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Governing China In The Age Of Globalisation (Module)

Module description

This module aims to introduce students to a historical and analytical overview of major episodes of mainland China’s interface with the global political economy over the past two centuries as well as providing interpretations based on general theories of international relations, international political economy and development studies. It also aims to explore the consequences of globalization on Chinese leaders’ self-perception in the region context and on delicate domestic institutional balances, leading to China’s ruling elite’s attempt to acquire the technologies of building a modern nation-state. Students will be expected to critically evaluate policy-relevant discussions of China’s current state of and prospects for democratization, capitalism, welfare state provisions and modernization.

Weekly Lecture/Seminar Topics

Week 1: Globalisation Past and Present

Week 2: The Great Divergence: China, Europe and the Early Modern World

Week 3: The Age of Imperialism: China's Decline from Centre to Periphery

Week 4: Learning from the “Barbarians”: China's Modernisation

Week 5: Self-Reliance: Mao's China in the Cold War

Week 6: Opening the Door: China's Rapprochement with the US

Week 7: Deepening Integration: China Joins the WTO

Week 8: An Engine of Globalisation: China's Impact on the World (and the World's Impact on China)

Week 9: Pax Americana and China's Rise: The Coming of the Chinese Century?

Week 10: Challenges to China's Globalisation

Preliminary readings

  • David Held and Anthony McGrew, eds., The Global Transformations Reader: An Introduction to the Globalization Debate, Polity Press; 2nd edition, 2003
  • Jonathan Spence, The Search for Modern China, W W Norton & Co, 1999
  • Peter Nolan, Crossroads: The End of Wild Capitalism and the Future of Humanity, Marshall Cavendish, 2009

Staff information

Dr Charlotte Goodburn

Teaching pattern

10 x 2 hour lecture/seminar

Module assessment - more information

1 x 4000 word essay (85%); attendance and participation in lectures and seminars (15%)

Key information

Module code 7YYC0001

Credit level 7

Assessment coursework

Credit value 20

Semester Semester 1 (autumn)

Study abroad module Yes