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Web Infrastructure (Module)

Module description

To provide an overall understanding of the communication models and languages underlying the Web. To provide an in-depth understanding of technologies and standards allowing the Web to be extended so that software can interact with the data available on it. To provide an understanding of security threats to Internet applications and the main technologies used to tackle them. To give students an understanding of the motivations behind Web technologies, suitable for them to evalaute current and future options.
Learning outcomes
A student successfully completing this module will:
Development of Knowledge and Understanding
Have a comprehensive and detailed knowledge of the languages, standards
and communication technologies underlying the Web and recent
developments in this area;
Understand the security mechanisms used to protect Web applications
from unauthorised use;
Understand how protocols and languages combine to solve communication
Understand how data across the web can be interlinked in a manner that
allows computation;
Cognitive/Intellectual Skills
Be able to analyse Web-related problems using appropriate techniques
and evaluating alternatives;
Be able to design solutions to such problems and evaluate the success of
those solutions, possibly developing novel approaches;
Apply their knowledge of the Web and its languages to these solutions;
Key/Transferable Skills
Know how to access and evaluate different sources of information regarding
Web standards, and technology standards more generally;
Have experience of solving technical, Web-related problems, and arguing
for solutions to them;
Practical Skills
Be able to apply their knowledge of languages to meet appropriate software
Technological basis of the Web
Web servers
Resource identification
Web languages fundamentals
Form handling
XML validation with schemas
Web service languages
Security on the Web
Authentication methods
Digital certificates
Public and private key encryption
Distributed computation on Web data
Semantic Web
Web services
Data provenance
Cloud computing

Suggested reading
L. Shklar and R. Rosen, Web Application Architecture, 2nd Edition, Wiley, 2009, ISBN: 978-0470518601
D. Gourley and B. Totty, HTTP: The Definitive Guide, O'Reilley, 2002,
ISBN: 1-56592-509-2
J. Rhoton and R. Haukioja, Cloud Computing Architected, 2011,
ISBN: 0-9563556-1-7
E.T. Ray, Learning XML, 2nd Edition, O'Reilley, 2003, ISBN: 0-596-00420-6
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S. Garfinkel, Web Security, Privacy and Commerce, O'Reilley, 2001,
ISBN: 0-596-00045-6

Staff information

Dr Simon Miles

Teaching pattern

Teaching arrangements
Lecture: 2 hours per week
Tutorial: 1 hour per week (there is no tutorial in the first week)

Module assessment - more information

Summative assessment:

Type Weighting Marking Model
Written examination (2 hours), January 100%
Double Marking
Formative assessments: Tutorial exercise sheets and online quizzes
Module Pass Mark: 50%

Optional module for

Key information

Module code 7CCSMWIN

Credit level 7

Assessment written examination/s

Credit value 15

Semester Semester 1 (autumn)

Study abroad module Yes