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Horizons in Psychiatric Research (Module)

Module description

This module aims to prepare students for their futures as researchers or clinicians by 1) showcasing the most current innovations and developments in this field and 2) providing coaching on the process of turning a research idea into a funded and published study.

The lectures on current developments will be adaptive to the most topical research challenges each year, with a focus on using new technologies and approaches to advance research and treatment of the major psychiatric disorders. As our students are the future users and creators of research, these lectures will suggest inspirational areas for them to follow in their careers, and the current thinking on where research is heading. The lectures on transforming ideas into published papers will include teaching on study design, funding and academic writing for publication.

The lectures will be written and presented by expert scientists and clinicians from the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience, often using examples taken from their own experience. For the lectures on current developments, the module may also include guest external speakers.

Staff information

Dr Simone Reinders

Teaching pattern

Not applicable

Module assessment - more information

This module does not carry assessment but supports students’ with their dissertation project and transferrable skills. Attendance is compulsory.

Key information

Module code 7PCSRDES

Credit level 7


Credit value 0

Semester Semester 2 (spring)

Study abroad module No