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Past Presentations


24-27 June 2015

ISSCR 2015 3

Saheli Datta: Poster Presentation: International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) 2015 at Stockholm, Sweden.

From information to regulation. An 'informed trust' approach to stem cell tourism. (Panel: Ethics and Public Policy: pp 381 - poster T-1537)


18 May 2015
Saheli Datta: Oral Presentation
: King's India Institute Graduate Forum Conference 2015: Sources and Manifestations of 'Change' in comtemporary India.
Models of biomedical innovation and global governance: the case of stem cell
(Panel 4: Technology Policy and its Discontents).


May 18- 19, 2015
Stuart Hogarth. Lecture.
Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society Workshop for EU Regulations in Medical Devices. Brussels, Belgium.


31 May

Saheli Datta. (2 oral presentations: Workshop 2)

•Models of biomedical innovation and global governance: the case of stem cell treatments

•Markets and professional cultures in conflict in stem cell innovation
1st International Consensus Conference of the EUCelLEX project held 30-31 March 2015 at Hospital Pierre Paul Riquet (INSERM U 1027). Organised by UMR U 1027, Inserm, Université de Toulouse – Université Paul Sabatier -Toulouse III (Team 4: ” Genomics, biotherapy and public health : interdisciplinary approach”). Toulouse, France


Salter, B. 'Political Economy of the Global Stem Cell Therapy Market.' To be presented at 'Regenerative Medicine; Science Industry and Social Science Conference' at University Of York, York, United Kingdom from 1-3 October 2013.

Salter, B. 'Political Economy of the Global Stem Cell Therapy Market.' To be presented at Tsinghua University, Beijing, China on 30 October 2013.

Faulkner, A. ‘Data storms and fishing trips: bioinformatics in the engine-room of genomic global health policy.’ To be presented at Workshop on STS & Global Health, University of Maastricht, Netherlands, 12-13 November 2013.

Faulkner, A. ‘The pharmaceutical imperative: extension of the European Union’s medicines regulation’ Pharmaceuticals and Global Health: Inequalities and Innovation, Annual Conference of Centre for Global Health Policy, University of Sussex, UK, 19 July 2013.

Faulkner, A. ‘Global positioning of regulatory regimes: The EU’s recent development of regulation for regenerative medicine and medical devices’, British International Studies Association Annual Conference, Birmingham, UK, 21 June 2013.

Faulkner, A. ‘Standardising or personalising? Commodification and its conflicts in regenerative medicine regulation.’ British Sociological Association Annual Conference, London, 4 April 2013.

Faulkner, A. ‘Regenerative medicine in Europe: political conflicts, economic biases, and legal loopholes’ Invited Guest Lecture. Centre for Bionetworking, University of Sussex, UK, 26 February 2013.

Hogarth, S. ‘From Papanicolaou to Papilloma. The corporatisation of cervical cancer screening innovation’ Presented at the Centers for Disease Control, Atlanta, July 2013. 

Hogarth, S.‘“So cheap and so easy” Genomic determinism in the post-genetic era.’ Presented at Exploring the unique social/ethical and health systems challenges of low cost whole genome sequencing, Montreal, May 2013 

Hogarth, S.‘The regulatory state, the welfare state and the competition state: regulatory capture and corporate bias in the post-genomic era’ Presented at British Sociological Association Annual Conference, April 2013. 


Hogarth, S.‘Regulation, innovation and personalised medicine: the governance of pharmacogenomics in Europe and the USA.’ Presented at Genomics: from science to care, European Medicines Agency workshop, London, October 2012 

Hogarth, S.‘The ratio of vision to data: techno-enthusiasm and techno-scepticism in the construction of pharmacogenomics as regulatory science in the United States.’ Presented at Towards personalised medicine? Biomarkers in practice conference at University of Vienna, June 2012 and at MedSoc, September 2012. 

Hogarth, S.‘Biomarker patents and diagnostics: problem or solution?’ presented at Law and Transformation conference, AHRC/SCRIPT centre, University of Edinburgh, June 2012

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