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Centre for Integrated Research on Risk and Resilience


King’s Centre for Integrated Research on Risk and Resilience (CIRRR) is headed by Professor Mark Pelling and Dr. Helen Adams. Our research combines a wide range of academic disciplines, resulting in a diverse and broadly experienced group.
Find out more about individual members and their research interests below, and to get in touch regarding future research initiatives, projects or partnership opportunities.
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Disaster & Risk

Migration and Resettlement

Conflict & Security

Social-Ecological Systems Management

Governance & Policy

Health & Disease


Disaster & Risk Members

Prof. Mark Pelling 
Centre Director / Senior Lecturer in Geography

Mark’s research interests are in the institutions and social relationships that shape vulnerability and adaptation to natural disasters, including those associated with climate change, and in the ways in which conflicting values and practices of development inform resilience and transformation in the face of environmental change.

More about Prof. Mark Pelling
Camilla Audia
Senior Research Associate at BRACED

Camilla is currently a Senior Researcher Associated on BRACED projects, developing the conceptual framework for the study and leading data collection and analysis. She is also finishing her PhD on land and household resource management in rural Burkina Faso.


More about Camilla Audia

Dr. George Adamson
Lecturer in Geography

My research studies the historical and cultural dimensions of climate and climate-related risks. In particular I am interested in how global systems constructed through science – such as Climate Change and El Niño Southern Oscillation – interact with risks as they are experience on the ground.

More about Dr George Adamson

  Sophie Blackburn
Sophie Blackburn

Liberal Arts Early Career Development Fellow in Geography 

Sophie is a Human Geographer specialising in the politics of disaster risk in developing country contexts and is particularly interested in how state-society relations shape (and are shaped by) geographies of uneven disaster response and recovery. Before joining King’s in 2017 as a Liberal Arts Early Career Development Fellow in Geography, Sophie completed her PhD thesis on evolving social contracts in the Andaman Islands (South India) in the wake of the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami response.

More about Sophie Blackburn
Shreyasi Choudhury

PhD Researcher

Since 2015 Shreyasi has been doing various Natural Catastrophe (NatCat) Risk Analysis for RMSI. She started her PhD in April 2018 with an initial focus upon “Bayesian networks for multi-hazard risk assessment in the Himalaya as a way of improving early warnings”.

Gaurab Dawadi

PhD Researcher

Gaurab is from Nepal and has previously worked with institutions such as Oxfam GB. His PhD topic is initially "Understanding transboundary impacts of multi-hazard early warning systems and their cultural context".

More about Guarab Dawadi
Renée Heijnk

PhD Researcher

Renée has worked as a research assistant on several projects including electric resistivity tomography and remote sensing. In September 2017 she started a London NERC DTP (doctoral training partnership) PhD Studentship. 
Lara Langston
Lara Langston
PhD Researcher 

My research investigates resilience policy within International Development, specifically focusing on understanding how ideas are translated from policy paper to programming at the ground level. It investigates the flow of governance from donor to partner through to village level, investigating both bottom-up and top-down governance and influence. This includes investigating how the behaviour of NGOs and local level actors are shaped through relationships, negotiation and contestation over time.

bruce malamud
Prof. Bruce Malamud

Professor of Natural and Environmental Hazards

Bruce’s research focuses on natural and environmental hazards (wildfires, earthquakes, landslides, floods tornadoes, multi-hazard interactions and heavy-metal contamination) with a primary methodological focus on time-series analyses and mathematical models, the construction of synthetic 1-D and 2-D data sets and the comparison to observational data.

More about Prof. Bruce Malamud


Peter McGowran
PhD Researcher 

Peter started his PhD in April 2018 with his research topic initially focusing on "Cascading vulnerability in the Eastern Himalayas: disasters, politics and poverty".


Dr. Daanish Mustafa

Reader of Geography


Daanish’s research interests lie at the intersection of development, water resources and hazards geography. I have particularly been interested in the role of social power relations at multiple geographical scales in influencing geographies of access to water—be it for agricultural or domestic water use--and vulnerability to hazards.

More about Dr Daanish Mustafa

Anshu Ogra
Anshu Ogra

Research associate LANDSLIP project

Anshu recently submitted her PhD on coffee growers and adaptation strategies for climate in South India. She is now working as a research associate on the LANDSLIP project.

More about Anshu Ogra

Dr Gabrilla Rundblad
Dr. Gabriella Rundblad

Reader in Applied Linguistics

Gabriella is a Cognitive Linguist who specialises in Semantics and Pragmatics in Typical/Atypical Language Development and in Health Communication. To this end, she employs Psycholinguistic, Discourse Analytical and Corpus Linguistic approaches.

