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Applications of Neuroimaging (Module)

Module description

Educational Aims of the Module:

This module focuses on the applications of neuroimaging, with a strong focus on the rich and varied clinical population that is studied locally. The lectures are given by expert scientists and clinicians in each of the disease themes, most of them working at or in close collaboration with the IoPPN. Psychology, psychiatry, neurology, neuroscience and beyond are covered. In addition to these, other non-clinical applications of neuroimaging are looked at, from brain development (e.g. foetal/baby imaging) to hypnosis, neurofeedback, pre-clinical imaging, pharmacological MRI, and neuromarketing.

Learning Outcomes of the Module:

By the end of this module students will have a rich overview of the clinical and research applications of neuroimaging, particularly with regard to psychology, psychiatry, neurology and neuroscience, as well as in other fields. They will know what neuroimaging has brought to these domains and what the challenges and limitations of the various neuroimaging techniques are for each application. Clinical, research and industrial applications including the pharmaceutical industry will be covered in this module and in the Practical Neuroimaging module.

Staff information

Dr Matthew Howard

Teaching pattern

Tuesday- Wednesday- Thursday 10:00 to 1:00   14:00-17:00

Module assessment - more information

1x Essay 3000 Words (40%) / 1x 3-hour Exam (40%) / Continuous Computer Lab Assessment (20%)

Key information

Module code 7PASNAPP

Credit level 7

Assessment coursework written examination/s

Credit value 30

Semester Semester 2 (spring)

Study abroad module No