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Left to right: Jessica Bickel-Barlow, Louisa Howard, Melissa-Jean Provost, Dan Rubins 

Congratulations 2016 scholarship winners!

We are delighted to showcase the above postgraduate students from the USA who each earned a scholarship to study at King's College London for the 2016/17 academic year.  

Jessica Bickel-Barlow (Marshall Scholarship)

Hometown: Houston, TX
Undergraduate degree: BA Radio, Television, Film and English Literature
Undergraduate institution: Northwestern University
King's degree: Shakespeare Studies MA

Why did you choose to study at King’s?  
I have wanted to study at King’s ever since I learned about the Shakespeare Studies program and its relationship with the Globe Theatre. During college, I performed in the University of Texas Shakespeare at Winedale program, which emphasizes learning through performance. As part of that program I was introduced to a body of scholarship interested in the research possibilities generated from performance and performance practices—whether that be the relationship of the actor to the audience, the architecture of the playhouse, etc. I am excited to work within that school of thought and take advantage of the access I will have to a performance space that replicates the one in which Shakespeare worked.

What are your career interests? 
Shakespeare worked in a highly collaborative theatrical environment. I am interested in what we can learn from the way Shakespeare and his contemporaries worked and in finding elements of that working style to bring into modern productions. Eventually, I want to serve as artistic director for a theater company that draws upon some of these collaborative techniques to make more exciting and ensemble-based productions of both classical and contemporary plays.

How will this scholarship help you achieve your career goals? 
The Marshall Scholarship is funding two years of my graduate study, which I will use to fund two different masters degrees. The first year, at King’s, will allow me to delve into the past through research, helping me to excavate some of those older, potentially lost ways of structuring a rehearsal process and engaging an audience. In the second year, I hope to study directing at a drama school, so that I can explore, in practice, how those techniques might work in a modern setting and how they might be supplemented with more contemporary practices. I sit between two fields: between Literature and Theater, and between research and practice. By funding two related degrees Marshall is empowering me to develop my abilities in both worlds.

What advice do you have for a student considering applying for scholarships? 
My best piece of advice for students pursuing scholarships is to enjoy the process. Writing my application helped me clarify my purpose as a student and think more critically about what my studies could contribute to the world after I earned my degree. When I interviewed, I had the chance to discuss these ideas with a group of academics. Yes, scholarships can be competitive, and yes, the process can feel high-pressure, but if you can look at the application as a worthy pursuit in and of itself, you’ll be able to relax and your expertise will shine through. Think of the application as the beginning of a conversation, not a question on a test.

Learn more about the Marshall Scholarship

Louisa Howard (King's President International Scholarship & Santander Masters Scholarship)

Hometown: San Antonio, TX
Undergraduate degree: BA Art History, Bioethics minor
Undergraduate institution: University of Virginia 
King's degree: Bioethics & Society MA

Why did you choose to study at King’s? 
A strong need remains for a cross-cultural, worldwide dialogue surrounding bioethical issues. As I plan for a medical career, I seek to develop a comprehensive understanding of the ethical issues facing medical professionals today. Since I have a great interest in Reproductive Ethics, I was specifically drawn to studying at King’s College, located in the world’s epicenter of reproductive health innovation. The Bioethics and Society program at King’s College, housed within the Social Sciences Department and embodying an interdisciplinary focus, resonates deeply with my diverse interests. The option to supplement core coursework with elective modules in other departments provides a collaborative framework to master foundational techniques in order to identify, assess, and critically evaluate bioethical issues. With its international, interdisciplinary focus, the King’s College Bioethics and Society program sets the stage for its students to promote global conversation on important bioethical issues confronting our world today.  

What are your career interests? 
After interning at a Fertility Center during college, I grew passionate about the ethical challenges facing healthcare, especially in the field of reproductive medicine and research ethics. My subsequent coursework and internship at the Global Bioethics Initiative in New York further fueled my interest in the field. Upon graduation, I received a two-year Fellowship to perform research at the National Institutes of Health in the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. At NIH, I served as a clinical research assistant for studies focusing on Hepatitis C pathogenesis and treatment. Through this fellowship, I have been exposed to the inner-workings of clinical research— from IRB approvals to informed consent and ensuring patient safety. Following the program at King’s College, I plan to attend medical school. Through the masters program, I seek to develop a comprehensive understanding of the ethical issues facing medical professionals today.  As a physician, I hope to be actively involved in the realm of clinical and academic bioethics—whether serving on an Institutional Review Board or hospital ethics committee, participating in ethics consultations, or focusing on academic writing in the field.

How will this scholarship help you achieve your career goals? 
I particularly value the ability to focus solely on my academic career while at King’s College. The President’s and Santander scholarships will provide me the opportunity to completely immerse myself in my studies, without external concerns regarding program affordability. Furthermore, I look forward to pursuing an internship during my studies and these scholarships allow the flexibility to choose an internship that best aligns with my interests, regardless of monetary reimbursement.  In addition, upon completion of my masters, I plan to enter medical school. This path will unfortunately lead to countless expenses over the coming years, and I feel extremely fortunate to enter medical school with a lower overall debt burden. I am extremely grateful that I can now direct funds to advance my career in supplemental ways—whether that means pursuing an internship that might otherwise be too costly, taking out fewer loans while in medical school, or spending less time in employment unrelated to my medical ambitions and more of my valuable time attending lectures, study groups, and the numerous extracurricular opportunities offered through the graduate program.  

