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Postgraduate admissions policy

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King’s Admissions Office is committed to the principles of our Fair Admissions Policy and to providing useful information to help you plan your application. We also want to help you understand our selection process and try and anticipate some of the questions you may have.

On this page you will find links to a variety of useful information about the application process, policies and general guidance.

Download our Fair Admissions Policy (postgraduate entry) PDF

Admissions policies and procedures

Aptitude tests

The course below requires students to take an aptitude test in addition to meeting other entry requirements. This provides us with additional information about an applicant's abilities and potential. 

These tests are compulsory so it is important that you check the online prospectus entry for your course for further details of how these test results are used in selection, and to ensure that you make arrangements for taking the test in good time (where applicable).

Please note that at King's we do not consider the GRE in our selection processes.

CourseAptitude TestDeadline for taking test

PGCE (Teacher training) courses

Professional Skills tests for teachers

Required of all offer holders

A few things to note:

  • You must take the exact test specified.

  • If you usually require special arrangements for assessments (for example, extra time or a particular test environment) due to a learning difference or disability, make sure that you inform the test provider in good time.

  • Some test providers will charge a fee for taking this test. However, usually the provider will be able to waive fees or provide a discount/bursary for applicants in financial need: exact arrangements may vary so please do check with the test provider.


King's College London is committed to providing high quality and responsive services to all applicants as they make an application to study at the university. However, it is recognised that there may be occasions where applicants feel that the university has not met the high standards that it sets itself.

The admissions complaints procedure defines the procedure through which applicants to King’s can make a complaint regarding the level of service received from the university in the application process. If you wish to submit a formal First Stage Complaint please use the official Admissions Complaints Form and return to admissions.confidential@kcl.ac.uk within 10 working days of the incident in question. 

Note: This procedure is not for applicants wishing to appeal a decision or those who are seeking feedback on an application. Information on feedback and appeals can be found further down this page.

Data protection

The Admissions Office will treat all personal data in accordance with King's Data Protection Policy. We will only communicate directly with the applicant (or designated Agent) and not with your teacher, parents or guardians unless we have specific written permission from you that we may do so.

Once you have submitted an application for a postgraduate programme you will be able to nominate another person to act on your behalf and speak directly to the College. Consent for another person to act on your behalf will need to be provided to us in writing by sending a message through the King's Apply portal.

Deferred entry / military service deferrals

Deferred entry / gap years

  • For Research degrees, deferrals will be dependent upon agreement from your proposed supervisor, who will need to consider if appropriate supervision will still be available.

  • All deferral requests must be submitted in writing through the King's Apply portal, stating why you would like to defer. The Admissions Office will respond with further advice (be aware that any funding, visa, or accommodation arrangements you may already have in place may be affected). 

Military service deferrals

A deferral of two academic years will usually only be considered if an applicant is completing compulsory national or military service which exceeds 12 months. Applicants will need to provide evidence that they will be undertaking compulsory service along with their deferral request, and all requests should be made via King’s Apply.  Please also note our general guidance on deferrals below:

  • In rare circumstances King’s programmes may become unavailable, or change name or content from year to year. If you have a deferred offer and such changes occur King’s will contact you to make you aware as soon as possible through King’s Apply, and discuss any options for you.

  • We are unable to defer conditional offers. All conditions must be met before we can defer your place.

  • If you have been awarded funding or a scholarship for a specific academic year, there is no guarantee that same funding will be available if you defer and you may have to re-apply for the academic year in which you intend to join. Please check the information on your funding award or scholarship carefully, and contact the Student Funding Team if you are unsure.

  • If you require a visa to study, please note that your CAS and visa is assigned to a specific start date and programme. If you change your start date you may have to apply for a new CAS or visa in the year that you wish to study.

  • Your fee status is assessed at the time of application based on the information you have provided to date, and takes into consideration a specific start date. If you defer your programme start date, be aware that this could affect your fee status (which determines your eligibility for lower tuition fees and access to student finance support). The Admissions Office reserves the right to re-assess your status for your deferred start date.

  • If English is not your first language we may have asked you for to take a English language test. Please note that these are only eligible for two years. If a deferral would make your English language test out of date, we reserve the right to amend your offer to a conditional offer based on demonstrating your current proficiency with a new test. Please see our English language requirements page for further information.

  • If you have applied for King’s accommodation or made arrangements for disability or dyslexia support, you may need to re-apply or update your arrangements for your new start date. Please contact the relevant service for further information.

  • Requests for deferral for MPhil/PhD programmes will be dependent on availability of suitable supervisors and/or availability of specific studentships and so will be considered on a case by case basis. Your admissions team will advise you.


Both Home and Overseas students will be expected to pay a deposit although further details may be found on the online prospectus as there are differences between programmes.

Details of deadlines, terms and conditions, and methods of payment will be sent in a message through the King's Apply portal.

English language requirements

Equality and diversity

Information on College-wide Equality & Diversity policies at King's for staff & students is available from our Equality & Diversity Unit. 

You may also wish to read our Fair Admissions Policy (postgraduate entry) (pdf), as well as guidance for specific applicants which can be found at the bottom of this page.

You can also find out more about the work of our Widening Participation team.

Feedback and appeals (unsuccessful applicants)

Admission to the majority of King's courses is highly competitive, and this means that unfortunately a large number of applicants - even those who meet or exceed the minimum entry requirements for consideration - will be unsuccessful each year.

