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Ethics of Emerging Biotechnologies (Module)

Module description

The ethical implications of CRISPR are manifold as we are able to change the genomes of our species and  all our species in a way which could potentially change the future of our planet. The technology can be used not only to edit genomes to treat an existing genetic disorder, but also to 'enhance' human capacities. This research-driven draws from the double expertise of the module convenor in biotechnology and bioethics to look at the ethical issues raised by genome editing. We will look at the ethical and regulatory issues raised by applications of the technology on human embryos, on somatic applications (gene therapy), on agricultural and industrial applications. The module will offer a comparative analysis of ethics of emerging biotechnologies in the UK, US and rest of the world.

*Please note that module information is indicative and may change from year to year.  

Staff information

Giulia Cavaliere

Teaching pattern

Not applicable

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2500 word essay

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Module code 6SSHM007

Credit level 6

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Semester Semester 2 (spring)

Study abroad module Yes