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Student Experiences

September 2016

Undergraduate Testimonials


Arjan Kooner, current second year BSc Geography student

Arjan Kooner

"Studying at King’s has profoundly changed my view of geography as a discipline, introducing me to an array of new ideas and ways of understanding the interconnection between society and the environment. As somebody who loves science and its empirical nature, it came as a wonderful surprise to have enjoyed the human modules equally, if not more so, than the physical ones. This was predominantly due to the impassioned teaching, as well as the support and encouragement from the lecturers which is why I have chosen to study a mixture of physical and development modules in my second year."

Sarah Mitchell, current third year BA Geography student

Sarah Mitchell

"Being a Geography student at King’s has allowed me to identify and focus on my specific areas of interest within this broad subject. The field trip during the second year allowed me to get to know other members of my course, develop my research skills, and gain some first hand experience of Kerala, India.  Learning about the culture from the locals that we met, rather than purely through reading articles, changed my perception of the area, and it gave me a greater appreciation and understanding of what I was studying at the time. I would highly recommend both King’s, and the department, to prospective students."

Nick Burgess, BSc Geography, 2013-2016

Nick Burgess

"The three years I spent within the Geography Department at King’s are undoubtedly some of the best years of my life to date.  The highlight of my degree (besides the el geografico) was undertaking and handing in the 10,000-word dissertation. Inspired by the second year fieldtrip to Morocco and my fascination with flash flooding, the department was highly supportive of my ambitions and provided me with a research scholarship so I could carry out overseas research in Morocco for a month! KCL Geography really does allow students to discover and develop their interests, whilst engaging in both the physical and social sciences. I found this highly valuable."

Masters Testimonials

Max Leighton, current part-time masters student in Climate Change: Environment, Science and Policy, 

Max LeightonIt's great to learn about your interest, in my case this is climate change, with academics that have made such an impact on the field. My lecturers at King’s Geography have continually encouraged discussion and debate, giving each student the opportunity to develop and test their own understanding. Learning in a Department with such a range of perspectives, with students from a real diversity of academic backgrounds, is an incredibly fast and stimulating way to learn.”


Teresa Rath, MA Environment, Politics and Globalisation, 2014/15

Teresa Rath

"The decision to apply for a Master's programme in the Department of Geography was motivated by the high quality of teaching and the variety of fascinating courses and modules. The programme "Environment, Politics and Globalisation" offered the exact combination of topics that I was most interested in and that must be discussed together for a comprehensive understanding of today's most pressing environmental challenges. Studying here with students from diverse cultural and academic backgrounds created an inspiring atmosphere and enriched my personal development."

PhD Testimonials

Mark de Jong, current PhD student


"Now in my 3rd year as a PhD student in the King's Geography Department, I can honestly say that studying here has been a fantastic experience. We have a lively and stimulating research culture here, and the close-knit network of staff and students has been essential in providing me with the intellectual support and motivation needed to do a PhD. Critically, there is also a real sense of community within the department - regular social activities such as pub trips, coffee mornings and end of term parties make it easy to meet people, make friends, and get the most out of living in London!"


Roxana Borquez Gonzalez, PhD student, 2015-2017


"The Department of Geography at King’s has a robust academic quality, a strong staff support, and an important research network.  However if I needed to select a single word which defines King’s Geographers it's “diversity”. For me, this is crucial. Diversity is key in a socio-ecological system, in an institution and in a professional setting. The diversity of staff and students in the Department has allowed me to learn inter-disciplinarily, to be in touch with other realities, cultures, religions and ethnicities, and to be part of a very good human team.  I feel privileged to be a PhD student in King’s Geography."


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