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East Asia

We have over 1,300 students from China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Mongolia studying on foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses, contributing to a vibrant international community situated in one of the most exciting cities in the world.King's College London's Guy's Campus

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Lin Chunyan - World History & Cultures MA

'I chose to study History at King’s for several reasons. King’s has a superb international reputation and attracts students from all over the world. I am so proud of the fact that King’s was ranked as a top 20 university in the world this year.

The World History & Cultures MA contains a broad range of modules from a variety of departments. This is really attractive and helpful for me to learn extensively, while specifically in my research field.  Moreover, since my course is based on the Strand Campus, learning and living in the heart of London offers me access to numerous public lectures, musical events, internships and employment opportunities. These all make my study at King’s unforgettable.

Alongside my studies, I have thoroughly enjoyed the gyms and other sport facilities offered by King’s. With this, not only can I play sports every week, but more importantly, I have made new friends and built networks with interesting people from various backgrounds.

I have to say that King’s College London has offered much more than I imagined, both academically and socially. I definitely recommend King's for those who would like to pursue study in the arts and humanities.'

Ying Zhao - Summer School

'At the King's Summer School I am studying - The Museum of London: Designing the capital, from 1920-present. I came to King's as I am considering applying for my master's degree abroad, I wanted to experience western-style teaching before I finally make my decision. I haven’t been abroad before, but taking summer school courses are a very good way to get to know a foreign country’s culture and underlying social environment. 

I was attracted to the Summer School because the courses are different, they do not restrict students in the classroom. The duration is perfect and not contradicting the regular courses in our own schools.

The course is a great learning experience, we walk out of classroom and sit down with the curators of the Museum of London to talk about fantastic exhibits. It’s really an inspiring learning experience.

Besides that, the walking tour we took was far beyond my expectations, I never thought there were so many touching stories behind the old buildings in Camden Town or in Whitechapel. 

I have been inspired by my tutor. I really like her teaching style and the way she arranges her classes. She explained things clearly, so that it was easier for me to get the whole point. I also enjoyed visiting the controlled areas in Museum of London where only staff there have access to get in. Those exhibits are great fun.

My most memorable experience has been the guys in the Summer School office being so nice, I also liked the boat trip so much. The price is reasonable and the sightseeing is unbelievably beautiful. If I got chance, I would definitely come back here again!'

Tomomi Harada (Japan) - International Management MSc

'I chose King’s College London not only because it is one of the world’s most prestigious universities, but because its MSc International Management was the most suitable course to equip me with theoretical knowledge and a wide variety of multicultural experiences that are necessary to develop my career plan to work in the international arena.

During the programme, I was able to deepen my understanding in international management through lectures on various themes by world-renowned scholars. I gained practical skills through a number of individual and group assignments and stimulating discussions with great professors and diverse classmates from all over the world. Completing a dissertation was tough but it greatly nurtured my analytical and problem-solving skills.   

In addition to the wonderful academic experiences, I loved London as there were always many  things to discover in my free time. I enjoyed going to pubs and restaurants with my friends after assignments, going for a day-trip to other cities, taking a stroll in the Regent’s Park and Kew Gardens, watching musicals, visiting Winter Wonderland and many more.

One year passed much more quickly than I could imagine. After completing the course, I returned to Japan and started working for a global IT company. All I learned and experienced at King’s has helped me develop my career in many ways. Also, I now have great friends I can truly rely on around the world. In conclusion, King’s has enriched both my personal and professional life and will keep doing so from now on, too.'    

Bo (China) - Public Services Policy & Management MSc

'I chose King's for my graduate study mainly because of its prestigious reputation both in the UK and abroad. Most important for me were the excellent teaching staff and well-designed modules, which were recommended by alumni and have guaranteed an exciting, challenging and fruitful year of study.

I was most impressed by some of the modules in my programme, such as Human Resource Management, which was taught by a number of eminent professors in the field and combined informative lectures, interesting case studies and challenging coursework.

I have also attended many seminars organised by both the university and outside organisations, which gave me wonderful opportunities to broaden my vision and connect what I learnt in class with reality.

I funded myself to study here. I plan to go back to my country, China, after graduation and work for the government or other organisations in public services. I believe my training at King's will help me both in seeking employment and pursuing a promising career in public services.'

Vivienne (China) - Biochemistry BSc

'The common first-year programme is unique to King's. It offered an opportunity for me to have a taster of the other courses, and definitely helped confirm my interest in science, and in particular biochemistry. Another aspect of the course which attracted me is the frequent laboratory based experiments, which allows you to have a hands-on experience to what you might have only ever been able to read about in a textbook.

During my first year at King's, I joined the Chinese society, ABACUS (Association of British and Chinese University Students), and now in my second year, I've signed up for voluntary work via information provided by the King's College London Students' Union, and also joined SMART (Student Medicine Active (fund) Raising Team).

After my degree in biochemistry, I wish to apply to medical school. Not only have I enjoyed studying for my degree in biochemistry, I will also consider my degree as an asset, as it has definitely given me a good basic grounding in several aspects of science.

The biochemistry programme is taught at both Waterloo and Guy's campuses, with the majority of the laboratory based experiments based at Waterloo. I think both campuses offer great facilities which include a very well-stocked library and several PAWS rooms with access to the internet. The free wireless connection around the campuses also comes in very handy.

Undoubtedly, London does have a reputation for being a very expensive city to live in; however, London is probably at its cheapest when you're a student, as we can benefit from several discounts and offers around the city such as discounted film and theatre tickets, and importantly, 30 per cent off travel! Everything is so convenient in London, there is a great network of transport, and there is definitely something for everyone's interests and hobbies.'

