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King's Financial Aid Fund 2020-21

Amid the uncertainty of the current Coronavirus outbreak, we understand that many of our students will have concerns about money and finances. 

King’s students who have been directly affected financially by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis may be able to receive further financial support by submitting a King’s Financial Aid application.

How do I apply?

Download the application form and please ensure that you read the guidance on the form carefully, as this fully explains eligibility and the application process. To ensure a timely outcome to your application, you should follow the process described on the form.

If you are a current enrolled full-time undergraduate or postgraduate taught student, and you have been directly affected by the COVID-19 crisis in any of the following ways, you may apply.

Applications will be considered for help with financial costs in one of 5 categories:

  • Financial Hardship directly related to COVID-19 
  • Visa / Exceptional Costs
  • Vulnerable Students / Students of Concern
  • Electives/Field Trips/Placements (industrial / study)
  • Erasmus Placements

If you are experiencing financial difficulty, but your situation has not directly arisen due to the effects of the COVID-19 crisis, then we would encourage you to apply to one of our standard hardship funds and to seek advice from our Advice & Guidance team. If you are unsure which application to complete please see here

If you are applying on the grounds of financial hardship not covered in one of the categories listed, please complete the relevant online Hardship Fund application and do not apply using this form, clearing stating in your supporting statement that your application is related to the financial impact of COVID-19. If you are unsure which application to complete please see here.

If you are seeking a reduced tuition or King’s Residence accommodation fee, these are not covered within the scope of this fund. Please note that the university is considering the best practice, but in the meantime, you should refer to the published FAQs.  

Further support

If you are still concerned about your financial situation you should contact a Student Advisor for confidential advice.

The Advice team can be contacted via email and have a dedicated Advice telephone line. Full information about the Student Advice service can be found on their webpage.

Students may also be eligible to apply to our other hardship funds.



Who should I submit my application to?

The correct Department to send your application form and evidence to will depend on the reason for your application. Further information can be found on the application form and below.

Approving Department
 Nature of Costs Approving Department
 Financial hardship directly related to COVID-19  STUDENT FUNDING OFFICE
 Exceptional / Accommodation or rental costs  ADVICE & GUIDANCE TEAM
 Student Parent / Student carer / Other Caring Responsibilities ADVICE & GUIDANCE TEAM
 Care Experienced / Estranged Student / Otherwise Vulnerable Student with no Support Network ADVICE & GUIDANCE TEAM
 Medical / Nursing elective   FACULTY*
 Field Trips/ Industrial Placement  FACULTY*
 Study Abroad Placement  GLOBAL MOBILITY
 Erasmus placement   GLOBAL MOBILITY


*For applications requiring approval by Faculty staff, please contact your Faculty’s education support team.


How much could I receive?

The level of any award from the fund will depend on your specific circumstances, so we are unable to provide an indicative figure

What information do I have to provide with my application?

You should provide the following document evidence with your application

  • Evidence of costs 
  • Evidence that a refund of costs has been refused, where applicable 
  • Evidence that a claim against any relevant insurance policy has been submitted, where applicable 
    • If you are applying on the basis of loss of employment, please provide the following:
  • Evidence of your loss of employment (e.g. P45)
  • Evidence that you do not qualify for the government’s Income Support Scheme or Coronavirus Job Retention scheme (e.g. letter from employer)
  • Or evidence of your income on either of these schemes (e.g. letter from employer)

Evidence can be provided in the form of scans or photos of documents taken with a scanning device or mobile phone. Where possible, these should be clearly labelled. 


What should I include in my supporting statement?

When completing your statement please ensure that you: 

  • Provide details of how you have been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak
  • Explain how this impacted your financial situation, including details of any specific costs

The statement should provide details of the support you are applying for. Please note that you will be asked to provide documentary evidence demonstrating the change in your circumstances and any associated costs.

Please provide details of any financial dependents (e.g. children or adult dependents) and caring responsibilities that you may have.


Contact us

To find out more, please contact the Student Funding Office.


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