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Dr Margaret Bond Medical Hardship Fund 2021-22

Dr Margaret Bond Medical Hardship Fund 2021-22

Applications for the Dr Margaret Bond Medical Hardship Fund 2021-22 will open from 1st October 2021.

If you are experiencing problems with your funding or are worried that you will not have enough money to cover all your costs Advice & Guidance in Student Services can assist you by checking you have received all the funding and benefits that you are entitled to and review your budget before you apply to hardship funds. We advise that you review your financial situation before the hardship fund opens and make use of the free money tools available from Blackbullion too.

The fund has been established by Mrs Gillian Wells to assist medical students facing financial difficulties.

Can I apply? 

To make an application all the following must apply to you: 

Be studying an undergraduate MBBS degree programme

Eligible courses are:

Have taken up your full entitlement to student loans for tuition fees and living costs

You must be in receipt of the maximum Maintenance Loan (and grant for students who started their course before 2016) available to you from Student Finance England/Wales/NI/SAAS. This involves sending evidence of your household income to Student Finance to be means-tested. 

If you are not taking a student loan for religious reasons you should be aware that the assessment of your application will reflect the amount of funding that you would have received if you had accepted the loan. For us to determine the level of support you would have received you need to be means-tested by Student Finance. You will also need to complete this Declaration Form and ensure you have made other arrangements to fund your studies.

Have a household income of £42,875 or less

For King’s to be able to determine that your household income is less than £42,875 you and your sponsor(s) must give ‘consent to share’ your data with King’s during the Student Finance application process. If you are an International or EU Student we will accept evidence of household income directly.


How much could I receive?

Awards can range from £100 to £3,500. The exact award amount is determined on a case-by-case basis and maximum awards are granted only in exceptional circumstances. Our assessment will factor in your individual circumstances and the award that you may receive will reflect the overall level of financial need that the assessment has demonstrated.

An award from the fund is not guaranteed and it should not form any part of your budget until you have received formal notification that you have been granted support.


When should I apply?

Our Hardship Funds aim to remain open for the entire year, however you should apply as soon as you feel that you need additional help, as they may close earlier if funds are exhausted.


How do I apply?

Step 1: Complete an application form

Download an application form here.

The application involves series of questions about your current income and expenditure and requires you to write a personal statement explaining your financial situation.  

Please be as detailed as possible in your personal statement. It is important that you explain why you require financial assistance and that you include any information that may support your case. 

Step 2: Submit your application and supporting documents via email to funding@kcl.ac.uk

The supporting documents required to enable us to make an assessment will be detailed on the application form.   

Please read this carefully and refer to our Application Checklist for detailed guidance.  

All supporting documents must be legible:  

  • Scanned/electronic copies, preferably saved in a PDF format 

  • Entitled in the following format: SURNAME, Name – document title (e.g. SMITH, John – March bank statement)  

Please email your documents to funding@kcl.ac.uk and include your King’s Student ID (as on your ID card, not your K Number) in the email text.  

We cannot accept paper copies under any circumstances.  

Missing or incorrect evidence will significantly delay the assessment of your application so please do double check before submitting your documents that everything is in order! 

If after two months we have not received any documents from you, your application will be withdrawn. Do not worry, we will send you a reminder after 4 weeks to chase for outstanding evidence. 

Step 3: Blackbullion online learning

You will need to explain your financial situation in your application. To help you to do this, you may wish to complete the Budgeting pathway module on Blackbullion. If you have not already signed up for Blackbullion please register for free using your King’s email address. 

This is a free online module that takes less than 25 minutes to complete. 85% of King’s students stated that they felt more confident about money management after they completed the budgeting module and we hope that you will too. Regrettably hardship funds are limited and can only cover up to 75% of the shortfall calculated by the assessor. Consequently, we want to make sure that you have the tools and information necessary to stretch your funding as far as possible and to evaluate any money saving or money generating options that may also help you. 

If you are in immediate financial difficulty please contact Advice & Guidance to discuss your personal circumstances and any difficulties you are having completing your application for hardship funds.

Step 4: We assess your application

Applications are assessed using an ‘additional need’ method that looks at the difference between accepted reasonable expenditure and expected income for the academic year. Your expenditure will be offset against your income and where there is a shortfall (additional need) for the year, an award will be considered from the fund.  

Where awards are granted, they may not cover the full extent of your financial need. In some cases, where excessive non-essential expenditure is visible, award amounts may be reduced, or applications may even be rejected. Some examples of non-essential expenditure include private healthcare, gambling and excessive spending on recreational activities, deliveries, take-away food etc. 

When assessing your application, we may ask your consent to refer you to other departments for additional support. For example, we may find it appropriate to direct you to Student Advice for support in correcting your funding entitlement, in applying for benefits, or for extra budgeting support. We will always ask for your consent before sharing any information with another team within King’s.  

Step 5: We let you know the outcome of your application

Once the assessment has been completed and a final decision has been reached, you will receive notification of the outcome via email.  

If your application is successful: the email will detail the award amount and will give you instructions on how to receive the payment. 

If your application is unsuccessful: the email will provide you with the next steps you can take if you are still concerned about your financial situation and will explain the appeals process if you wish to appeal the decision.  


Can I apply more than once?

Usually, we will only consider one application per academic year (September-August). This means that if you need to you may be able to apply in multiple years.

We will only consider a repeat application in the same academic year if you have undergone a substantial change of circumstance, that has negatively impacted your financial situation since your previous application. This is because our assessment reflects the entire academic year and all outcomes have been carefully decided.

If you do feel that this applies to you, you will need to explain the changes and submit additional evidence alongside your second application to support this.


Can I appeal a decision?

Please carefully read the Assessment Guidelines before submitting an appeal.

An appeal may be submitted on one or more of the following grounds:

-        After reading the Assessment Guidelines you feel that your application was incorrectly assessed

-        You did not initially provide significant evidence or information

-        You feel that the assessment did not consider all the relevant information or evidence provided

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your application and you meet the grounds for appeal listed above, you may appeal in writing to funding@kcl.ac.uk

Please make sure to relate to the assessment, explain your situation clarifying any details that you think may alter the outcome and provide any relevant evidence that you wish us to consider for the reassessment.


Additional Support

If you are still concerned about your financial situation you should contact a Student Advisor for confidential advice.

The Advice team can be contacted via email and they have a dedicated Advice telephone line. Full information about the Student Advice service can be found on their webpage.


Contact us

To find out more about the King's Student Fund, please contact the Student Funding Office.

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