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Africa Research Group


Dr Kieran Mitton - Co-Chair

Research interests: Conflict, Security and Development in Africa, Sierra Leone, Disarmament, Demobilisation and Reintegration, Reconciliation, Narcotics Trafficking, Civil War Atrocities.

Flavia Gasbarri - Co Chair

Research interests: US foreign policy in Africa in the post-Cold War period, with particular reference to South Africa, the DRC and Somalia

Ilina Trendafilova - Events Officer

Research interests: conflict resolution; diplomacy exercised by authoritarian states; social media; cyber warfare; international human rights law; Burundi; Rwanda; Libya; child soldiers; human trafficking.

Dr Georgina Holmes - Associate Chair

Research interests: mediatized conflict in the Great Lakes region; Rwandan and Congolese diaspora groups in international relations; gendered aspects of war and militarization in Southern Africa; British foreign policy in Africa.

Emelie Poignant Khafagi

Research interests: Nationalism; Islamism and Islamist movements in North Africa; Political Strategy; Religion, Politics and Gender in the Middle East. 

Professor Jack Spence OBE

Research interests: Poets versus historians – competing narratives in World War I, The English School of International Relations, Blair's Foreign Policy.

Dr Vincent Hiribarren

Research interests: African History; Archives; Borders; Borno; Cartography; Digital Humanities; Nigeria; World History.

Dr Akali Omeni

Research interests: The Nigerian military, counter-insurgency operations, insurgency and irregular warfare in Africa, military culture, military doctrine, violent Jihadist groups, and Istishhad (martyrdom operations).

Olaf Bachmann

Research interests: the role of the military in Central African state formation

Dr Christine Cheng

Research Interests: extra-legal groups in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Cote d’Ivoire; corruption and peace-building; women in politics.

Malual Dor

Research interests: South Sudan

Dr Rebekka Friedman

Research interests: reconciliation in West Africa, South America, Western Balkans and Sri Lanka; transitional justice in Sierra Leone and Peru;  collective memory and identity politics.

Professor Mervyn Frost

Research interests: ethics in international relations.

Dr Jon Hill

Research interests: colonial history and contemporary politics of Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia and Nigeria; Islamism and Islamist insurgent and terror groups in North and West Africa; state weakness and failure in Africa.

Dr Jana Krause

Research interests: ethno-religious conflicts in Indonesia and Nigeria; political violence; armed violence prevention;  gender dimensions of conflict and peacebuilding; resilience research in international security and development; security governance.

Anna MacDonald

Research interests: the politics of transitional justice in Uganda

Dr Zoe Norridge

Research interests: African literature written in English and French; Cultural responses to genocide in Rwanda; Conflict, pain, memory, testimony and empathy; Literature and human rights; Literature and other art forms (dance, photography, memorials).

Mariam Persson

Research interests: informal security networks of ex-combatants and vigilantism in Liberia

Isabel de Siqueira

Research interests: a critical approach to the framework of fragile states

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