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saudi-uk-armsSecurity cooperation with Saudi Arabia: Is it worth it?

September 2018

5g-innovationHow government can drive 5G innovation

July 2018

DASHData for ambulance dispatch

May 2018

mh-bullyingTaking a stand against bullying: Addressing mental health problems from within

May 2018

mental-health-actThe future of the Mental Health Act

May 2018

export-cultureTowards a culture of exporting

March 2018

Working paper

studentcommFutureproofing our NHS: A generational shift

March 2018

london2030beyondLondon 2030 and beyond

March 2018

musculoskeletalMedical research: What’s it worth? A briefing on the economic benefits of musculoskeletal disease research in the UK

January 2018

ind stratCreating, not picking, winners: How to develop an industrial strategy which works for everyone

November 2017

towards-a-cavity-free-futureTowards a cavity-free future

October 2017

Appendix to the report

industrial-strat-newsJoining up the dots: Delivering a holistic and effective industrial strategy for everyone

September 2017

justice-2060093Helping or hindering in adult safeguarding: An investigation of practice

August 2017

Brexit-DCM-newsWhat sort of Brexit do the British people want?

July 2017

amrc collaborationCollaborations among AMRC research-funding organisations

July 2017

london-2164680 Air quality improvement initiatives in other cities: A brief review of evidence to inform the Westminster City Council Air Quality Task Group

June 2017

eu-ref-reportUK media coverage of the 2016 EU Referendum campaign

May 2017

Big-IssuesBig issues for Britain: Pressing policy challenges in need of solutions

May 2017

wales-impactImpacts of academic research from Welsh universities: A comprehensive review of the REF 2014 impact case studies

May 2017

maritime-security-publicationsMaritime Future: A Practical Assessment of the State of Asian Seas

April 2017

IED_Baghdad_from_munitionsDefining the device: The need for international humanitarian standards for improvised explosive device disposal

April 2017

bingo-987408The nature of gambling-related harms for adults at risk: A review

March 2017

positioning-UK-global-research-landscape-news-image Positioning the UK within the global research landscape

March 2017

care homeHow do handovers happen? A study of handover-at-shift changeovers in care homes for older people

February 2017

simon-fraser-brexitIssues and Ideas: Can the UK retain global influence after Brexit?

January 2017

dementia-reportThe dialectics of dementia

December 2016

children-actThe Children Act and children’s needs: make it the answer not the problem

November 2016 (reprint of 1991 report)

learning-to-thrive-reportIssues and ideas: Learning to thrive: How can universities make a greater contribution to society and the economy in an increasingly connected world?

September 2016

social-work-researchSocial work research with adults in England: The state we're in

September 2016

landmines-report How to achieve a post-landmine world

September 2016

best-worst-publicationExploring the value of research through the eyes of researchers and the public

August 2016

monopolising-local-newsMonopolising local news: Is there an emerging local democratic deficit in the UK due to the decline of local newspapers?

May 2016

tech-giantsTech giants and civic power

April 2016

nihr-reportAn analysis of the impact of research supported by the UK National Institute of Health Research

March 2016

social-work-with-adultsThe effectiveness of social work with adults: a systematic scoping review

March 2016

spillovers-reportPublic medical research drives private R&D investment

February 2016

rebuildingRebuilding Lives: Formerly homeless people’s experiences of independent living and their longer-term outcomes

January 2016

bbc-reportBetter protecting BBC financial independence: an exploratory report for the BBC Trust

January 2016

high-performingCharacteristics of high-performing research units: A preliminary analysis

November 2015

researchfish-reportResearchfish: A forward look

November 2015

GE-2015 UK election 2015: Setting the agenda

October 2015

insightsInsights 2014-15

October 2015

election-unspun-reportElection unspun: political parties, the press, and Twitter during the 2015 UK election campaign

July 2015

precipice-reportIssues and ideas: Heading for the precipice: Can further and higher education funding policies be sustained?

June 2015

willetts-reportIssues and ideas on higher education funding: Who pays? Who benefits?

June 2015

intl-developmentThe non-academic impact of international development research in UK higher education

May 2015

benefit-burden-reportA benefit, not a burden: the security, economic and strategic value of Britain's defence industry

April 2015

REF-impact-reportThe nature, scale and beneficiaries of research impact: An initial analysis of Research Excellence Framework (REF) 2014 impact case studies

March 2015

dear-westminsterDear Westminster, we need to talk

February 2015

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