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Business & Society - International Foundation (Module)

Module description

The aim of this module is to introduce you to the key debates and perspectives on the contemporary issues that you will be expected to be familiar with when you start your undergraduate degree. It will also aim to sharpen your critical and analytical thinking skills, particularly through the use of theory, in order to prepare you for the evaluative expectations of a UK university environment. Finally, it will provide you with a number of alternative perspectives on contemporary issues that will inform your future role as an engaged global citizen.

The module covers three main areas. The first is those key aspects of British culture and western thought that will constitute assumed knowledge within your discipline at British universities (in other words, knowledge that you will be expected to have prior to beginning your undergraduate course). The second area is the ideas, cultural norms, assumptions and practices of UK academic culture that you will need to be familiar with to enjoy and to succeed in a UK higher education environment. The third main area is the use of analytical thinking tools (especially theory) to form your thoughts and arguments into convincing and credible analysis that can help you achieve the best possible grades at a UK university.

By the end of the module, you will be able to demonstrate the intellectual, transferable and practicable skills appropriate to this level of module and in particular will be able to demonstrate: 

  • a detailed factual knowledge base in key areas and the ability to think about this knowledge analytically.
  • an awareness of dominant theories that will be encountered in your discipline within a British university academic environment.
  • an awareness of cultural, societal and academic differences between your home country and your new academic environment.
  • an ability to critically assess texts and arguments from an analytical, often theoretical perspective, with explicit lecturer/tutor guidance.
  • increased experience of working creatively, critically and flexibly as part of an academic group.
  • the ability to research a topic, extract and synthesise information from a range of lecturer-directed written and spoken sources, and to formulate a response showing awareness of relevant theory.
  • appropriate linguistic skills in the defined and predictable contexts covered in the module.
  • an ability to evaluate your own academic strengths and weaknesses within the broad subject areas covered by the course, and put in place implicit or explicit plans to improve performance.

Staff information

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Teaching pattern

Educational aims

  • To provide an overview of key areas of knowledge that underlie teaching and learning in the UK in your discipline.
  • To supplement your argumentation with analytical frameworks appropriate to Business and Economics.
  • To help you reflect on the foundations of and new developments in Western cultural and societal norms, and to make you aware of and sensitive to such norms.
  • To further your ability to think systematically and analytically in such a way as to enhance your future success in a British academic environment and to enrich your ability to think about key debates in contemporary society that impact on and/or are impacted by your discipline and your future career path.
  • To increase your ability, with appropriate support, to take responsibility for your own learning. 

Module assessment - more information

You are assessed through a combination of:

  • 3 in-class assignments (55%)
  • Seminar engagement (5%), and
  • An essay (40%)

Required module for

Key information

Module code 3LEC30BS

Credit level 3

Assessment coursework written examination/s

Credit value

Semester Full-year

Study abroad module No