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Visits to your country

2018 visits

Austria Belgium  Canada China Egypt
France Germany Greece Hong Kong India
Indonesia Italy Japan Lebanon Kuwait
Malaysia Mexico Netherlands Norway Poland
Spain Switzerland Taiwan Turkey UAE



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QS Fair, 11 October, Vienna


European School of Brussels HE Fair, 17 November, Brussels
EU Studies Fair, 9 February 2019, Brussels


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QS Fair, 17-18 September, Montreal
QS Fair, 18-19 September, Toronto
QS Fair, 20-21 September, Vancouver
Recruit in Canada, 14-15 October, Toronto
Recruit in Cananda, 20-21 October, Calgary
Recruit in Canada, 21 October, Vancouver


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EIC Fair, 8 September, Shanghai
EIC Fair, 9 September, Nanjing
Britannia Study Expo, 13 October, Beijing
IGSF, 13 October, Beijing
IGSF, 15 October, Xi'an
IGSF, 18 October, Changsha
IGSF, 20 October, Shanghai
JJL Fair, 20 October, Beijing
QS Fair, 1 November, Chengdu
JJL Fair, 3 November, Chengdu
JJL Fair, 4 November, Chongqing
NOVO UK Tour, 10 November, Shanghai
NOVO UK Tour, 11 November, Hefei
PhD Workshop, 17-18 November, Beijing
PhD Workshop, 20 November, Shanghai
NOVO Fair, 24 November, Changsha
NOVO Fair, 25 November, Wuhan


British Council Study UK Exhibition, 10-11 November 2018, Nicosia


American University of Cairo Graduate Fair, 29 September, Cairo
Egypt International School Fairs, 21 - 24 October


CIS Fair, 30 September 2018, Paris
World Class Study in London Public Presentation, 9 October 2018, Paris
QS Fair, 13 October 2018, Paris


QS Fair, 30 October, 2018 Munich
QS Fair, 1 November 2018, Hamburg
QS Fair, 3 November 2018, Frankfurt
British Council Study UK, 26 November 2018, Munich
British Council Study UK, 27 November 2018, Stuttgart
British Council Study UK, 28 November , Frankfurt
British Council Study UK, 29 November, Cologne


QS Fair, 20 October 2018, Athens
QS Fair, 18 October 2018, Thessaloniki

Hong Kong

Information Session, 6 September, Hong Kong


DPS International Gurgaon Fair, 31 August, Gurgaon
Doon School Fair, 4 September, Dehra Dun
WEF Edwise Fair, 9 September, Mumbai
IDP Fair, 23 September, Chennai
IDP Fair, 28 September, Bangalore
IDP Fair, 29 September, Mumbai
IDP Fair, 7 October, Nagpur


EHEF Indonesia, 8-13 November, Jakarta


World Class Study in London Public Presentation, 15 October 2018, Rome
QS Fair, 16 October 2018, Milan 
CIS Fair, 16 November 2018, Rome


SI-UK Exhibition, 19 October, Tokyo
British Council Exhibition, 20 October, Tokyo
BEO Exhibition, 21 October, Tokyo


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Nairobi International School Fairs, 13-15 September, Nairobi


British Council Fair, 8 March, Kuwait City


QS Fair, 24 September, Beirut


AUG Overseas Education Fair, 22-30 September
British Council Study UK, 20-21 October, Kuala Lumpur
QS WOrld Grad Tour, 14 November, Kuala Lumpur


Europosgrados, 10 November, Mexico City


CIS Fair, 12 November 2018, The Hague
Master and More Fair, 13 November 2018, Amsterdam


UKEAS Nigeria Fair, 11 October, Abuja
UKEAS Nigeria Fair, 13 October, Lagos


World Class Study in London Public Presentation, 17 September, Bergen
World Class Study in London Public Presentation, 18 September, Oslo
Destination Britain Fair, 9-10 November, Oslo


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British Council Study UK Exhibition, 23 November, Warsaw
British Council Study UK Exhibition, 24 November, Krakow


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Saudi Arabia

UKUNI Fairs Saudi Arabia, 30 September - 4 October


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South Africa  

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South Korea

UKEN Exhibition, 12-13 October, Seoul
EDM Exhibition, 13-14 October, Seoul


British Council Study UK Exhibition, 17-18 October, Madrid
British Council Study UK Exhibition, 19 October, Barcelona


CIS Fair, 2 October, Geneva
CIS Fair, 3 October, Zurich
QS Fair, 27 October, Switzerland


CAT Fair, 15 September, Taipei
UKEAS Study World, 6 October, Taipei
UKEAS Study World, 7 October, Taichung
UKEAS Study World, 8 October, Kaohsiung
UKEAS Study World, 9 October, Tainan


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Istanbul Public Presentation, 28 April, Istanbul


Abu Dhabi Public Presentation, 17 September, Abu Dhabi
QS Fair, 22 September, Dubai


The Cornell Internatioanl Fair, 29-30 August, New York
QS Fair, 13-14 September, Washington DC
QS Fair, 15 September, New York
King's/Edinburgh Atlanta Information Session, 19 September, Atlanta
King's/Edinburgh Boston Information Session, 20 September, Boston
CIS IB Fair, 20-21 September, New York
King's/Edinburgh New York Information Session, 22 September, New York 
QS Fair, 22-23 September, San Fransisco
CIS Fair, 22-23 September, Houston
King's/Edinburgh Washington DC Information Session, 23 September, Washington DC
QS Fair, 23-24 September, Los Angeles
King's/Edinburgh Chicago Information Session, 24 September, Chicago
King's/Edinburgh Houston Information Session, 25 September, Houston
NACAC 2018, 27-28 September, Salt Lake City
King's/Edinburgh Los Angeles Information Session, 30 September, Los Angeles
Idealist Grad Fair, 10-11 October, Los Angeles
Postgraduate Opportunities at King's, 16 October, Washington DC
Postgraduate Opportunities at King's, 19 October, New York 
Postgraduate Opportunities at King's, 21 October, Los Angeles

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