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Request to swap, extend or move out early


We hope you're enjoying your time in Residences so far but we know that circumstances can change. As you know, you're bound by the contract you signed, but if you would like to swap your room or request an early termination of contract here's a guide on what to do.

Early Termination Requests

Early terminations are only granted to students withdrawing from College. Please note, you will be required to provide a Notification of Withdrawal from College as part of your early termination request. Information about withdrawing from College can be found here.  

Please click here for to complete the Withdrawing from College form.

Room swap between residences 

If you want to move to a different room in another KCL Residence, you need to find a suitable student to swap with. We will allow swaps request to be submited after 21st October 2019. 

Please be aware that room swaps can only be completed if:

  • Both  parties have paid their first rent instalment 

  • They are submitted on or after 21st October (we do not process room swaps requests prior to this date)

  • Both residents must complete the Room Swap Form and sent both forms in one email to Kingsresidences@kcl.ac.uk  in order to be considered.

  • A £50 cleaning charge will be applied to both students requesting a room swap. 

  • If we are able to grant your request, a new accommodation agreement will be issued and you and your “swap partner” will have 48hrs to accept it online. If one, or both, of you fail to accept the new agreement in the timeframe the swap process will not go ahead.

  • Keys and access cards must not be swapped until both Residence Agreements have been signed online by the “swap partners”.

  • It is the responsibility of each swap partner to ensure that s/he/they receives the correct credit notes/invoices in respect of any financial adjustment to their student account resulting from the room swap.

  • Please read our Room Swap Process to find out more about the process to follow in order to be granted a room swap. 

Contract Transfer 

Students who wish to terminate their Licence Agreeement and move out of Residences have to find a replacement occupier who has been approved by us (at our absolute discretion) and who is not already in one of King’s Residences to take up the remainder of your licence agreement. 

Any request for contract transfer should be emailed to kingsresidences@kcl.ac.uk 

Please allow two weeks for your request to be processed. 

Frequently asked questions

Would I be charged for swapping my room?

Yes, a £50 cleaning and administration fee will be applied to your student account (each of you will be charged).

When would I be able to swap my room?

Once all the forms have been completed and sent to kingsresidences@kcl.ac.uk and the room swap has been authorised by the Reservations Team, we will confirm your swap date.

Can I swap into a room that's currently empty?

No, vacant rooms are reserved for students who don't yet live in Residences.

I am a KAAS recipient, can I swap my room?

Yes, as long as your “swap partner” is also a recipient of KAAS

How can I find a “swap partner”?

There are many ways for you to find student who wish to swap their room. Our Residences Facebook groups are the easiest way to connect with other residents. The Find a Flatmate Facebook managed by Advice & Guidance group hosts King’s students looking for halls contracts which they would like to take over.  Also, thestudentroom has a large following from KCL.

What if I'm in OLIB or Intercollegiate Halls

Unfortunately we cannot offer room swaps for these residences as your agreement is with a different provider. If both of you live in a hall with the same provider, the local reception staff will be able to tell you if and how you can swap.

Can I swap my room with a student not currently living in Residences?

No, the room swap process only applies to students who currently live in King's Residences. 

Can I swap my room with an undergraduate student if I am a postgraduate?

No, as rooms are allocated based on student classification (Foundation/UG/PG)

I have signed a 40 weeks contract, can I swap with a student on 51 weeks contract?

No you will need to find a “swap partner” on the same contract length. 

I am withdrawing from College, do I need to find a replacement for my room?

No, as you are terminating your study you are not required to find a replacement for your room. Please complete our early termination request form as mentioned above.

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