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John Meadowcroft

Senior Lecturer in Public Policy and Director of Postgraduate Research


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Postal Address
Department of Political Economy
King’s College London
Strand Campus
Bush House (North East Wing)
30 Aldwych
London WC2B 4BG


Web page:
Tel: +44 (0)20 7848 2894

Room number: 8.03 Bush House (North East Wing)

Office Hours: 

Tuesday: 16.00 - 17.00
Friday: 10.00 - 11.00


Dr John Meadowcroft is Senior Lecturer in Public Policy and Director of Postgraduate Research in the Department of Political Economy. He was Head of the Department of Political Economy from January 2013 to August 2014.

Before joining King’s in September 2006, John taught on the Hansard Scholars Programme at the London School of Economics and Political Science and in the Department of Politics at Queen Mary, University of London. He has also worked in the practical world of policy and politics at the Institute of Economic Affairs and as an assistant to Simon Hughes MP. John has a first class degree in Public Policy and a PhD in Political Science from Goldsmiths College, University of London.

John is Series Editor of a multi-volume collection, Major Conservative and Libertarian Thinkers, published by Continuum (hardback 2009 – 2011; paperback 2013). He serves on the Academic Advisory Council of the Institute of Economic Affairs, on the Editorial Advisory Board of the Routledge book series Annals of Bioethics and on the Editorial Board of Economic Affairs.



Political Economy: Approaches, Concepts and Issues (second-year module)

Policy Analysis: Decision, Implementation and Evaluation (second-year module)


Liberty, Equality and Justice: Political Theory and Public (optional module on MA Public Policy and MA Political Economy)

‘Evaluating Public Policy’ (optional module on MA Public Policy and MA Political Economy)

PhD Supervision

John currently has a full complement of research students and therefore he is unable to consider new applications for doctoral research supervision at the present time.


John’s research interests lie in political economy and positive political theory. In particular, he is interested in comparison of individual choice in private markets and public choice in political contexts, comparative evaluation of economic and political responses to social problems, and the ethics and limits of markets.

Selected Publications


Meadowcroft, J. 2011. James M. Buchanan, New York: Continuum; Paperback published by Bloomsbury, 2013.

Meadowcroft, J. and Pennington, M. 2007. Rescuing Social Capital from Social Democracy, London: Institute of Economic Affairs.

Meadowcroft, J. 2005. The Ethics of the Market, Basingstoke: Palgrave.

Edited Books

Bader, R. and Meadowcroft, J. eds, 2011. The Cambridge Companion to Nozick's Anarchy, State, and Utopia, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Meadowcroft, J. ed. 2008. Prohibitions, London: Institute of Economic Affairs 

Booth, P. and Meadowcroft, J. eds, 2006. The Road to Economic Freedom Volumes I and II, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

Journal articles

Morrow, E. A. and Meadowcroft, J. 2018. The rise and fall of the English Defence League: self-governance, marginal members and the far right. Political Studies, online first.

Meadowcroft, J. and Morrow, E. A. 2017. Violence, self-worth, solidarity and stigma: how a far right dissident group solves the collective action problem, Political Studies, 65, 2, 373-390.

Meadowcroft, J. 2015. Just healthcare? The moral failure of single-tier basic healthcare, Journal of Medicine and Philosophy, 40, 2, 152-68.

Alves, A. A. and Meadowcroft, J. 2014. Hayek’s slippery slope, the stability of the mixed economy and the dynamics of rent-seeking. Political Studies, 62, 4, 843-861.

Meadowcroft, J. and Ruger, W. 2014. Hayek, Friedman, and Buchanan: On Public Life, Chile, and the Relationship Between Liberty and Democracy, Review of Political Economy, 26, 3, 358-367.

Meadowcroft, J. 2014. Exchange, unanimity and consent: a defence of the public choice account of power, Public Choice, 158, 1/2, 85-100

Meadowcroft, J. 2011. Economic and Political Solutions to Social Problems: The Case of Smoking in Enclosed Public Places, Review of Political Economy, 23, 2, 233-248

Meadowcroft, J. 2008. Patients, Politics and Power: Government Failure and the Politicization of UK Healthcare, Journal of Medicine and Philosophy , 33, 427-444

Meadowcroft, J. and Pennington, M. 2008. Bonding and Bridging: social capital and the communitarian critique of liberal markets, Review of Austrian Economics, 21/2-3, 119-33

Meadowcroft, J. 2007. Altruism, self-interest and the morality of the private sector: an Austrian approach, Journal of Markets and Morality, 10/2, 357-73

Meadowcroft, J. 2005. Healthcare markets, prices and coordination: the epistemic explanation of government failure and the UK National Health Service, HEC Forum: An International Journal of Healthcare Ethics, 17/3, 159-77

Meadowcroft, J. 2003. The British National Health Service: Lessons from the “Socialist Calculation Debate”, Journal of Medicine and Philosophy, 28/3, 307-26

Meadowcroft, J. 2002. The European Democratic Deficit, the Market and the Public Space: a classical liberal critique, Innovation: The European Journal of Social Science Research, 15/3, 181-92

Meadowcroft, J. 2001. Community Politics, Representation and the Limits of Deliberative Democracy, Local Government Studies, 27/3, 25-42

Meadowcroft, J. 2001. Political Recruitment and Local Representation, Local Government Studies, 27/1, 19-36.

Book Chapters

Koop, C. and Meadowcroft, J. 2018. Regulation, rent seeking, and business ethics. In E. Heath, B. Kaldis and A. Marcoux, eds, The Routledge Companion to Business Ethics, New York: Routledge

Meadowcroft, J. 2013. ‘Libertarianism’, in G. Gaus and F. D’Agostino, eds, The Routledge Companion to Social and Political Philosophy, New York: Routledge

Meadowcroft, J. 2011. 'Nozick’s critique of Rawls: distribution, entitlement, and the assumptive world of A Theory of Justice' in R. Bader and J. Meadowcroft, eds, The Cambridge Companion to Nozick's Anarchy, State, and Utopia, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Meadowcroft, J. 2010. ‘Markets, discovery and social problems’, in M. D. White, ed., Accepting the Invisible Hand, Basingstoke: Palgrave, 2010

Meadowcroft, J. 2009. ‘Greed and the Market’, in A. Brassey and S. Barber, eds, Greed, Basingstoke: Palgrave

Meadowcroft, J. 2008. ‘Prostitution’ in J. Meadowcroft, ed., Prohibitions, London: Institute of Economic Affairs

Meadowcroft, J. 2005. ‘“Locals-only” housing: The March of the New Totalitarians?’ in B. Hill et al., The New Rural Economy, London: Institute of Economic Affairs

Meadowcroft, J. 2005. ‘A Constitution for Liberty’, in P. Booth, ed., Towards a Liberal Utopia?, London: Institute of Economic Affairs; Second edition, Continuum, 2006

Meadowcroft, J. 2000. ‘Community Politics: Ideals, Myths and Realities’, in N. Rao, ed., Community and Representation in Western Democracies, Basingstoke: Macmillan.

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