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The Social Science Showcase

The Social Science Showcase: Participants

Meet our Postgraduate Research Students taking part in the Social Science Showcase in November this year;    

                                                                                                                                           Sharmila-SousaSharmila de Sousa, PhD Student in the Department of Political Economy: 

"My research involves investigating both perceptions and attitudes of patients, family members, health professionals and regulators in Brazil on bioethical issues regarding both genetic tests information comprehension and governmentality in the context of predictive medicine for both prophylaxis and curative treatment, as well as access to genetic tests and genetic counselling in Brazil through a case study of a familial and inherited type of cancer syndrome called Multiple Endocrine Neoplasia type II. My future plans is to engage with regulatory issues and policy making in Brazil in order to guarantee wide access to the best treatment available for the Brazilian population."
(Read more...)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Hasan_Selcuk3Hasan Selcuk, PhD Student in the Department of Education & Professional Studies: 

"My research is about learning EFL writing through peer collaboration in Facebook. More specifically, I attempt to investigate peer collaboration in online collaborative creative writing amongst EFL learners in a Turkish secondary school." (Read more...)                                                                                                                                               


Rohanna_YlaganRohanna Ylagan-Nicanor, PhD Student in the Department of Education & Professional Studies:

"I am currently exploring (Key Stage 3) students’ art-related conversations and their impact on long-term memory. I have always been interested in students’ learning in informal contexts and incorporating visual arts into lessons. My future plans involve continued research in the areas of integrating informal learning with curriculum and instruction as well as a career in higher education working with pre-service teachers.." (Read more...)



Sumanta_BaruaSumanta Barua, PhD Student in the Department of Management;

"My PhD is on experiential marketing and consumption experiences of professionals at B2B events and festivals in film industry.  My future plan is to build on my existing studies and do research on the importance of mundane in consumption experience within B2B context, Creative Industries, Public Policy and Politics.." (Read more...)                                                                       


Viktoria_VonaViktoria Vona, PhD Student in the Department of Geography: 

"My main research interests are social and economic justice, particularly in terms of urban housing. For my PhD, I am researching ‘The Role of Art and Artists in Contesting Gentrification in London and New York City’." (Read more...)                                                                                                                


Omeni_AkaliOmeni Akali, PhD Student in the Defence Studies Department: 

"My research falls into the broad areas of military counter-insurgency and counter-terrorism in Nigeria. My future plans include working closely with the Nigerian military in these areas, after hopefully gaining some post-doctoral academic experience!"
(Read more...)                                                                                                                              


Suzanne_SnowdenSuzanne Snowden, PhD Student in the Department of Social Science, Health & Medicine

"My PhD thesis is on Assistive Technology for people with dementia to conduct personal care Activities of Daily Living (toileting, grooming, eating, etc.). I’m tracking its use at home in the community and in care home settings. An aim is to investigate the role of assistive technology in contributing to preferred decisions of location of care." (Read more...)


Frezer-HaileFrezer Haile, PhD Student in the Department of Geography: 

"I am currently researching the politics of the Nile River Basin, more specifically studying what impacts recent developments including the independence of South Sudan and the initiation of construction on the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), have been having on the hydropolitics of the basin. ."
(Read more...)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Charalampia-KaragianniCharalampia Karagianni, PhD Student in the Department of Education & Professional Studies: 

"The focus of my research is on additional language teaching and teacher cognition. In particular, I investigate the teaching approaches that Greek language teachers have actually used in mainstream classrooms to teach the Modern Greek language to children from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds." (Read more...)                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Eugenio_LilliEugenio Lilli, PhD Student in the Department of Defence Studies: 

"I am currently researching on US foreign policy toward the Muslim world, and in particular on the first Obama administration’s response to the uprisings that upset the political, social, and economic landscape of the Middle East and the Gulf in 2011-12. After obtaining my PhD I would like to continue a career in academia." (Read more...)                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Lamees_AlhaidariLamees Al-Haidari, PhD Student in the Department of Management: 

"The working title of my thesis is: 'Talent Management fair but not equal?' and looks at talent management in the banking sector in the Gulf Cooperation Council region. My future plan is to be an academic in the field of management and specifically HRM and talent management area where I look forward to be part of the future progress of this field." (Read more...)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Claude_ZanardiClaude Zanardi, PhD Student in the Department of War Studies and European & International Studies: 

"My research look at how major European countries, notably the UK, France and Germany, perceive the modernisation of the PLA, which is the Chinese army. It is a fascinating topic which has attracted more and more researchers recently. It is such a rewarding experience to be part of an evolving research area such as this, and in addition to the strand that I research on, there are today also increasing numbers of researchers looking at this topic from a strategic point of view, something that has been missing within the EU and in many EU member states.." (Read more...)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Nahal_JafroudiNahal Jafroudi, PhD Student in the Department for Education & Professional Studies: 

"My research is a comparative study which concerns the concept of the self and its implication for educating for ethical literacy and the enhancement of one’s sense of dignity." (Read more...)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Sean_Cathie-3Sean Cathie, DThMin Student in the Department of Education & Professional Studies: 

"I am researching the theory or theology and practice of pastoral care within the Church. At present this is done almost entirely by focusing on individuals but my research has shown how important group and organisational factors are for supporting and caring for people. I am planning to share my research with senior clergy in the Church and to influence how pastoral care is taught." (Read more...)


Tom Thorpe, PhD Student in the Defence Studies Department: 

"My PhD looks at the impact of military group cohesion on soldiers' attitudes, actions and behaviour in BEF Territorial infantry battalions during the Great War. Social science research suggests that where groups of soldiers have high levels of military group cohesion - close relationships based on trust, caring and co-operation - this can lead to high levels of teamwork and group performance compared to groups where such relationships are absent."
(Read more...)

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