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Health & Society Podcasts

Health & Society Podcasts


Welcome to “Health & Society”, a new podcast series featuring early career researchers in the Department of Global Health & Social Medicine at King’s College London. Each podcast features one researcher discussing their work with interviewer Nigel Warburton. Our researchers cover subjects across a broad range of the most important health-related issues facing the world today, ranging from reproductive technologies through to population ageing, and many areas in between.  The podcasts are informative and accessible, aiming to support improved understanding of pertinent issues while remaining entertaining. We hope that the use of new media will allow us to convey valuable understandings into the public realm in a more meaningful way than traditional written or presentation mediums of knowledge transfer allow. To further our outreach, we have also pursued a variety of media platforms for Health & Society. We have an online presence within King’s College London and a dedicated Health & Society website, where our podcasts, transcripts, researcher biographies and further information can be found. You can also access our podcasts through our YouTube channel. Our podcasts are also available via iTunes and SoundCloud. We hope you enjoy Health & Society podcasts.




                                               Listen to our podcasts:


Ben Image   Sebastian Image   Lawrence Image                    A Good Innings?                                                  Health Justice                                              Ageing Populations
                      Dr Ben Davies                                               Sebastian Fonseca                                             Lawrence Sacco

James Image   Jonathan Image   Giulia Image
            Rethinking Alzheimer's                            Prescribing Trends in Osteoporosis          Eugenics & Reproductive Technologies
                   James Fletcher                                                Jonathan Guillemot                                              Giulia Cavaliere

Caroline Image   Fede Image   Suzie Image
         Human Rights & Care Homes                                      Health Apps                                  Research & The Mental Capacity Act
                     Caroline Green                                            Dr Federica Lucivero                                        Suzanne Snowden

Hayley Image   Clem Image   Cam Image
           Pensions & Auto-Enrolment                           Ethnography of Epigenetics                          Psychiatric Home Treatment
                        Hayley James                                                 Clémence Pinel                                               Cameron Spence

Teresa Image   Sam Image   Abin Image
                The Obesity Paradox                                         Addiction & Memory                                     Organ Transfer In Kerala 
                      Teresa Alvarez                                                     Sam McLean                                                      Abin Thomas




Photos licensed under creative commons. (Left to right, top to bottom) Attributable to: St Pauls - Martin Sand / Good Innings - Ben Davies / Health Justice - United Workers / Old People Sitting - Joanna Orpia / Brains - Neil Conway / Pills - Jamie / New Born - Jens Bergander / Care Home - Pennsylvania DMVA / Health Apps - Federica Lucivero / Paperwork - Carst van der Molen / Money - Tax Credits / DNA Lab - University of Michigan School of Natural Resources & Environment / Council Block - Cameron Spence / A Matched Set - Tony Alter / Object - Evan / Kerala - Abin Thomas

This project is sponsored by the Faculty of Social Science & Public Policy Education Fund

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