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Introduction To The Digital Humanities (Module)

Module description

Studying a humanities subject with the aid of a computer means far more than simply browsing the Web, downloading files, searching them, and writing essays. These are important uses of computing, but they are only the beginning. The greatest benefits come from learning how to think with your computer. When you do that, about the objects of study in any discipline of the arts and humanities, you are doing what has become known as digital humanities. This one-semester module introduces you to software tools that scholars commonly use to think about the contemporary and historical artefacts which comprise our cultural inheritance. The transferable skills that you will learn in this module, although valuable in any area of study, are not confined to scholarly work but are applicable to all situations in which careful reasoning with sources of any kind takes place.


Staff information

Not applicable

Teaching pattern

Two two-hour lectures a week

Module assessment - more information

5 pieces of coursework. (Breakdown is AX1:15%, AX2: 30%, AX3: 10%, AX4: 15%, AX5: 30%).

AX1 – Text Encoding : Markup of a text according the Text Encoding Initiative Guidelines- 15% of final mark
AX2 – HTML and CSS: Electronic publishing exercise. Students will create a website to a given specification - 30% of final mark
AX3 – Corpus Lingusitics: A text analysis exercise - 10% of final mark
AX4 – Databases: Database design and implementation - 15% of final mark
AX5 – Essay: An essay on digital humanities - 30% of final mark

Key information

Module code 4AAV1003

Credit level 4

Assessment coursework

Credit value 15

Semester Semester 1 (autumn), Semester 2 (spring)

Study abroad module Yes