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Articles in peer-reviewed academic journals and reports


Smith, R., Marris, C., Berry, D., Sundaram, L., Rose, N. (2017) Synthetic Biology Biosensors for Global Health Challenges: Workshop Report of the Flowers Consortium. London: Department of Global Health and Social medicine.


Marris, C. (2015). "The Construction of Imaginaries of the Public as a Threat to Synthetic Biology," Science as Culture, 24(1), 83-98. doi: 10.1080/09505431.2014.986320 [Open Access]



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Marris, C. and Rose, N. (2010). “Open Engagement: Exploring Public Participation in the Biosciences” (Editorial to launch Special Series edited by Marris and Rose), PLoS Biology, 8(11): e1000549. doi: 10.1371/journal.pbio.1000549


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Book Chapters

Jefferson, C. (2014). “International Legal Restraints on Chemical and Biological Weapons,” in J. Clausen & N. Levy (Eds.) Handbook of Neuroethics, Springer.

Revill, J. & Jefferson, C. (2013). “The Importance of Engagement and Education for Effective Biosecurity,” in R. Burnette (Ed.) Biosecurity: Understanding, Assessing and Preventing the Threat, Wiley-Blackwell.

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Lentzos, F. and Silver, P. (2012). “Synthesis of viral genomes” in J. Tucker (Ed.) Innovation, Dual Use, and Security: Managing the risks of emerging biological and chemical technologies, MIT Press.

Lentzos, F., Cockerton, C., Finlay, S., Hamilton, A., Zhang, J. and Rose, N. (2012). “The societal Impact of synthetic biology” in P. S. Freemont and R. I. Kitney (Eds.) Synthetic Biology: A Primer, Imperial College Press.


Jefferson, C., Lentzos, F. & Marris, C. (2014). Synthetic biology and biosecurity: how scared should we be? King's College London, May 2014.

Jefferson, C. (2013). The Growth of Amateur Biology: A dual use governance challenge? Policy Paper 3, Biochemical Security 2030 Project, November 2013. Launched at the UN Biological Weapons Convention Meeting of States Parties side event on Developments in Science and Technology, 9-13 December 2013.

Marris, C. and Jefferson, C. (2013). Scoping report for workshop on ‘Synthetic biology: containment and release of engineered micro-organisms’. King’s College London, April 2013.

Marris, C. and Jefferson, C. (2013). Summary of Discussions for workshop on ‘Synthetic biology: containment and release of engineered micro-organisms’. King’s College London, April 2013.

Jefferson, C. (2013). Governing Amateur Biology: Extending responsible research and innovation in synthetic biology to new actors. Research Report for the Wellcome Trust Project on “Building a Sustainable Capacity in Dual-Use Bioethics”, January 2013.

Joly, P-B., Laurent, B., Marris, C. and Robinson, D. (2011). Biologie de synthèse: conditions d’un dialogue avec la société. Report for the Science and Society section of the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research, November 2011.

Zhang, J., Marris, C. and Rose, N. (2011). The International Governance of Synthetic Biology: Scientific uncertainty, cross-borderness and the ‘art’ of governance. Report produced for the Royal Society Science Policy Centre, May 2011. ISSN 1759-0620

Blogs and articles in popular science magazines

Balmer, A., Bulpin, K., Calvert, J., Kearnes, M., Mackenzie, A., Marris, C., Martin, P., Molyneux-Hodgson, S., and Schyfter, P. (2012). “Towards a Manifesto for Experimental Collaborations between Social and Natural Scientists, 3 July 2012.

Jefferson, C. (2013). “The role of codes of conduct in the amateur biology community“, Guest Blog for the Society of Biology, 5 July 2013.

Marris, C. (2013). “Synthetic biology’s malaria promises could backfire“, SciDev.Net, 29 Oct 2013.

Marris, C. and Rose, N. (2012). “Let’s get real on synthetic biology,New Scientist, (11 June) no2868, pages 28-29.


Publishes conference proceedings

Marris, C. (2013). “Sciences sociales et biologie de synthèse: opportunités et contraintes” (Social sciences and synthetic biolgy, opportunities and constraints). Presentation at the 3rd Conference on “Life Sciences in Society: Synthetic Biology, Science and Society” co-organised by Genopole and IFRIS, 4 Dec 2012, Paris. Published in: Médecine/sciences, vol. 29 (hors série n° 2), pages 61-64.
Webcast available in French (original) or in English (simultaneous translation)

Marris, C. (2011). “La biologie de synthèse à la recherche de son public” (Synthetic biology in search of it’s public). Presentation at the 2nd Conference on “Life Sciences in Society: Fascination, Confrontation, Controversy and Co-evolution” co-organised by Genopole and IFRIS, Paris, 28 Sept. 2010. Proceedings published (in French) in: Science et Devenir de l’Homme. Les Cahiers du Mouvement Universel de la Responsabilité Scientifique, no63, pages 96-99.


PhD Theses

Cockerton, C. (2012). Going Synthetic: How scientists and engineers imagine and build a new biology, London School of Economics.


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