More about Gabriella Rundblad 
Justin Sharpe
PHD Research 

Justin is a PhD research student and founder of Effective Education for Disaster Risk Reduction ( His research focuses on transformative learning and the ability to change individual and community behaviours, acting as a resilient and adaptive act to environmental changes.

More about Justin Sharpe



Hayley Leck

Research Fellow

Hayley is a development geographer with a research focus on climate-resilient development in sub-Saharan Africa, specialising in urban climate adaptation, resilience, and disaster risk management.

More about Hayley Leck

Migration and Resettlement Members

Dr. Helen Adams
Centre Director
Helen works on the human dimensions of environmental change, with a particular focus on migration. Taking a pro-poor, pro-migrant perspective her work highlights the importance of the non-material dimensions of environmental and social change.
More about Dr Helen Adams

Purnima Kajal
PhD Researcher 

Purnima is a PhD researcher whose research focuses on integration, particularly looking to transculturalism and immigrant experience in both India and Germany. 

More about Purnima Kajal

Nando Lewis
PhD Researcher 


Nando is a PhD researcher currently investigating the way in which water security, food security and forced migration relate to civil conflict.

More about Nando Lewis

Dr. Leonie Ansems de Vries
Lecturer in International Relations 


Leonie’s main research interests are: governance and resistance in global politics; critical          approaches to war and security; international relations theory (especially critical and post-structuralist approaches); and, migration and refugees.

More about Dr Leonie Ansems de Vries

Conflict and Security Members


CLAUDIA Aradau199x137
Prof. Claudia Aradau
Professor of International Relations
Claudia is Professor of International Politics in the Department of War Studies and Co-chair of the Research Centre in International Relations. Her work has explored security practices globally and has critically interrogated their political effects. She has published widely on critical security studies and critical International Relations.
More about Claudia Aradau

Didier Bigo
Prof. Didier Bigo
Professor of International Relations

Didier’s research areas include security and liberty, antiterrorist policies in Europe, the merging and internal and external securities, and European response to migrants and refugees. He is editor of French quarterly journal Cultures et Conflits and co-editor of International Political Sociology.Overall research themes focus upon the conditions of possibilities of freedom in contemporary societies and the practices they generate. His work has many different intersections with the concept of resilience.

More about Didier Bigo

Dr Nicholas Michelsen
Dr. Nicholas Michelsen
Senior Lecturer in International Relations Theory
Nicholas is Senior Lecturer in the Department of War Studies and Assistant editor of the Journal Resilience: International Policies, Practices and Discourses. His research focusses on Strategic Communications, International Relations and Transnational movements. He has written about the politics of resilience, particularly as it plays out in revolutionary or counter-state insurgent strategy and is currently working on resilience in the discourses of the alt or far-right.
More about Dr Nicholas Michelsen

Dr Tim Stevens
Dr. Tim Stevens
Lecturer in Global Security

Tim’s research looks critically at global security practices, with specific interests in cybersecurity and digital surveillance. He has also written on time and temporality in International Relations theory, most recently in a monograph, Cyber Security and the Politics of Time. Other research interests include international political sociology and global governance. 

More about Dr Tim Stevens

Social-Ecological Systems Management Members

Prof. Nick Drake
Professor of Physical Georgraphy

During the last few years Nick's interests have focussed on applying his expertise to arid lands and, in particular, the Sahara Desert. He is the leader of the Sahara Megalakes Project, an international project that involves nine universities and coordinates research on giant ancient lakes in Chad, Libya and Tunisia. He is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Arid Environments, Origini (Journal of Prehistory and Protohistory of Ancient Civilizations) and the Journal of Geology & Geosciences

More about Prof Nick Drake

Dr Robert Francis June_2016_190_2
Dr. Rob Francis
Reader in Ecology

Rob’s research areas include urban ecology and biodiversity, reconciliation ecology, invasive species and the environmental impacts of warfare. Specifically, his interests include Ecohydrology and biogeomorphology, Urban biodiversity and reconciliation ecology, Invasive alien species and Warfare Ecology. He is an active member of WIDER-SOMA which analyses satellite sensed data and uses this to determine variation in landscape and vegetation patterns in areas of differential war-related disturbances in Somalia.

More about Dr Rob Francis

Govenance and Policy Members

Dr. Courtney Davis 
Medical and Political Sociologist

Courtney is a medical and political sociologist with broad research interests in the intersections of science and technology policy, business regulation and public health. She undertakes empirically-based, international comparative research investigating the socio-political, economic, cultural and scientific factors underlying trends in regulation and the implications of current techno-scientific standards for public, patient and worker health, with a particular focus on pharmaceuticals and occupational health and safety.

