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Introduction To Global Health 1 (Module)

Module description

Global Health is a field of study, research and practice that recognises that the project of reducing disease, safeguarding well being and providing adequate health care is shaped by factors that transcend national boundaries and which are thus beyond the capacity of individual nation states to address individually or through their domestic institutions. Our Introductory Modules in Global Health introduce students to the key concepts and debates in global health, and use case studies to illuminate these inequalities and the political, economic, social and structural forces that perpetuate them.

In this module we examine the concept of global health, analyse the different actors and agencies involved in the global health movement, examine the ways in which global health inequalities are measured and mapped, and focus in detail on the social and economic determinants of health inequalities and the ways in which these are linked to social development and ‘epidemiological transitions’ in the nature and burden of disease in different societies.
To introduce students to key concepts and debates regarding what global health is and how it might be secured.
To provide students with an understanding of the relationship between political, economic and social factors in the delivery of global health initiatives.
To provide students with the skills to critically evaluate such initiatives and to identify the role of key stakeholders in shaping them.
To demonstrate the value of interdisciplinary approaches to global health.
To provide insights into the use of particular methodological and epistemological tools in the production of global health research.

*Please note that module information is indicative and may change from year to year.

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Dr Nancy Tamimi

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Module code 4SSHM001

Credit level 4

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Semester Semester 1 (autumn)

Study abroad module No