What advice do you have for a student considering applying for scholarships?
It is best to be yourself when applying for the scholarship. Don’t write what you think the committee would want to hear, write about what interests and motivates you and how you will use your education in the future. Let your unique personality shine though!

Learn more about the King's President's International Scholarship and the Santander Masters Scholarship

Melissa-Jean Provost (King's President International Scholarship)

Hometown:  Spencer, Massachusetts
Undergraduate degree:  BA Psychology & Early Childhood Education
Undergraduate institution: Becker College
King's degree: International Child Studies MA

Why did you choose to study at King’s?  
 I chose to study at King’s because the programme was exactly what I was looking for, though I didn’t even truly know I was looking for it. I have always had an idea of what I wanted to study as a postgraduate student, but I wasn’t able to find a programme that fit my hopes – until I found the International Child Studies Programme at King’s, that is! I was captivated by the school, the city of London, and the promise of such an amazing programme, and was set on applying!

What are your career interests?
I absolutely enjoy working in the Non-Profit sector. I do however hope to one day become a professor at a University! I have always had a love for teaching, and would love to work with the undergraduate and/or postgraduate student population to teach them about working with children in the developing world, most likely through the non-profit sector. 

How will this scholarship help you achieve your career goals? 
This scholarship will help me achieve my career goals because it is helping me to pay for my education at King’s! I truly feel as though everything positive starts with education, and I am thankful to be able to begin my next educational journey at King’s!

What advice do you have for a student considering applying for scholarships?
Never doubt or second-guess yourself! Even if you aren’t sure you will receive the scholarship, try anyway! You may be surprised.

Learn more about the King's President's International Scholarship.

Dan Rubins (Santander Masters Scholarship)

Hometown: New York, NY
Undergraduate degree: BA Engligh
Undergraduate institution: Yale University
King's degree: Shakespeare Studies MA

Why did you choose to study at King’s?  
I can’t imagine a program that could be better designed for my continued studies of Shakespeare. The Shakespeare Studies program is co-administered by the Globe’s education department so I’ll be taking classes only footsteps away from where Shakespeare’s plays were first produced. I’m also thrilled by the ways the program combines close textual study and performance/reception history  – it’s totally different from how I studied Shakespeare as an undergraduate and I can’t wait to expand my ways of reading and watching Shakespeare. I also can’t wait to hit the used bookstore circuit in London! 

What are your career interests? 
After my year at King’s, I’m actually going to be doing an Elementary Inclusive Education MA program at Teachers College, Columbia in New York City before becoming an elementary school teacher! I’m also dedicated to working to expand access to, and quality of, arts education in schools so I look forward to integrating my degree in Shakespeare into my future classrooms and beyond. I’ll definitely spend several years as a classroom teacher and then I’ll see where else in the world of education my experiences take me! 

How will this scholarship help you achieve your career goals? 
I honestly believe that reading and studying Shakespeare has made me a more empathetic, more attentive, and more intellectually-engaged human being. Shakespeare’s plays make us reflect so rigorously and vigorously about how we relate to one another and how we react to the unexpected in our lives. All of which is to say that the Santander Scholarship will allow me to fully immerse myself in this year of Shakespeare and I hope that that will help me to be a better teacher, reader, listener, and person on the other side! 

What advice do you have for a student considering applying for scholarships? 
Embrace your messiness! People are sometimes confused by my plan to go directly from studying Shakespeare to teaching elementary school, but I think my love of helping kids discover what excites them informs and inspires my passion for early modern drama and vice versa. Rather than trying to smooth out all the pieces of what makes you you into one single storyline, I think it’s usually better to show yourself in all your multidimensional richness and to describe the ways in which your seemingly-contradictory or unrelated interests and experiences are connected. 

Learn more about the Santander Masters Scholarship. 


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The Student Funding Office offers information and advice on all scholarships and bursaries at both undergraduate and graduate level. 

Undergraduate students

King’s offers a variety of scholarships for international undergraduate students. This includes awards such as the Desmond Tutu Scholarship which is granted to undergraduate applicants who are dedicated to the advancement of knowledge, learning and understanding in the service of society.

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For US citizens, the Fulbright Exchange ProgramMarshall Scholarship, and Beinecke Scholarship Program fund international study for qualified applicants. The Friends of King’s College London Association Scholarship awards up to $2,000. US students pursing a graduate degree in Psychiatry, Nursing and midwifery, Nursing, Medicine and health related studies, Health sciences, Dentistry, Dental, Biomedical and health sciences are also eligible for the US Health Schools Award.

Further scholarship information can be found on the Education UK website and  UKCISA website.

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If you are studying in the United Kingdom for at least four consecutive weeks and are a US Pell Grant recipient, then you may be eligible for the Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship.

The Fund for Education Abroad also provides scholarships to students with financial need. For more information visit www.fundforeducationabroad.org.  

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