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Pre-enrolment Queries 

How do I apply for King's Accommodation?

Only King’s College London prospective students who hold a conditional or unconditional firm offer for a full-time course of study will be eligible to apply for accommodation for the academic year in which their course commences. This applies to:

  • First year undergraduates (including those on Study Abroad and Pre-Sessional programmes),
  • New postgraduates (who have not previously been enrolled on a course of study at KCL); and
  • Returning students (undergraduates and postgraduates).

You can complete your application by clicking here.


How do I arrange to privately rent?

If you are thinking about renting privately the Student Advice Service are able to offer guidance to help you to locate and secure housing.

For more information or to book onto one of the private housing talks please click here.


How do I arrange a Visa?

Nationals of countries outside of the EU/EEA (excluding Swiss Nationals) will typically require a visa to study in the UK. You can confirm if you need a visa by visiting the UK Government's webpages.

Please note, if you already hold a Tier 4 visa that you obtained with another education provider you will need to apply for a new Tier 4 visa to study at King's for which you will require a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS). You will receive your CAS via your King's application portal after receiving an unconditional firm offer if you told us that you require a Tier 4 visa to study in the UK. If you are in any doubt, please contact our International Student Advice Service.


How do I apply for a bank letter/student oyster or register with a doctor?

Students requiring a bank letter should contact Student Services. You can also speak to them about gaining a student ouster/railcard as well as receiving a council tax letter.

You can register with the GP services located in the Macadam Building, right next to the Strand Campus. We encourage all students with a pre-existing condition to register as soon as possible.


How can I plan my budget?

Plan you budget by using the BlackBullion money smarter tools, developed in collaboration with the Student Advice Service.

Use the code MONEYSMARTER to register with any email address, until you get your King’s account.

Incoming Students: Welcome Week 

I am unable to attend Welcome Week, what should I do?

Please be aware that we recommend that all student have completed their enrolment at the College by the 23rd September. If you are unable to arrive by this point please contact the welcome team to discuss your late arrival.


How do I check my welcome week timetable?

There will be lots going on when you arrive at King's, so it's important you plan ahead to avoid missing out. As well as collecting your student card, check when your induction is taking place and book onto Welcome Week activities. The Welcome Week September 2017 web pages will provide you with all the information you need, so make sure you have a read.


When can I collect my Kings ID Card?

Already in London? Beat the queues and collect your card early:

Dates: 12th - 16th September 2016

Times: 12th September (12pm - 5pm) OR 13th-16th September (9.30am - 5pm)

Location: 2.81, 2nd Floor, Franklin Wilkins Building, Waterloo Campus, SE1 9NH

Click here to book in your timeslot.

Please note these sessions will be open to all students, home and international.


How can I keep up to date with everything happening at the university?

To help keep you up to date with everything happening at the University before, during and after your arrival, you can:

  • Follow on Twitter  @KCLSTUDENT (The Welcome Team will be doing a takeover of Student Services Twitter Feed in the build up to and during the Welcome Week)
  • Join various King's Facebook groups 
  • Keep an eye out on the KCLSU Events page
  • Regularly check your KCL email account or your personal one prior to receiving your King's account


Is there any core reading required before starting the programme?

No. However, we do have a list of recommended books by our faculty members here for BA and MA courses. This will give you an introduction to the programmes taught within the War Studies Department.


Where can I find information on societies related to my programme?

 You can find a short list of some of the student societies, groups and networks that might be of interest to you here

Choosing your optional modules

When do I need to choose my optional modules?

This depends on your programme and year of study.

  • BA1 War Studies & History: early to mid-September. See ‘Key Dates’ section for more details
  • BA1 War Studies & Philosophy: early to mid-September. See ‘Key Dates’ section for more details
  • BA1 History & International Relations: All your modules in Year 1 are compulsory, and you will be registered automatically for these modules before term starts. You will have to select your History options upon enrolment.
  • BA1 War Studies: All your modules in Year 1 are compulsory.
  • BA1 International Relations: All your modules in Year 1 are compulsory.
  • All BA2 & BA3 students [whether joint honours or single honours]: You will select your optional modules in March [Term 2] of the academic year. Exact dates tbc.
  • All MA students [Full time & part time]:  early to mid-September. See ‘Key Dates’ section for more details


Where/how can I access my Username & password in order to logon to the allocation software?

This is only relevant to the incoming MA & BA1 joint honours students.  Once you have paid your deposit, you will be sent an email by Student Records [generally after August 23rd] asking you to enrol online. Once you have enrolled online, within another day or so, you will receive a second email giving you details to access the options allocation software.   