Xiehua (China) - Education & Professional Studies Research MPhil/PhD, EdD/DrPS, DMin

'Knowing King's College London to be one of the world leaders in education research, I was determined to come to London for my doctoral education studies after I received my bachelor and master's degrees in China. Fortunately, I was granted a KC Wong Scholarship, which is jointly funded by the KC Wong Foundation, Chinese and British governments.

Within my research, I'm looking at the impact of student aid policies in the Chinese context, research that I hope to be of use in helping those needy students in my home country. It has been an interesting time of professional development working alongside other members of staff: a busy but enjoyable two years.

The staff and supervisors are very supportive and the research environment is stimulating. In our department, you are always looking for alternatives, for new solutions, instead of just building on the old methods. The university resources are also excellent. Online resources, software availability and necessary laboratory equipment are provided and librarians and technicians are also on hand when I need them.'

Wen-Ling Chiang (Taiwan) - International Marketing MSc

"All the world is a laboratory to the inquiring mind." – Martin H. Fisher. 

'I chose to study Marketing at King’s for several reasons. To begin with, King’s has prestigious reputation worldwide. It is a pleasure to study in King’s with many excellent students around the world.

 The courses offered in MSC International Marketing are very comprehensive, and the degree contains a broad range of modules regard to multiple marketing strategies.  The courses are interesting and useful for me to learn extensively for my academic fields. In addition, the professors in King’s are not merely friendly but also helpful to inspire you in both school life and research.

Additionally, studying and living in King’s waterloo campus, in the heart of London offers me an easy access to museums, musicals, seminars, and plenty of events.

This year in King’s is undoubtedly unforgettable experience for me. The life in King’s has influenced me a lot, and make me become more open-minded and strategic thinking.

I definitely recommend King's for those who would like to pursue study in marketing area.'

Hyeri Hwang (South Korea)

Skyscrapers and museums. Beer and tea. London is a mixture of everything, and that must be the reason why every kind of students from all over the world gathers here to shine their potential. King’s College London, in a sense, is a miniature of this old but new city. Five campuses of King’s have been a centre of new, breaking knowledge during their old history, and exploring them is one unique way to enjoy London. Imagine yourself drinking a glass of beer at Waterfront bar on Strand Campus after writing an essay at Franklin-Wilkins library on Waterloo Campus!

 However, what King’s can provide you is not just nice few years of studying. Interdisciplinary lectures, extensive practicals, and actual experiences. These are the ones you need for the future career, and these are the ones King’s gets a place in top university rankings for. Its world-leading research facilities and various seminars will be the opportunities and stimulations to boost your interests. At the same time, you can widen your relationships with a variety of student activities. When you need help, the systematic student support programs will be there for you.

 And these are the reasons why I chose King’s to study neuroscience, my old interest. Entered as BSc Neuroscience student, I learned the fundamentals of various aspects of biology in the first year, then more specialised courses in the year after, including several dissection classes. In the third year, I finally had an opportunity to participate in real laboratory research, and thanks to the experience, became confident of my dream. Now transferred to MSci Neuroscience program, I believe I can find what I really want to do and how I will achieve it at here, King’s.

Bao Han (China) - Digital Humanities PhD

'Being born into the 'digital generation' as many others are around me here at King's we are all shaped and formed by our daily contact with technologies. Digital Humanities as a frontier research subject gave me the opportunity to both explore the potential of new technologies in the humanities it also gives me new forms of critical thinking of the influences on this digital age in politics economics and psychology as well as culture. I think of it today as a soul-based subject exploring what it means to be human in a rapidly technological advancing world. This momentum of change meant that after I finished my master's degree I felt I needed to continue to study for a PhD here. It seems fresh knowledge appears almost daily and I was eager to understand and explore more in the encouraging environment that is Kings College London.

I chose to study DH at King’s for several reasons. Firstly, King’s has a superb international reputation and attracts students from all over the world. Secondly, King’s is at the heart of the greatest cultural capital in the world-London. King's is also one of the world leading centres of digital development and of culture.  As an international student, King’s College has offered me much more, they gave me great support in my transition from East to West both in the academic teaching and in feeling that I am part its special history.

I am very proud of the Department of Digital Humanities at King's is the largest and most prestigious department of its kind anywhere and ranked first in the UK. When I am asked at home "but what is Digital Humanities?" I open with the phrase "It shows us where we came from and will guide us going forward to where we are going". We have a shared human duty to preserve mankind's legacy and pass this knowledge in new forms to the future generations. What Digital humanity can give us is the space in the digital world where everyone can visit willingly, to join the ancient Egyptians building the great pyramid, to watch Leonardo drawing the “Mona Lisa” and to visit Acropolis and Yuanmingyuan. So, It shows us where we came from and will guide us going forward to where we are going does explain what we do and hope to achieve.'


International entry requirements

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English language requirements

Due to visa requirements, you will usually be required to provide certification of your competence in English before starting your studies and this requirement is waived only if the College is satisfied that your previous academic record clearly demonstrates your ability to study and be examined in the English language. 

King's accepts a number of different English language tests for entry onto our programmes of study with IELTS being the most common. English language requirements vary slightly from subject to subject. 

  • Pre-sessional English Programmes (5, 10, 15, or 20 weeks) - Our British Council accredited English Language Centre offers pre-sessional english programmes to non-native English speakers who already hold an offer to study an undergraduate or postgraduate degree course at King's. It is also open to students who wish to improve their current level before taking up their offer of study in September.

  • Undergraduate study - Click to see a table of entry requirements

  • Postgraduate study - Click to see a table of entry requirements

This information should be used as a general guideline and entry requirements can vary depending on course. 


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Chevening is the UK government’s international awards scheme aimed at developing global leaders funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and partner organisations. Students from East Asia can apply directly at:


Jasso (Japan Student Services Organisation) 

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