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TruthTellers: Traumatic truth-making as art and politics

25 April- 30 May, The Exchange, Bush House, NE Wing. 

Truth Tellers explores how sense was made of the collective trauma of the 2017 Manchester Arena attacks by developing new Art-IR analytical methods that combine creative practices and international relations methods to recover and explore the aesthetic codes of trauma, community and identity.  It is funded by the Faculty of Social Sciences at King’s College London as a pilot for a larger research project. 

2018 Events:

Art & Reconciliation: Conflict, Culture and Community’ is an innovative collaboration between King’s College London, the London School of Economics and the University of the Arts in London that aims to improve our understanding of a major current and future global security challenge.

Hidden Voices: a multi-partner project which investigates how conflict shapes experiences of trauma and marginalization. 

Art & Reconciliation Exhibition

The exhibition includes installations, film, dance performance, participatory workshops and seminars. A list of artists can be found on the project pages

1 November- 1 December, Exchange, Bush House, NE Wing, Aldwych 

Final Symposium 29 November- 1 December 

Sign up for more details via the website  


Practical Workshop: Exploring Reconciliation 

29 March 2018, Anatomy Lecture Theatre 

This workshop will invite a practical exploration of themes within reconciliation, conflict resolution and peace building including, trust, sharing, collaboration, and non-violent communication.

Participants will be guided into practical, movement based exercises, working alone, in pairs and as a group to then explore how these experiences are relevant to non-verbal communication and reconciliation.

Full details about the workshop are here 


Exhibition We Are In Between

1 March 2018, 18:30-20:00, The Exchange, Bush House, NE Wing 

This exhibition relays, in text and still and moving image, some of the narratives of the migrants the Migration Research Group met in Calais and Dunkirk in September 2017. More details


Humans of Calais Exhibition – seminar and curated walk,

Friday 26 January 2018, Bush House, King’s College London


Autumn-Winter 2017 Events

Remember Dance Performance with Q&A, 7th November, 18.30-20.00, Anatomy Museum. The Soldiers Arts Academy, Candoco Dance Company and War Studies Students perform a peice of choreography commemorating WW1. 

Babel Installation & Panel Event: “Influencing the World, Listening to the World: the Emergence of the Public Voice”  9 -20 October 2017, Bush House A sound-and-vision scape, using audio tracks of material from broadcasts by the BBC World Service and reflecting the emergence of the public voice. More 

Student Initiatives

Drawing the Conflict Line Blog: a bridge between artistic and academic expressions of war and peace

Past Events

2017 Events

War Zone Freelance Photography Exhibition. 12th June (18:00) - 30th September 2017 (19:30)  A free exhibition portrays the work of freelance journalists covering current conflicts throughout the Middle East.

Expressions of East Asia Trilogy

Lecture: Nutrition and the Creation of the Modern Japanese Armed Forces, 4 March, 13.45-14.30. A food historian explores the introduction of new culinary habits in Japan, and how their original military applications eventually transformed them into an inherent national tradition.

Cooking Demonstration– The Culture of Curry Rise in Japan, 15.00-17.00The workshop is designed to give a ‘taste’ of how curry rice represents still today a core dish prepared in the contemporary Japanese navy. Introduced in the Imperial Japanese Navy from the Royal Navy, this dish quickly evolved into a Japanese culinary tradition. 

Concert: War & Japan: A Musical Journey, 4th March, 19.30-21.00. King's College Chapel. Musicians; Lisa Ueda (violin) & Daniele Rinaldo (piano) explore the relationship between Japanese and European musical aesthetics that consolidated in the first half of the 20th century. The first half of the program is centred on the connection between the symbolism of late Claude Debussy and early Olivier Messiaen, and the strong influence they exerted on the young Toru Takemitsu, perhaps the most well-known Japanese composer.


These events are hosted by the Japan Programme and seek to explore how war shape societies, in particular contemporary Japan beyond the boundaries of the battlefield. The events are designed to offer an overview of some core expressions of the relationship linking war to society. The Department of War Studies offers students opportunities to engage with cultural, non-traditional extra-curricular activities within an academic framework of excellent scholarship. These events form part of our vision to educate and inspire individuals to pursue a degree within global conflict and security.  


2016 Events 

4th February: Director General of UNESCO talks on the 'Attack on Culture'

The Arts & Conflict hub hosted a joint event with the War Crimes Research Group featuring Irina Bokova, Director General of UNESCO. Bokova spoke about the changing shape of conflicts today, noting how culture has become a victim of war with 'cultural cleansing' threatening identity and belonging. Read the full news item here

8 February, 12.30-2pm: Politics in Drag: Sipping Toffee with Hamas in Brussels.  A Performance by Dr. Catherine Charrett 

A  a 45-minute solo performance which re-envisions the European Union’s response to Hamas’s electoral success through a hyperbolic, melancholic and parodic telling of conversations that never took place.

Listen to an interview with Catherine Charrett on our podcast

10 March, 7-9pm: POETRY & SOLDIERS. King's College Chapel.

Chaired by Poetry Fellow Ruth Padel. In partnership with the Department of English. A unique event; six returned soldiers (male & female) read poems that mattered to them on active service and afterwards: their own and those by other people.


13 April 2016, 6.30pm. Leverhulme Artist in Residence, Baptist Coelho Launch & Reception. 

Discussants:  Professor Vivienne Jabri and Curator Cécile Bourne-Farrell Baptist Coelho spoke on his upcoming exhibition, Traces of War, running in Autumn 2016 in the Inigo Rooms.  More information is here

1st October 2016 Traces of War: A Pre-Exhibition Symposium in partnerhsip with The Courthauld. Anatomy Lecture Theatre, 1.15pm-5.15pm followed by a wine reception. A day long event  to create a space for exploratory dialogues between scholars, artists, practitioners and interested parties around the presence and intersection of war with the everyday. Speakers include:

Panel 1:Jananne Al-Ani Traces of war: The View from Above 

Panel 2Baptist Coelho Traces, Fragments and Landscapes of War

Panel 3: Shaun Gladwell Traces and Introspections in Zones of War



12 October: Patriotism and the 'great game', the poetic testimony of Wilfred Owen.

In collaboration with the Social Science Health & Medicine and the Arts & Humanities Festival, a panel of artists, scholars and journalists discuss the cultural impact of Wilfred Owen's harrowing depiction of the conditions of war.  Speakers: Penny Rimbaud, author and founder member of Crass, Journalist Phil Sutcliff, Dr Orkedeh Behrouzan (SSHM), Dr Jan Willem Honig (War Studies)


13 October Performance of ‘THE PITY OF WAR’, King's Chapel, 18.30.

Penny Rimbaud  will recite the war poems of Wilfred Owen accompanied by Liam Noble and Kate Shortt on piano and cello with visuals by Gee Vaucher. 


26th October - December 2016. Traces of War Exhibition, Inigo Rooms, Somerset House. 

International artists Baptist Coelho, Jananne Al-Ani and Shaun Gladwell exhibit works that communicate the everyday of war. 


Traces of War Dance Performances, John Virtue Corridor & Inigo Rooms, Somerset House, 28th October 2016, 13.30 and 2.45pm. 

An original dance performance & installation created by a cast of veterans, and young people looking at the impact of war on the individual and the collective. Read more and watch the videos here

Dancing Traces of War: Screening & Discussion, 9th December 2016, Old Anatomy Lecture Theatre. 

This screening is an opportunity to watch some of the magic documented by Noemie TJ Philipson who captured the creative process and individual stories of those involved as they worked together to make an original dance performance & installation as part of the Traces of War Exhibition in the Inigo Rooms. Read more 


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