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Academic Expression & Critical Thinking (Module)

Module description

This module aims to develop the skills you need to express yourself through speaking and writing within a variety of academic contexts in the arts, humanities and select social sciences. In particular, the module develops your critical thinking skills so that you are able to put forward logical, evidence-based arguments and to evaluate and critique others’ academic writing on the same basis. You will also become more aware of conventions of academic writing and develop your ability to deliver an academic presentation.

Term 1 is formative, meaning that you receive grades, but those grades do not count toward your final grade. Rather the emphasis is on feedback and becoming skilled at using the feedback to become better prepared for the summative assessment in Terms 2 and 3 where the grades do count toward your final grade. The course will focus particularly on understanding where your strengths and weaknesses lie, reflecting on and redrafting your work using feedback, and working effectively under pressure.

The course will develop your ability to understand and make effective use of academic articles, books and lectures while avoiding plagiarism

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Module code 0LEC30EX

Credit level 3


Credit value

Semester Full-year

Study abroad module No