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Undergraduate study

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Degree structure

An undergraduate degree from King’s College London gives you the opportunity to specialize in the subject that interests you! Our degrees are typically three years rather than four as we do not require you to study general electives outside of your major. As a result, you will apply directly to the programme you are interested in and your focus will be in that area. This doesn’t mean we don’t offer joint majors or major and minor options, but rather offer complementary study options.

Because of the three year degree structure we unfortunately do not accept transfer students as each year builds on the next so all students have to start from year one.

Another major difference between the British and American system is that LawMedicine, Dentistry and Nursing are undergraduate degree disciplines in the UK. As a result if you are interested in becoming a Lawyer or Doctor you can finish your education a lot quicker than if you were in the US. Of course there are some differences, particularly in Law, so we always recommend checking with your professional associations in the US about how these qualifications may transfer back as it will vary by State.

King’s is renowned for our world-leading research and teaching. Our students experience a mix of innovative teaching styles that train students how to think, not what to think. We encourage an enriching and stimulating learning environment, where students work alongside world-class academics and other gifted and talented students. If this sounds like the right environment for you we encourage you to explore this section more for further information.

Entry requirements

For 2016 entry King’s will ask applicants from US high schools to meet two requirements:

1) Applicants must study three subjects in-depth, including any subjects stated in our online prospectus as ‘compulsory’ for your programme. We will therefore ask for three subject tests at  Advanced Placement, or  three subjects at SAT-S (or a combination of any three AP/SAT-S different subjects).  Alternatively, any student applying with IB qualifications must be completing the IB Diploma and will need three subjects at Higher Level.

Subject test comparable requirements:

UK A-Level

Comparable AP

Comparable SAT-S

Comparable IB
 A*AA  555

650+ in each subject

7 6 6 HL

35 Diploma Points


 AAA  555  650 in each subject

6 6 6 HL

35 DIploma Points


 554  650 in each subject

6 6 5 HL

35 Diploma Points

2) In addition, applicants who apply with AP/SAT-S subjects must achieve strong scores in either the SAT-R or ACT. Students taking the SAT-R are not required to take the optional writing portion of the exam. IB students are not required to submit the SAT-R or ACT; Diploma Points listed above will satisfy this requirement. Comparable requirements:

UK A-Level

Comparable ACT

Comparable SAT-R

 A*AA 29

Post March 2016: 1380 (with minimum 620 in the Maths section and 650 in the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section)

Pre March 2016: 1950 (with minimum 600 in each section)

 AAA 28

Post March 2016: 1380 (with minimum 600 in the Maths section and 640 in the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section)

Pre March 2016: 1950 (with minimum 580 in each section)



Post March 2016: 1350 (with minimum 600 in the Maths section and 640 in the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section)

Pre March 2016: 1900 (with minimum 580 in each section)



Post March 2016: 1320 (with minimum 600 in the Maths section and 640 in the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing section)

Pre March 2016: 1850


King’s College London accepts SAT, AP and ACT scores sent directly to King’s from Collegeboard and ACT. Please see our codes below:

ACT Code: 6789

Collegeboard Code: 7884

Each year King's receives thousands of applications for our undergraduate programmes. Our acceptance rate for September 2014 entry was 13%. Please note that acceptance decisions vary by programme, are made at the programme level, and these figures should be used as guidance. Some restrictions apply to admissions in the field of medicine and healthcare based upon the funding of the programme of study by the National Health Service. 

This information should be used as a general guideline and entry requirements can vary depending on course. See the online prospectus for individual programme requirements. For information please write to us using the contact form.


Students seeking admission to King's undergraduate programmes can apply via the Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS)

Applying via UCAS

UCAS  is an application system for applying to UK universities and enables students to apply to up to five different UK universities with one application. Students can apply to UCAS from 1 September for entry the following fall and the normal closing date for receipt of applications is 15 January. However, if you are including Oxford or Cambridge, or programmes leading to a professional qualification in Medicine or Dentistry in your choices, then the closing date is 15 October in the year prior to entry. You may apply to either Oxford or Cambridge, but not both. Applications are usually assessed within two months. You will manage your offers of admission via UCAS.

Writing a Personal Statement for UCAS

Writing a Personal Statement for the UK v. the USA



Transfer students

King's College London does welcome undergradaute transfer students to finish their degrees that they may have started elsewhere. However, there are varying transfer policies depending on the year of study a student wishes to enter. The policies below reflect the entry level options of transfer students. For more infromation regarding courses that will accept transfer students please visit the general King's Transfer student page or contact King's Admissions using the contact form.

Transfers into the first year:

For students wishing to start their degree at King's College London who have already completed credits at a university or college, King's will consider the grades achieved at the first year of university alongside high school qualifications for most programmes - Medicine and Dentistry being the exceptions. Applications will be considered on a case-by-case and a good performance in the first year at a US university or college, and may be accepted in lieu of high-school entry requirements.  King's may also accept university courses to meet subject requirements if there is enough degree-relevant content in the first year. For entry requirement information please view individual courses on the online prospectus.

Students interested in transferring into the first year will be expected to have:

  • 3.3 GPA from a previous university or college
  • Degree-relevant coursework or classes 

Transfers into the second year:

Transfers into the second year of study will be considered on a case by case basis by King's Admissions.  Admissions tutors will need to assess the academic content of previous university study and not all courses accept transfers into the second year. For course specific transfer policies into second year, please contact King's Admissions. 

Students interested in transferring into the second year of a degree will be expected to have:

  • Been enrolled on a university degree that covers the same modules as the first year at King's. Please view the online prospectus for course specific year 1 module information
  • Have met all first year entry requirements (see above if interested in submitting previously completed university coursework in lieu of high school qualifications)
  • Have achieved at least a 3.3 GPA 


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