BA1 War Studies [Single Honours] & BA1 International Relations [Single Honours] students, please note that all your modules in year 1 are compulsory, and you will be registered automatically for these modules before term starts.


Can I take a language module as an option?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. You are welcome to sign up for a language module through the Modern Language Centre, but it will not count towards your degree. You will need to pay for the module from your own pocket, however please note that the MLC offers discounts to KCL students.


I have just received my allocated MA options and there is a clash.

If you realise that there is a systemic problem with the options you are allocated on 20th September (such as a direct timetable clash which has slipped through the system and which cannot be 

resolved by attending a different seminar group), arrange to meet with the PG Programme officer in the Administration Office at K6.06.


If I can’t enrol in KEATS for my modules, who can I contact for help?

If it is a simple 'lack of access' issue, contact (undergrad) or (postgrad). If you have a general problem with your login details, please email or call 0207 848 8888.

Your Timetable 

What is the difference between the timetable on my student record and the general timetable?

The timetable on your student record will only pull up the lecture and seminar for the modules that have been allocated to you. While you are choosing optional modules, your personal student timetable, (if active) will only feature your core module lecture and seminar. If you want to see when a particular optional module is scheduled, then you need to access the general timetable. Please see below for details.


How can I view the timetable for my entire MA or BA programme?

Note: only Department of War Studies modules allied to your respective programme will be visible in this view. External modules may not always show up.

  1. Go to and use the guest link or login with your KNumber & KCL password if you can
  2. Click on the Programme link on the left [third link]
  3. In 'select programme', locate your individual BA programme
  4. In ‘select week range’, choose Semester 1&2
  5. In ‘select days’, choose weekdays
  6. In ‘report’, select the grid view
  7. And finally click on view timetable. 


How can I check for an individual module’s timetable?

  1. Go to and use the guest link or login with your KNumber & KCL password if you can
  2. In 'select department', locate the department of War Studies (If you are taking a module in another department, please adjust the selection accordingly)*
  3. Select module (modules starting with 7SSWM are modules at postgraduate level)
  4. Select weeks (choose Semester 1&2)
  5. Select days (weekdays)
  6. Select time (08:00-22:00)
  7. Select grid report & click View


How can I locate my classroom?

Please see: Guide to rooms


I have back to back classes in two different locations, what do I do?

As we are based at the Strand campus, your classes are likely to be held in either the Strand or Waterloo campus. From September 2016, this now includes Drury Lane which is located behind Covent Garden.

If you have a seminar clash between two sites, please try to swap to a new seminar with your tutor or contact the relevant  programme administrators to help you. 

Please be aware that all classes are supposed to start five minutes after their official start time and finish five minutes earlier than their official end time to accommodate back-to-back classes. This should allow you enough time to change between classes. 

Teaching Structure in War Studies

What is the difference between a lecture and seminar?

Please see the Student Handbook for more on lectures & seminars. Depending on the class size, and the individual module organiser, some modules may be organised into a 1-hour lecture + 1-hour seminar or a 2-hour seminar block.

Where a module has more than 20 students, it will be structured as a 1-hour lecture [attended by all students taking the module] with 2-4 smaller 1-hour seminar groups/week. You will however attend only one of the seminars. To see which seminar group you have been allocated to, you will need to wait for your personal timetable to be updated*.

*Special Note: Students on the IIS MA Programmes, please note that for your core MA module, you will be allocated to your seminar groups by your module organiser. Lists will be given to you at your first lecture.


Can I change seminar groups?

This is left to the discretion of your seminar leader [and not the module organiser]. You will need to wait for the start of classes, and for your personal timetable to be updated to see which seminar group you have been allocated. After this, you can approach your seminar leader to request for a change. If he/she gives permission, you may switch seminars, but this ‘change’ will be unofficial, i.e. it will not be reflected on your student timetable.


Do lectures & seminars start in the same week?

This varies depending on the programme and year of study. Generally, lectures for all BA modules & Core MA modules will start in the first week of term, but you will need to check with the module organiser. If the seminars for the module will start in the same week or not. This information may also be specified in your module outline.


  • If the FIRST seminar happens to be timetabled before the FIRST lecture for the module, the FIRST seminar will not run during the same week.
  • MA Optional modules start in the week of October 3rd.


Does War Studies have a reading week?

War Studies does not have a set reading week. Different module organisers will allow for a break at some point in both terms. Please check the module outline or with the module organiser at the first lecture.


Do we have to be in London after the end of term 2?

There is no teaching taking place in term 3 (apart from the odd revision class); but you must be here if you have exams to sit during the May exam period. 


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