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HBP Foresight Lab: Publications & Working documents

Our reports

The work of the foresight Lab is to conduct systematic foresight exercises to identify and evaluate these impacts along three themes, for each of which it will deliver a Foresight Report: Foresight Report on Future Medicine, Foresight Report on Future Neuroscience  and Foresight Report on Future Computing/Robotics.

  • The Foresight Report on Future Medicine

This report by the HBP Foresight Lab outlines the major societal and ethical challenges faced by the HBP Medical Information Platforms developers as they work to federate data and translate key health findings into clinical practice. It focuses on two key issues:a) Data federation and privacy: b) Disease signatures and personalised medicine.

The report is available here (or you can click on the box on the right)

  • The Foresight Report on Future Neuroscience

Following the presentation of our first Foresight Report on Future Medicine1, where the issues of data federation and disease signature were explored in relation to the work of the Medical Informatics Platform (MIP), the HBP Foresight Lab at King’s College London has been focusing on the topic of Future Neuroscience.This work was originally planned to explore the conceptual and epistemological questions raised by different approaches to model building in neuroscience, exploring their characteristics (top-down, bottom-up) and the different relations between data and models, experimenters and modellers.After a technical review run by the European Commission, some relevant initiatives organised by the HBP Consortium, and a workshop organised at the Fondation Brocher (Hermance, Switzerland), it was decided to focus on the study of the possibilities, issues and practicalities in collaborative neuroscience, paying heed to the collaboration between diverse brain modelling communities and approaches.

The report is available here (or you can click on the box on the right)

  • The Foresight Report on Future Computing and Robotics

This report is the third Deliverable produced by the HBP Foresight Lab at King’s College London. Following the presentation of our second Foresight Report on Future Neuroscience, we have focused Information and Computing Technology (ICT) and Robotics. HBP Subprojects can potentially contribute to many areas of ICT and robotics, leading to a variety of future applications and cutting across many domains. Instead of a piecemeal inventory of possible products, we adopt a holistic approach, looking at hardware and software, machines and humans, as parts of larger systems. We focus on two cross-cutting topics: intelligent machines and human-machine integration. Then we need to look beyond the direct contributions of the HBP research and explore the some of the potential social and economic challenges that possible general changes (societal and economic) that developments in ICT and robotics bring, focussing in particular on affective computing and to impact on jobs and the economy. Based on our research and our discussions, we make a series of recommendations.

The report is available here (or you can click on the box on the right)

  • Workshop report:  “Building a Neuroscience Community: community modelling and data repositories”

Following the organisation of the workshop at the Fondation Brocher (click here for more information) 


The purpose of the workshop was to support the growth of collaborative neuroscience with a specific focus on computer modelling communities. The intention was to give these communities an opportunity to shape the future work of HBP platform developers and to build collaborations in directions beneficial to neuroscience.

A report of the workshop is available here.

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