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"Perspectives on Killings by Drones" A discussion with victims of US drone strikes in Pakistan

Conference/Seminar, Lecture, Other
26/02/2014 (19:00-21:00)


"Perspectives on Killings by Drones" A discussion with victims of US drone strikes in Pakistan.

An event joint-organised by human rights organisation, Reprieve and King's College London.

Time and Location:

Wednesday, 26 February 2014 at 7pm at King’s College London, Room S-1.06,  Basement Lecture Theatre (Strand Campus)


Kareem Khan

Kareem Khan is a Pakistani journalist who lost both his 18-year old son, Zaenullah, and his brother, Asif Iqbal, in a drone strike on New Year’s Eve 2009. At the time of their deaths, Zaenullah was a staff member at a government school, and Asif was a teacher with a master’s degree in English literature. In 2010, Kareem Khan became the first person to bring a suit against the CIA for its drone programme, arguing the strikes constitute murder under Pakistani domestic law. A decision is currently pending in the case.

Noor (Nour) Behram

Noor Behram is a journalist who has been documenting drone strikes in Pakistan for the past six years. His work has brought to light the toll strikes have taken on the civilian population, and his efforts to expose the conflict have often put him at great personal risk. Unlike many reporters who rely on information from the Pakistani intelligence, Noor Behram goes directly to the area where the drone strikes occur. He has taken photographs of drone strikes scene as well as interviewed victims and their families. While at times quite graphic, Behram’s photographs have uncovered a side of the drone campaign that would otherwise remain hidden from the public.

Jennifer Gibson

Jennifer, a US lawyer, leads Reprieve’s drones work in Pakistan. Jennifer has testified about her work on drones before both the US Congress and British Parliamentarians. Prior to joining Reprieve, Jennifer was at Stanford University, where she co-authored, Living Under Drones - one of the most comprehensive accounts of the impact of drones in Pakistan to date. Jennifer holds a Juris Doctor from Stanford Law School and an MPhil in International Relations from the University of Cambridge.

Shahzad Akbar

Shahzad Akbar is a Reprieve Legal Fellow and founder of the Foundation for Fundamental Rights, a Pakistan-based human rights organization that represents civilian victims of drone strikes. Shahzad was the first lawyer to challenge the US-led drone attacks in Pakistan and has investigated and identified many civilian victims. He currently represents more than 100 families who have lost relatives in US drone strikes. Shahzad is a qualified barrister and holds an LLM from the University of Newcastle.

Humeira Iqtidar (Moderator)

Dr Humeira Iqtidar is lecturer in Politics at King’s College London. She is the principal investigator for the ERC funded project, Tolerance in Contemporary Muslim Politics: Political Theory beyond the West and Co-Convenor for the London Comparative Political Theory Workshop. Her current research engages with the experiences of FATA refugees in urban Pakistan.

This is a public event and is attendance is free of charge. We would be grateful if you can confirm attendance at  or

More information on Reprieve’s work on drones can be found here.

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