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Six postgraduate courses in prosthodontics, aesthetic dentistry, endodontics, minimum intervention, CBCT interpretation and prosthetics.

Pioneers of delivering blended learning to dentists worldwide for over 25 years.

Online teaching and learning.

Face-to-face training blocks.

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Advanced Minimum Intervention Dentistry MSc

This course is designed in response to the dental profession’s push towards a minimum intervention, preventive approach to caring for patients’ oral health in general and private practice all over the world.

Open to dentists and therapists, provides the latest evidence-based knowledge in minimum intervention/minimally invasive dentistry and enables students to integrate this patient care philosophy into their dental practice.

The course will provide you with:

  • A scientific basis in cariology and disease pathology.
  • Experience of detection, diagnosis, risk assessment and care planning for patients with complex dental health problems.
  • The skills to develop marketing strategies to promote your practice and the minimal intervention care philosophy to patients using the latest social media frameworks.
  • Modern minimally invasive aesthetic operative skills required for tooth preparation and restoration.

And much more.

Hear what our students have to say about the Advanced Minimum Intervention Dentistry MSc.

  • Programme Director: Professor Avijit Banerjee
  • Deputy Programme Director: Michael Thomas
  • Duration: Three years, part-time
  • Start: January
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Aesthetic Dentistry MSc

The Aesthetic Dentistry MSc is an innovative course that will give you the skills and knowledge to provide high quality functional dental restorations with optimal aesthetic value. The course focuses on training you to provide dental care where there is a clinical need to restore oral health and function, and also covers cosmetic and facial techniques. 

This course is ideally suited to dentists who already have an established dental practice and want to study an evidence-based approach to aesthetic treatment.

You will:

  • Explore all aspects of smile design, from non-invasive to full coverage techniques involving a range of aesthetic materials.
  • Study all restorative aspects applicable to aesthetic dentistry with an emphasis on functional stability, predictability and longevity of the aesthetic outcome.

And much more.

Hear what our students have to say about the Aesthetic Dentistry MSc.

  • Programme Director: Dr Subir Banerji
  • Deputy Programme Director: Dr Shamir Mehta
  • Duration: Three years, part-time
  • Start: January

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Dental Cone Beam CT Radiological Interpretation PG Certificate

The first university-based training of its kind, our postgraduate certificate in Dental Cone Beam CT Radiological Interpretation is a part-time distance-learning course to train dentists to be able to use CBCT imaging appropriately to help diagnose clinical problems of the dento-alveolar areas of the jaws, correctly interpret the radiological signs and write structured radiological reports.

The course provides knowledge and understanding of:

  • Legislation, guidelines and radiation safety in relation to the use of CBCT in dentistry.
  • Justification and selection criteria for CBCT and dental radiography: the value and role of each technique.
  • CBCT appearance of normal anatomy, artifacts and pathological conditions of the dentoalveolar region.
  • Understanding of radiological signs of disease. 

And much more.

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Endodontics MSc

Our Endodontics MSc is designed to give you the skills to successfully and confidently manage more complex and demanding endodontic cases. We will provide the latest evidence based knowledge in endodontology enabling you to successfully integrate endodontic therapy with other aspects of restorative dentistry, and learn research methodology.

We will train you with the latest evidence-based knowledge in endodontology and enable you to successfully integrate endodontic therapy with the other aspects of restorative dentistry and much more.

  • Programme Director: Dr Federico Foschi
  • Duration: Three years, part-time
  • Start: January

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Fixed & Removable Prosthodontics MClinDent

Designed for dental practitioners in high-level practice, the Fixed & Removable Prosthodontics MClinDent is a comprehensive restorative dentistry course focusing on fixed and removable prosthodontics, designed to advance skills in complex multi-disciplinary dental problems.

This course will develop your clinical skills in restorative dentistry, enabling you to treat the variety of patients that visit your practice. We have designed the course to advance your skills, especially in complex multi-disciplinary dental problems such as tooth wear, complex aesthetics and occlusal problems and much more.

Hear what our students have to say about the Fixed & Removable Prosthodontics MClinDent.

  • Programme Director: Professor Brian Millar
  • Deputy Programme Director: Dr Fariha Hussain
  • Duration: Four years, part-time
  • Start: January

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Maxillofacial Prosthetic Rehabilitation MSc

This course is designed for maxillofacial prosthetists, technologists and prosthodontists to learn to use cutting-edge digital technology for intra and extra-oral prosthetic facial rehabilitation in clinical practice.

The course includes:

  • Advanced prosthodontics, implantology, ocular prosthetics, fixed and removable prosthodontics, treatment planning and prosthesis design.
  • Digital technology, colour science, medical emergencies, cross infection control and care of medically/clinically compromised patients.
  • Biomaterials science, craniofacial implants, silicone elastomers and gels, tissue engineering and bone substitutes, biocompatibility.
  • Psychology of managing terminally ill patients, counselling skills and forming integrated care plans, or intra oral implantology, and advanced fixed and removable prosthodontics

Learn more about Programme Director, Trevor Coward's, work and research

  • Programme Director: Dr Trevor Coward
  • Duration: Three years, part-time
  • Start: January

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In this video, Professor Brian Millar, Programme Director of the Fixed & Removable Prosthodontics MClinDent, provides further insight into how our blended learning approach works.



Designed for working dentists

Our approach brings together the expertise of academic and administrative staff, committed to delivering online flexible learning.

Our courses are written and taught by leading academics from the Faculty of Dentistry, Oral & Craniofacial Sciences. External industry professionals also prepare course materials and are invited to teach on the integral blocks of face-to-face training included in all courses.

Each programme offers a blended learning approach, combining online learning, clinical practice and face-to-face campus activity, which enables students to work in practice while studying.

We use interactive online webinars to conduct tutorials, seminars and lectures. Students have the opportunity to hear, contribute to and record the sessions for future reference, all from the comfort of their home or workplace.

Content covered can be implemented immediately in practice, one of the main benefits of blended learning. This clinical practice time can then be used as case study material for the course.

Each programme includes intensive blocks of face-to-face teaching at specialist facilities, providing hands-on experience and the opportunity to connect with peers.

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