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Meet Our Undergraduate Alumni

Here, some of our current undergraduate students and recent BA graduates share their experiences of life in the Department and their plans for the future.

You can find interviews with recent MA graduates here.

Erica Arcudi, BSc Political Economy, 2016

Erica Arcudi UndergraduateThe strength of the degrees offered at the Department of Political Economy at King’s College London certainly lies in the variety of modules offered. The opportunity to study different disciplines enables students to follow their interests and to make a more informed decision on their future career, having studied topics that range from Political Theory to International Law, Behavioural Economics, and Mathematical Methods for Economics.

Furthermore, the Department has always been supportive of student societies and of the role they play in students’ personal and professional growth, as well in the development of those soft skills so prized by employees. In third year, I became Vice President of King’s Think Tank. Working in this society, I had access to events across London, organized by professional think tanks or institutes. I do not believe these opportunities would have presented to me as often as they had, had I not been studying in London.

I will now pursue a career as a solicitor in the city, and thanks to the Department, I will bring with me more confidence in my skills, better understanding of the current socio economic background, and a wide supporting network of people I will always feel comfortable going back to for help or just coffee.

Steffen Timm, BSc Political Economy, 2012-2015

steffen timm My time in the Department of Political Economy at King’s College London has been intellectually stimulating, challenging and rewarding. My degree, the BSc Political Economy brings together multiple disciplines, from Economics to Post Colonialism to Political Philosophy. This curricular diversity demands that students think outside the box on a daily basis and makes sure that the programme never gets boring. 

King's and the Department also offer many students the opportunity to branch out into activities beyond their studies. During my time with the Department, I have founded the Public Affairs & Communications Society, started to learn Mandarin Chinese and, this summer, I will study at the University of Hong Kong, one of King’s partner universities. 

I should also stress that London is a fantastic city to study in. It is fast moving, culturally diverse and the many interesting people I had the privilege to meet have opened my eyes to new perspectives and possibilities and allowed me to 'learn for life'. 

One final point for those considering studying Economics at King's- the Department of Political Economy has the most entertaining yet knowledgeable Econmy 101 lecturer in the UK. I promise!

Ametani Yutetsu, BA Politics 2011-2014

yutetsuThe Department of Political Economy has a big family-like atmosphere. It's a young Department and the academics are very enthusiastic and approachable. 

The programme is attractive because it offers various pathways, like international relations, political economy and political theory. The modules provide the broad foundation for you to research further into the topics, so it is important that you take an initiative yourself in order to get the best out of the modules. I enjoyed being encouraged by my professors to develop my own academic interests in Political Economy and Austrian Economics throughout my degree. 

Outside my academic life, I found King’s to be a very inclusive university, full of opportunities for students to express their passions and try new things. The Modern Language Centre offers classes in a diverse range of languages, and I enjoyed learning Italian in a small-group setting during the evenings. I also worked for Europe’s biggest student-led think tank, KCL Think Tank Society, which allowed me to engage in public policy issues with over 50-60 guests during the academic term. 

After graduation, I will be working as an analyst at Mitsubishi UFJ Securities in London. Based in the Equities group, I will be providing investor-relations support for both European institutions investing in the Japanese equity market and Japanese corporations interested in holding exposure in Europe. I believe that the strong analytical and research skills I developed from my degree, combined with the leadership experiences gained through extra-curricular activities at King’s, will be an invaluable asset for my career ahead. 

Diego Grammatico, BA Politics, 2011-2014

diegoIt was the university’s excellent academic reputation that first drew me to King’s College London. However, soon after I started my undergraduate studies I realised that there is a lot more to King’s than that.

King's has a community of intelligent and interesting people coming from a variety of different cultural backgrounds and I personally had an amazing experience having the opportunity to share my ideas with them. Lectures, seminars, workshops, public debates and even going for a beer at the Waterfront bar were all great opportunities to discuss what you love and to have a great time whilst doing it. The learning experience at King's goes beyond studying- as part of a highly acknowledged institution in the heart of London, you’re learning and improving your skill-set all the time. The support of inspired and sociable academic staff has been a crucial to my experience.

King's is one of the best universities in the world for social sciences. The Department of Political Economy is a young and modern Department and is always developing itself in accordance with new ideas and research in the field. Studying International Politics at King's gave me the opportunity to develop a strong academic understanding of the subject, to specialize in what interested me most, and to contribute my own personal experiences to the debate.

Pedro Goncalves

Having graduated from King's with a BA in International Politics, I went on to work as a financial analyst at Bloomberg LP, a company which is at the forefront of data delivery for decision makers, be it governments, finance professionals or other investors. 

I have realised that out of my degree I have been able to leverage skills such as confidence in public speaking, demonstrate an ability and desire to learn and the ability to see both sides of any situation. 

I would recommend most students to not rely on the reputation of their degree but rather focus on obtaining as much work experience as possible, attend as many networking events as possible as well as be able to demonstrate that they've done something else outside their degree. It is common knowledge among employers that a degree isn't in itself completely preparatory for your career but how you manage different activities outside of it is usually critical in assessing how good an employee you'll be.

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