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Middle Eastern Security (Module)

Module description


  • Induction and Orientation module
  • If studying War in the Modern World you must also complete History of Contemporary Warfare 1: the early Cold War, 1945–1975 and History of Contemporary Warfare 2: from Cold War to War on Terror, 1975-2011.
  • If studying International Relations and Contemporary War, you must also complete International Relations and Contemporary War 1: Theories and Concepts and International Relations and Contemporary War 2: Problems and Issues.

Study units

  • Out of Imperialism
  • The Arab-Israeli Wars
  • Settlement and Resistance
  • Conflict and Containment
  • Democracy in the Middle East


This module provides students with an opportunity to study them in depth, adding to knowledge gained in the core modules. The first part of the module sets the scene by examining the imperialist history of the region and the forms decolonization took, before considering two enduring influences on regional affairs – the impacts of oil and Islam. The second part of the module focuses on Zionism and the Arab-Israeli conflict, which has wracked the region from the middle part of the 20th century to the present day. The third part of the module will look at conflict in the Persian Gulf region, including the Iran-Iraq war, the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq, the two Gulf Wars (1991 and 2003) and the subsequent insurgency in Iraq. Finally the module examines the development of democracy in the Middle East, including the Arab Spring of 2011 and the subsequent conflicts.

*Please note that module information is indicative and may change from year to year.

Staff information

Not applicable

Teaching pattern

One-term course, 1 x 11 weeks

Module assessment - more information

All War Studies Online modules are 20-credit modules and will be assessed by:

  • 1 x 1500-word short essay
  • 1 x 3000-word long essay
  • In addition you will be assessed on participation within the discussions

Key information

Module code 7SSWM182

Credit level 7

Assessment coursework

Credit value 20 credits

Semester Full-year

Study abroad module No