King's is committed to providing individual feedback to applicants who receive an unsuccessful decision. Initial feedback will be provided with any unsuccessful decision, but more individual feedback is available on request.


If you feel that you have met the minimum entry requirements for your application to be considered but have not been offered a place on a competitive course, you are strongly encouraged to request feedback in the first instance. This will help you to better understand our decision. All requests for feedback should be made in writing within one month of the admissions decision being made, through your King's Apply account. This request for feedback is not considered as part of an official appeal, which is considered through a separate process.


The university operates a clear and robust admissions appeals process. View a copy of the Admissions Appeals Procedure. Unsuccessful applicants who feel that they have grounds to make an appeal as outlined in the Admissions Appeal Procedure and would like to contest the decision on their application must complete the online Admissions Appeal Form

Fee status assessment

The College charges two different levels of tuition fees for our undergraduate degree courses. You will often see a ‘Home’ (or ‘Home/EU’) fee which is lower than the ‘Overseas’ fee.

This is due to the way higher education is funded in England. Your fee status may also affect your eligibility for certain funding or scholarships, and sometimes for a particular course (usually where linked to National Health Service funding/places).

For further guidance see our Fee Status guidelines.

Fee status reassessment for applicants

As regulations regarding fee status can be quite complex, King's does not undertake fee status assessments before receiving a formal application for admission. However when you apply, your application form will ask you for certain information which will help us undertake an initial assessment, such as your nationality, permanent address and your education history.

If current applicants would like to query their fee status, they should do so by contacting the Admissions Office using the King's Apply portal. Messages and documents must be communicated through the portal in order for us to keep an accurate record of your correspondence.

Please ensure that all fee status queries are resolved before accepting an offer, paying any deposit, or enrolling on the course, as there are only a very few circumstances where your fee status can change during your course of study.

Fee status reassessment for enrolled students

The Admissions Office recognises that there may be circumstances where fee status decisions may require review following enrolment, for example if a student’s nationality changes after they enrol.

There are strict criteria surrounding the procedure for contesting fee status following enrolment which can be found in our policy document.

If current students feel that they meet the criteria outlined and would like to contest their fee status, they must complete the Fee Status Review Form and submit this, along with scans of supporting evidence to feestatusreview@kcl.ac.uk


Some of our courses require students to attend an interview in order to assess qualities which might be harder to assess from your application form (or perhaps where an applicant is offering non-traditional qualifications). Please note that if a course uses interviews as part of their selection process, this does not mean that all applicants will be asked to attend an interview.

If you are invited to an interview you will be provided with further details and guidance, but please feel free to contact the Admissions Office if you have any concerns.

Mitigating circumstances

Guidance as to how the Admissions Office considers mitigating circumstances during the admissions process - and a notification form - can be found in our Mitigating Circumstances pages

Plagiarism in applications

It is important that any personal statement, research proposal, or other written materials submitted as part of an application are your own work. The College may use similarity detection software to evaluate the originality of a piece of work.

If the College is considering making the applicant an offer, or inviting the applicant to an interview or selection day, we will not continue this action until we have investigated the validity of the personal statement further and have contacted the applicant through the King's Apply portal. Further details are available on request from the Admissions Office.

Specific guidance for...

Applicants with children

The Student Advice team has prepared some practical and financial tips for student parents, including childcare guidance which we hope will be useful when planning your future studies. 

Applicants with a disability or specific learning difference

See our advice pages for applicants with a disability of specific learning difference for information and FAQs.

Applicants with a Criminal Conviction or Caution

King's does not consider any previous criminal convictions or cautions during the academic assessment of your application. However, we do have a duty to safeguard the university community, including any vulnerable persons who may come into contact with our students. Due to GDPR considerations and recent changes to our processes we are currently reviewing our guidance and policies. In the meantime you may find our Criminal Conviction policy from our 2018 cycle useful.

Please note that some of our courses require an enhanced criminal conviction check (through the Disclosure & Barring Service): you can check the course you're interested in requires a DBS check by looking in our online prospectus, seeing our policy document (see link above), or contacting the Admissions Office.

For our courses which do not require an enhanced criminal conviction check you will be asked to declare any unspent, relevant convictions or cautions once you have received an offer to study here at King’s.

Applicants who will be under 18 years old at the start of their course

King’s does not operate a minimum age requirement for a large majority of its courses, but students must be able to demonstrate the maturity and personal skills, as well as academic credentials, in order to succeed on a university level course and benefit from a university education.

Offer holders who will be under 18 at the start of your course may be required – as a condition of your offer - to engage with the College before starting your course, to ensure appropriate arrangements are in place to support your time on campus.

There may however be age requirements on a number of our professional health courses (such as Nursing , Midwifery and Medicine). Applicants who would be under 18 at the start of these courses are encouraged to contact the Admissions Office for guidance.

Applicants who identify as trans/transgender

Applicants who identify as trans may wish to be aware of this guidance on support and policies at King's:

In addition we know that some trans identifying applicants may have questions relating to how their gender and/or name is recorded and used specifically during the admissions process. We are preparing FAQs for applicants, but in the meantime if you would like further confidential guidance please feel free to contact the Admissions Policy Manager at admissions.confidential@kcl.ac.uk in the first instance.

Applicants with a refugee or asylum-seeker background

We are preparing further guidance in this area. In the meantime, please let us know if you have questions about any of the following:

If you have any questions which aren’t answered here, or in our online prospectus, please feel free to contact the Admissions Office for further assistance. 

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