, 36–60.

- Abdul Salam Asharaf, Ibrahim Elsegaey, Rshood Khraif, Abdullah Al Mutairi, Ali Aldosari (2015). Components and Public Health Impact of Population Growth in the Arab World. .PLoS ONE 10 (5):e0124944.

- Virupakshagouda. C. Patil, K.A. Al-Gaadi, Rangaswamy Madugundu, Tola. ELM, Samy. M, A Al-Dosari, Al-Omran and Upadhyaya S.K (2014). Assessing Agricultural Water Productivity in Desert Farming System of Saudi Arabia. IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote Sensing .Vol 7, No 7, pp:1–14.

- Virupakshagouda C. Patil1, Khalid A. Al-Gaadi, Rangaswamy Madugundu, ElKamil H.M. Tola1, Samy A. Marey, A.M. Al-Omran, Rajiv Khosla, Shrinivasa K. Upadhyaya, David J. Mulla and Ali Al-Dosari (2014). Delineation of Management Zones and Response of Spring Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) to Irrigation and Nutrient Levels in Saudi Arabia. International Journal of Agriculture & Biology. Vol. 16, No. 1, pp: 104- 110.

- Hassan Sher, Ali Aldosari, Ahmad Ali1 and Hugo J de Boer (2014). Economic benefits of high value medicinal plants to Pakistani communities: an analysis of current practice and potential. Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine.10:71.

- Hassan Sher and Ali Aldosari (2013). Ethnobotanical survey on plants of veterinary importance around Al-Riyadh (Saudi Arabia). African Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology. Vol. 7(21), pp. 1404-1410.

- Hashim M.A.A, N. Siam, A. Al-Dosari, K.A. Asl-Gaadi, V.C. Patil, E.H.M. Tola, M. Rangaswamy and M.S. Samdani (2012). Determination of Water Requirement and Crop water productivity of Crops Grown in the Makkah Region of Saudi Arabia. Australian Journal of Basic and Applied Sciences, 6 (9): 196-206.

- Hassan Sher Ali Aldosari and Shabir Ahmad (2012). Ethnoecological appraisal of Acacia modesta Wall. Common tree of dry ecosystem in Pakistan. African Journal of Agricultural Research Vol. 7(36), pp. 5083-5091.

- Hassan Sher and Ali Aldosari (2012). Ethnobotanical survey on plants of veterinary importance around Al-Riyadh (Saudi Arabia). African Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology.

- Hassan Sher and Ali Aldosari (2012). Population ecology of some medicinal plants of Malam Jabba, Swat, Pakistan. Journal of Medicinal Plants Research Vol. 6(37), pp 5023-5031.

- Hassan Sher and Ali Aldosari (2012). Overview on the ecological and geographical appraisal of important medicinal and aromatic plants: An endangered component in the flora of Saudi Arabia. Scientific Research and Essays Vol. 7(16), pp. 1639-1646. 

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