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Financing of International Trade (Module)

Module description

This module explores specific modalities for financing international trade transactions. With international trade especially there are risks. Sellers (exporters) run the risk of buyers failing to pay for goods, so they prefer payment upfront; buyers (importers) run the risk of not receiving the goods for which they paid, so they prefer to pay after receipt. These inherent tensions have created, since medieval times and the Lex Mercatoria, innovative approaches by practitioners to financing international trade. Approaches include the use of documentary credits, bills of exchange, and demand guarantees, and invariably involve banks as financial intermediaries and third party principals or sureties to facilitate. Trade transactions. Students will explore the legal applications and practical implications of these key relationships and instruments in international trade finance. 

Staff information

Dr Megan Bowman

Teaching pattern

Learning and teaching methods vary but may include watching video content, engaging in discussion forums, taking part in live chat/webinar sessions, self-directed activities, doing quizzes or working through interactive content designed to stimulate your thoughts and help you to apply knowledge.

You will be expected to undertake approximately 20 hours of study per week which may typically be broken down as follows:

  • Directed study - 2 (web content material including recorded video, text, graphics)
  • Other activity - 2 (1 hour live seminar and 1 hour of discussion board)
  • Self-directed learning and assessment work - 16 (including completing set tasks and reading, research, revision)

Module assessment - more information

A small percentage of your final module mark will be based on your participation in discussion forums, unless stated otherwise. The remaining percentage will typically be assessed by essay. 

Key information

Module code 7FFLP006

Credit level 7

Assessment coursework

Credit value 15

Semester Full-year

Study abroad module No