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Applied Maths: Understanding Engineering through Numbers (Module)

Module description

Improve and strengthen your knowledge of applied mathematics. This module provides a comprehensive overview of the important mathematical concepts and methods needed for a university-level study of physical sciences and engineering. The focus will be on applications of these methods to a variety of real-world problems from physics and mechanics; exploring how mathematicians, their tools and ideas have helped to shape the modern world. You will be exposed to cutting-edge applications of mathematics, including those based on the teachers' research activities in biomedical engineering. Previous mathematical and physics education will be expected.

This module will consist of a minimum of 45 contact hours with teaching taking place between 9am and 5pm from Monday to Friday. An indicative timetable can be found here. A detailed timetable for this module will be available on KEATS from June 2020

Learning outcomes and objectives

By the end of the module, you should have:

  • Manipulated and performed algebraic computations with complex numbers and solved standard geometric and trigonometric equations.
  • Manipulated and performed computations with vectors and matrices in two and three dimensions, and a strategy for higher dimensions.
  • Computed manually derivatives, integrals and related calculus operations (such as Taylor series, special functions) in one, two and three dimensions, and a strategy for higher dimensions.
  • Solved first and second order ordinary differential equations.
  • Appreciated how the concepts above apply to a variety of real-world problems from physics and mechanics.

Staff information

Taught by the Department of Biomedical Engineering, King's College London


Teaching pattern

  • Problem solving and practice exercises
  • Lectures
  • Tutorials
  • Private study

Module assessment - more information

Information will be available at the beginning of the module.

Key information

Module code 4ZSS9009

Credit level 4

Assessment coursework presentation/s

Credit value Classes can often be taken for credit towards degrees at other institutions, and are examined to university standards. To receive credit for King's summer classes, contact your home institution to ask them to award external credit. This class is equivalent to an undergraduate degree module and usually awarded 3-4 US credits or 7.5 ECTS.

Semester summer session 1

Study abroad module No