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What to Expect


King’s College London is a diverse community dedicated to advancing knowledge and education. A successful community needs everyone, whether staff, student or visitor, to respect its fundamental values and beliefs. In turn, these translate into a culture where as members of the community are open and honest with each other, work together and where we strive for excellence.

There are great opportunities to meet friends, learn life skills and get all the support you need to transition into independent living, whilst remaining an active member of your community and helping us shape your own surroundings – be that by developing student leadership programmes, such as a Residence Associate or a  KCLSU Hall Leader, or improving our building facilities to build an environment conducive of academic success and general wellbeing. This is what we call student citizenship, and it is underpinned by the following:

Community living

It takes a lot to live together. Universities are more diverse now than ever before. Of course, we don't expect you to become best buddies with everyone. You should though, do your best to get along with them and live together happily. So here are the basic ground rules:

  • Everyone living in a residence needs to help build an environment of trust and mutual respect, and to treat others as they'd wish to be treated.
  • This means never criticising other people on the grounds of their race, sex, age, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, disability or any other irrelevant distinction. We're proud of our diversity at King's, and we're committed to ensuring the fair, equal treatment of everyone here. When you attend King's, you commit to the same standard.
  • If you have any concerns, speak to someone from the Residence team.

The Student Charter sets out the responsibilities we have as members of the King’s Residences community and the expectations that we place upon each other. The Charter will enable students and staff to work in partnership with the aim of supporting all students on their journey to success.

Networking for life (aka making friends)

University life is all about chance meetings - occasionally life-changing meetings - with people and ideas you'd never otherwise come across. So our system for allocating rooms is completely random, based on your room type and price point preferences: everyone receives their room number when they check in. There's no telling where your room will be located or who your neighbour will be. You never know, they might turn out to be your best friend for life.

All our residences are gender neutral and so are most of their corridors, accommodating all genders, from across many King’s departments and years of study.

We do reserve some areas of some residences for single-gender occupancy, and we'll endeavour to find a room there for any student that applies for one. But we're unable to guarantee either availability or that these areas will remain single-gender for the entire year.

So, be prepared to mingle, hobnob and hit it off.


Football. Cycling. Knitting. Karaoke. Interplanetary travel.

Living in a residence is a gilt-edged chance to start finding people from outside your area of study who have similar interests.

If you have an idea for a club or event, whether it's sport, music, hobby or culture-related, suggest it to your Residence Associate (RA). If the team thinks there's mileage in your proposal, they'll help make it happen. Or, you can volunteer and play a big part in your residence life.


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