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Staff Research Interests

Helen Adams

Migration under environmental change; Ecosystem services and wellbeing linkages; Subjective wellbeing and environmental change; Transformations and socio-ecological resilience; Adaptation to climate change; Immobility and place attachment.

George Adamson 
Historical environmental change in the Indian Ocean World; Institutional responses to natural disasters in history; Cultural narratives of climate; Environmental history of western India

Tony Allan (not available for PhD supervision)
Understanding and communication of water issues; how water issues are linked to agriculture, climate change, economics and politics; social and political contexts which influence and determine water use and water policy; global water resource.

Johan Andersson 
Urban and cultural geography with regards to issues of identity and representation; Queer urban culture; Social identities in relation to religion, race, gender and sexuality; Cinema and the city

Andreas Baas
Aeolian geomorphology; dunes; deserts; wind; turbulence; sediment transport processes; non-linear dynamics; self-organisation.

Andrew Brooks 

Geographies of consumption and production: Chinese investment in Africa; Clothing and Textile Industries; Consumer Culture and Fashion in the Global North; Corruption and Development; Economic and Social Change in Southern Africa; Global Production Networks; Lusophone Africa; Second-hand Geographies. 

Raymond Bryant
Political ecology; environmental policy and conflict in the Global South; celebrity environments; political geography; forest politics; NGOs.

Michael Chadwick
Effects of natural and human-induced ecosystem change on aquatic organisms; implications of ecosystem changes on the functioning of aquatic ecosystems

Ruth Craggs
Postcolonial geopolitics, Decolonisation and the ‘modern’ Commonwealth, The historical and contemporary politics of development,Race and migration, Modern architecture and planning, Volunteering, heritage and enthusiasm, Colonial and postcolonial Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Ayona Datta
Postcolonial urbanism and urban transformations; Critical geographies of smart urbanism and urban futures; Slums and informal settlements;Gender citizenship, urban violence and rule of law;Transnational urbanism, migrant citizenship, and translocal geographies of belonging.

Terry Dawson
Complex Systems and Earth Systems Science; Application of Integrated Assessment (IA) techniques for evaluating environmental change and anthropogenic impacts on landscapes, biodiversity, natural resources and ecosystem services; Development of remote sensing, GIS and environmental modelling tools for studying and understanding sustainability and the interaction between climate change and social-ecological systems. 

David Demeritt
Cultural politics of climate change; flood risk management; environmental politics and policy; science studies and social theory; risk communication; regulation and governance.

Amy Donovan
Role of science in decision-making and policy in environmental hazard management and risk assessment Philosophy and sociology of advisory science Sociology of risk Igneous petrology Volcanic gas chemistry and ground-based remote sensing

Nick Drake
Remote sensing, geomorphological analysis and geochemical analysis of landforms and processes of landform change in semi-arid and arid environments; soil erosion models and mixture models applied to remotely-sensed imagery; North Africa; Namibia.

Robert Francis
Biogeomorphology and ecohydrology; urban ecosystems and biodiversity; reconciliation ecology; warfare ecology; river management.

David Green
Economic, social and political change from 18th, 19th and early 20th Century London; social policy; working class communities; welfare and urban government.

Clare Herrick
Health; consumption; public health; lifestyles; political economy of food; urban political ecology.

Ragnar Löfstedt
The development of evidence based health and safety policies; Risk communication (with a specific focus on the chemical, environment, food, and pharmaceutical areas); The role of transparency in policy making; Evidence based policy making in Europe.

Alex Loftus
Urban political ecology; water politics; Marxist thought; radical geography 

Bruce D. Malamud
Models and data in natural hazards, including forest fires, earthquakes, landslides and floods; fractals; persistence time series analysis.

James Millington 

Agent-based modelling of geographical systems; spatial modelling of ecological succession-disturbance dynamics; socio-ecological modelling for natural resource management; epistemology of modelling and simulation.

Naho Mirumachi 
Transboundary water conflict and cooperation; water governance; environmental security; framing of natural resources management.

Mark Mulligan
Eco-hydrology; Mediterranean desertification; climate and land use change on tropical forests; GIS and modelling – Colombia, Ecuador.

Daanish Mustafa
Critical water resources geography; social networks and environmental management; approaches to terrorism.

Mark Pelling
Disaster risk reduction; adaptation to climate change; urban political ecology.

Debby Potts
Rural urban migration; urbanization; structural adjustment and the urban poor; land tenure and reform – Southern Africa.

Jonathan Reades
Social and economic networks; Firm location, innovation, and growth; Impact of embedded, networked technologies on urban environments ('smart cities'); 'Big Data' from digitally-enabled communications and transportation networks as a platform for research.

Henry Rothstein
Risk regulation; regulatory transparency; accountability and public participation; regulatory reform; science and governance.

Richard Schofield
International boundaries and territorial disputes; political geography of the Arabian peninsula and the Persian Gulf; geopolitics.

Narushige Shiode
Quantitative appreciation of how socio-economic activities unfold within an urban context over space and time.

Emma Tebbs
Remote sensing of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems; Field spectroscopy and algorithm development; Ecohydrology and lake ecology; Biodiversity conservation ;Sustainable development; East Africa

Martin Wooster
Remote sensing / Earth observation; biomass burning; active volcanoes; natural hazards; thermal processes atmospheric pollutionisation and complex systems.

Chen Zhong
Spatial data mining, spatiotemporal visualization, complex network analysis, and the use of such analytical techniques for urban and transport planning. 

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