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Room inspections


We carry out termly room inspections to check the health and safety aspects of your accommodation as well as to address any repairs that may be required and to assess general cleaning standards.

Whilst this is a very routine procedure, we understand that it may feel intrusive and you may feel inconvenienced, to minimise this we will endeavour to give at least 7 days’ notice before we carry out inspections in your room and flat.

Please note that for urgent works, we may not be able to give more than 24 hours’ notice as we may be required to access your room immediately to avoid issues getting worse – i.e. leaks.

Health and safety standards

We will check your room/flat to see if:

  • Fire exits and escape routes are clear and accessible
  • Fire alarm system is in order with no detectors covered or removed
  • Fire doors are properly maintained
  • Fire blankets are present and in good order
  • Where fitted, window restraints are fixed in place
  • Visual check of electrical items and sockets
  • Floors free of trip hazards such as trailing cables and clothes
  • All safety notices and signage is correctly displayed
  • Reported maintenance issues have been attended to
  • A proactive check to see if there are any maintenance issues that you may not have noticed/reported.

Cleaning standards

The cleaning standards we expect you to adhere to throughout the academic year (not only when inspections are due) are listed below:

  • All furniture must be clean
  • All rubbish must be removed and placed in the appropriate area
  • Clean skirting boards, window sills and light shades as well as all furniture
  • If you have a sink/mirror in your room these must be clean
  • Baths, sinks and shower cubicles must all be cleaned
  • Shower and sink drains free from waste (hair or food)
  • Toilets clean the bowl and seat thoroughly, and behind and underneath
  • Floors should be free of dirt and stains
  • Ovens and cookers must be cleaned both inside and out, including grill pans, shelves, control knobs and any other parts
  • Refrigerators and freezers must be cleaned inside and out, with any expired food binned correctly and regular defrosting to avoid doors not closing
  • Cupboards thoroughly clean inside and out
  • Floors thoroughly clean and remove all grease, marks etc. This should include cleaning around cookers and fridges etc.
  • All carpets must be vacuumed, free from stains.


We hope that the termly inspections go smoothly for you, however on certain occasions a follow up re-inspection of your room/ flat may be required. This is what will happen if the condition of the property causes us concerns including:

  • If the property doesn't meet the required hygiene or safety standards, we will inform you of what you need to do to rectify the situation and arrange a time to re-inspect
  • If on the subsequent check the items that were highlighted to you still fail to comply with minimum standards we will organise for the actions to be carried out by our in-house team and you will be charged accordingly for that. Please see Damage & Cleaning Charges List below.
Flats that do not meet the required standard will be checked on a more frequent basis and disciplinary action may be taken against residents who consistently fail to comply with requests to improve hygiene or rectify any health and safety issues.

Damage and cleaning charges list

Please click on the links here to check the cleaning and repair charges that you may incur in case of damages in your room and shared space in the flats/residence communal spaces. 


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