More about Dr Courtney Davis

Dr. Naho Mirumachi 
Senior Lecturer

Trained in political science, international studies and human geography, Naho has research interests in the politics and governance of the environment, particularly water. Her research on water issues particularly in developing country contexts feeds into broader themes of interest: institutions for environmental governance; power and environmental discourse; scale and agency.

More about Dr Naho Mirumachi

Health and Disease Members



Dr. Carlo Caduff
Senior Lecturer

Anthea Tinker, is Professor of Social Gerontology, Institute of Gerontology, Department of Global Health and Social Medicine, KCL. Her research covers a range of topics on ageing.  She is particularly interested in vulnerability and was the co-author of the UK study of the Prevalence of Elder Abuse.  She is also interested in resilience and was a PI on an MRC research project on resilience after stroke.

More about Dr. Carlo Caduff



Prof Anthea-Tinker150x144
Prof. Anthea Tinker
Professor of Social Gerontology 

Anthea Tinker, is Professor of Social Gerontology, Institute of Gerontology, Department of Global Health and Social Medicine, KCL. Her research covers a range of topics on ageing.  She is particularly interested in vulnerability and was the co-author of the UK study of the Prevalence of Elder Abuse.  She is also interested in resilience and was a PI on an MRC research project on resilience after stroke.

More about Prof. Anthea Tinker

Other Members


Prof Frans Berkhout
Prof. Frans Berkhout

Executive Dean, Faculty of Social Science & Public Policy and Professor of Environment, Society and Climate

Professor Berkhout’s early research was concerned with the economic, political and security aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle. His more recent work has been concerned with science, technology, policy and sustainability, with a focus on climate change.

More about Prof Frans Berkhout 

Richard Bourne OBE

Executive Dean, Faculty of Social Science & Public Policy and Professor of Environment, Society and Climate

Laura Canevari
Laura Canevari
PhD Researcher 

Laura’s research takes an institutionalist approach that investigates the interactions between climatic and non-climatic risks, and between the internal and external determinants of SMEs adaptive capacity, exploring the role of actors within and outside the value chains of businesses.

More about Laura Canevari
      Augustin de Coulon     
Augustin De Coulon
Senior Lecturer in Economics 

Augustin’s main interest is in applied micro-econometrics. He studied at the London School of Economics and the University of Geneva, where he obtained his PhD in economics. His PhD work focused on the labour market assimilation of immigrants. Beside immigration, he also works in the fields of the economics of education (basic skills and vocational training) and health economics (risky behaviours).

More about Augustin De Coulon

DR Rebecca Gomm
Dr Rebecca Gomm
Lecturer in Forensic Psychology

Rebecca has undertaken research exploring the intersection of resilience and risk with women who have offended.   This has involved an exploration of environments and practitioner approaches which ‘build’ resilience, for women who have experienced violence and abuse, in childhood and adulthood.  She is currently developing the work with different cohorts.  

More about Dr Rebecca Gomm
Konstantinos Matakos
Lecturer in Economics 

Konstantinos research interests range from political economics and positive political theory to public policy evaluation and design. He is particularly interested in the political economy of redistribution and machine politics, electoral behaviour and formal models of elections. He also studies how electoral institutions evolve endogenously and what are the effects of electoral systems on polarisation and turnout.

More about Konstantios Matakos 


rebbeca Murphy
Rebecca Murphy

Resilience Learning and Capacity Building Officer at Christian Aid 

Rebecca is working on a project focused on strengthening the quality and speed of humanitarian response. It aims to do this by increasing community resilience though exploring and identifying best methods for humanitarian response and conflict prevention programs. She currently works with Christian Aid and has previously been a junior researcher for the Red Cross in Manila.

More about Rebecca Murphy

Dr Sian Oram
Lecturer in Womens Mental Health

Sians work aims to reduce the risk and impact of violence through qualitative, epidemiological, and intervention research, with a particular focus on human trafficking and domestic violence.  She conducts mixed methods research, with her most recent work including survey and qualitative research with trafficked people, qualitative research with health and other professionals, clinical informatics studies, and systematic reviews. 

More about Dr Sian Oram

Dragos Radu 
Lecturer in Economics 

Dragos works on the economic and political impacts of international migration and participated in policy evaluation studies for the DWP, HMRC and the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees. Dragos holds a PhD in Economics from King’s and teaches intermediate econometrics and international economics.

More about Dragos Radu

Erin Roberts
Erin Roberts 
PhD Researcher 

Erin’s work focuses on developing approaches to address losses and damages from climate change impacts in least developed countries.                                                                                                                                                    

More about Eirn Roberts


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