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Undergraduate Studies

Studying Abroad

Undergraduate students in the Department of Political Economy may apply to study abroad for the second semester of their Second Year in either Paris, Hong Kong, Singapore, North Carolina, or California.

We caught up with several of our study abroad students and asked them to give us some insight into life as a Political Economy student abroad.

Ayoade Zahrah Bomgboye is a BA International Politics student, who spent a semester studying at Sciences Po, Paris.

bamgboye"Prior to my arrival, I had Googled possibly everything there is to Google about my host university and what I could expect, but nothing really prepared me for what I would actually face. The first day was definitely the hardest, but it got easier as I got used to navigating through the streets and amongst the buildings that comprise the campus. What I didn’t get used to, however, was the two-hour classes and that just because you are an enrolled student, that doesn’t mean you’re guaranteed a place at the library.

Paris, on the other hand, could do no wrong in my eyes. Five things really sum up this city for me- the food, the Seine, the fashion, the history and the beauty." 

Henry Yau is a BA International Politics who spent a semester at Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina.

henry_yauStudying in America is a very different experience to studying in London. We share the same language but I found the way people dress, talk and their lifestyle and culture to be very different. For the true American experience, UNC is ideal. It is located in the south and as such there is a very different way of life to that of the big cities in Europe. 

UNC is also a campus university and it is fascinating to live in a suite with American students and to have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the university’s culture and environment. The students and staff here are very lively, polite and friendly, so if you choose to study at UNC you’ll have no problems fitting in.

UNC is in a wonderful location. The capital of the country, Washington DC is only a few hours bus ride away and it is possible to rent a car too. During the spring break, my friends and I took advantage of this and went on a ten-day road trip to the Deep South, visiting famous places like Nashville, New Orleans and Atlanta. It was an amazing experience!"



Jennifer Buttleman, a BA Politics student, studied at Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina


jenniferChapel Hill feels about as far from London as it’s possible to be. Warm, long days, quaint boutiques on the one-street in town and a never ending blue sky, the same colour as the Carolina flag itself. So shifting from one of the busiest cities in the world to a small campus in North Carolina where the whole town revolves around your university was quite a shock.

Seeing every local bar and burger joint emblazoned with the school logo, the buses that serve only the campus, even small children tottering around with UNC Chapel Hill written on their jumpers was something totally alien. But after the unusually cold winter (which led to more snow days in one month that the previous decade!) I too began to thaw to the American way of life. Yes, it is almost impossible to get a good cup of tea and yes, it did start to grate when people kept approaching me to comment on my ‘lovely accent’ but the sense of community is something I’ll never forget. The campus pulls together in times of trouble and I never once felt unwelcome or like a stranger. Studying at North Carolina was truly great experience and I am very grateful to have had the chance to go there.”

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