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Biopharmaceuticals: Discovery (Module)

Module description

This is a specialist module, which builds upon the fundamental principles provided in the module 'Principles of Drug Delivery and Disposition'.

The module aims to provide a detailed understanding of:
  • The chemical and enzymatic basis of drug and foreign compound biotransformation
  • The time course of drug absorption and disposition, and the relationship between these processes and the intensity and duration of drug action
  • The factors which influence biotransformation
  • The magnitude of the pharmacokinetic parameters
On completion of the module the student should:
  • Understand and interpret the complex pattern of biotransformations open to xenobiotics
  • Have an appreciation of the factors which influence the extent and pathways of biotransformation
  • Have an understanding of how in vitro parameters may be utilised for prediction of in vivo pharmacokinetic parameters
  • Have practical and problem-solving abilities in the area of drug metabolism
  • Be able to apply these skills to actual and potential situations of industrial, regulatory and academic significance
  • Have an understanding of the molecular genetics of the enzymes
  • Have an understanding of the regulation of gene expression and enzyme function at the molecular and proteomic level
  • Have an understanding of the protein structure of the enzymes with respect to the mechanism of the catalytic cycle and substrate/inhibitor specificity
  • Have an understanding of the mechanisms of drug interactions
Assessment of the Module is based upon performance in a written examination (70 per cent) and coursework (30 per cent).

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Module code 7BBPM012

Credit level 7


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