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Lock down your login: Setting up Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

King’s IT regularly review our online security in response to the changing security landscape:

  • From Monday 27 February we require all users to set up Multi-factor authentication (MFA). Guidance on how to do this can be found below. 
  • This must be set up within 30 days of your account being created otherwise the account will be disabled.
  • Users who have already set up MFA do not need to take any action.

On Monday 6 March we will also introduce Number Matching to prevent accidental approvals in the Microsoft Authenticator app.

Instead of simply pressing Approve on your mobile device a two digit code will be displayed on the login screen for you to enter into Authenticator.

You can find out more about registering your account and securing your account on our website.

How to Register For Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

1. Download an Microsoft Authenticator app:

App store

Google Play

If you cannot or do not want to use the App, it is possible to set up text messages or phone calls instead. Proceed through the following steps, and at Step 5 select 'I want to set up a different method'.


2. On your computer, go to and login


3. Provide your King’s account password.

After authentication you will be prompted to provide additional information to enable MFA. Click .Next.


4. We strongly recommend using the default Microsoft authenticator app (as you will be able to receive the security code even if you are in a location where you cannot access Wi-Fi or 4G) and pressing Next to continue.

However, if you would rather use text messages, a phone call or an alternative app press “I want to set up a different method”.

Please note, we do not recommend using your office phone number.


5. You will now be presented with a QR image to scan in using the mobile app.


6. Launch the mobile app and choose Add an account. Then select work or school account. Present the QR code to the app.


7. The account should now be added. If you experience any issues, try using text message verification in step 5 as a workaround.


8. On the MFA page, click Next and the page will send a test notification to verify that the app is working.


9. Approve the sign in prompt on your mobile device by entering the number you see on the page you are signing into


10. Click Done to complete the setup.

Once MFA is enabled on your account, you will be prompted to authenticate when you log in to your account under the following circumstances:

  • When you log on using a non SOE (Standard Operating Environment) computer, or your own device.
  • When you log onto an SOE computer outside of the KCL network (eg at home) that hasn't already been authenticated on the KCL network.
  • When you access SharePoint or Office365 outside of the KCL network.
  • When you connect to another WiFi network.

If you believe you are being asked to authenticate outside of the above scenarios, please contact the Service Desk so that we can check the set up for your account.