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King's Living Bursary 2018-19

King's commitment to financially assisting students who need extra funding to complete their studies. 



Am I eligible for the King's Living Bursary scheme?

The bursary differs slightly depending on the year you start at King's.

You will not need to apply for the bursary - as long as you meet the criteria below and you and your sponsors both give Student Finance England/Northern Ireland/Wales/SAAS 'consent to share' your financial information with us, you will be contacted once you have started at King's.


New Students starting in 2017 or 2018

The King’s Living Bursary scheme is open to every full-time home first degree student who has been means-tested with a final income assessment of £42,875 or less, on the £9,250 tuition fee rate. Second degree students on non-graduate entry programmes will be considered eligible, provided they meet the remaining criteria.

Please note that you must be means-tested by Student Finance England/Wales/N.Ireland/SAAS even if you do not intend to take up the maintenance loan. You must also give consent to share your household income data with the university. NHS funded and graduate students are not eligible.

As a new full-time home undergraduate student starting university in 2017 or 2018, the level of bursary you receive will depend on your income and that of your household. You must qualify for the bursary by July 2019 for a payment in 2018-19. Eligibility is checked for each year of your course. This bursary is for costs whilst you are studying and does not have to be repaid. 

Students who started in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 or 2016

The King’s Living Bursary scheme is open to every full-time home undergraduate student in receipt of the Student Finance maintenance grant, who begins their course in 2012-13 or later, on the £9,000 tuition fee rate. You must qualify for the bursary by July 2019 for a payment in 2018-19. Eligibility is checked for each year of your course. NHS funded students are not eligible.

As a continuing full-time home undergraduate student starting university in 2012-13 or later, you will be eligible to apply for a Maintenance Grant of up to £3,593 (with the exception of 2016 starters). This bursary is for costs whilst you are studying and does not have to be repaid.  How much you get will depend on your income and that of your household.

For 2016 and later starters the King's Living Bursary will depend upon assessed household income, as verified by Student Finance England/Wales/N.Ireland/SAAS.


How much is the King's Living Bursary?

King’s commitment is simple. For all new full-time, home undergraduate students, depending on your household income, King’s will award a King's Living Bursary as follows

King's Living Bursary 2015-16
Household IncomeStudent Finance Maintenance Grant *King's Living Bursary  for new students in 2017 or 2018King's Living Bursary for students who started in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 or 2016
£25,000 or less  £3,482 £1,600 £1,600
£25,001 - £33,500 £1,830 - £3,481 £1,500 £1,200
£33,501 - £42,875 £50 - £1,829 £1,200 £1,200

* Please note: NEW students starting in 2016-17 or later will not be in receipt of a maintenance grant. However, you will still be eligible for a King's Living Bursary, dependent upon your assessed household income.



Students from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish students in receipt of a maintenance grant or an equivalent grant/bursary, will receive a King's Living Bursary in line with the household income bandings described above - in order to receive the King's Living Bursary, you MUST GIVE CONSENT TO SHARE your household income data with the university.

EU Students

If you have been classed as EU for tuition fee purposes, and are receiving the tuition fee loan but are not eligible for the student loan for maintenance, you will be ineligible for this bursary.


Important note

In order to receive your King's Living Bursary you must ensure that you AND your parent(s)/guardian/spouse have all given consent to share your financial data with the College.

Most students will already have applied for statutory support through Student Finance England. Both the student and their parent(s), guardian or spouse must give their consent to share details of their financial information with the College.

If you have given your consent to share, King’s College London will receive this information electronically from the SLC. 

If you have not given your consent to share, then you and your parent(s)/guardian/spouse can contact Student Finance at any time during the year to give consent.

  • English students should call 0845 607 7577
  • Welsh students should call 0845 602 8845
  • Northern Irish students should call 0845 600 0662
  • Scottish students call SAAS on 0845 111 1711

To confirm your identity, you and your parent(s)/guardian/spouse will need to have your Automated Response Numbers (ART ID)/ Customer Reference Number to hand. You will also need to know your secret answers that will have been given to each of you by the SLC. You and your family members will each have your own ART ID and secret answer.

When will I receive my King's Living Bursary?

You will receive your bursary in two equal instalments - usually in November and February - over your academic year and it does not have to be repaid. Payment will be made by BACS, and you will be asked to provide your bank details via your online student records portal  to enable this after you have enrolled. Bursary payments will not be issued if you are no longer in attendance on your course.

Instalment dates are mid November 2018, and mid February 2019. 

You will be contacted about your bursary by mid November.

You do not need to apply to the King's Living Bursary scheme, as we will receive notification from the SLC of your Maintenance Grant or household income entitlement.


Further information

If you have any queries about the King's Living Bursary scheme, or any other aspect of the new student funding arrangements, please contact the Student Funding Office here at King's where we will be happy to offer you further advice.


The College has tried to give students an early opportunity to begin their research of student funding. Although every effort has been made to ensure that information provided is both helpful to prospective candidates and accurate at the time of its publication, it is possible that some information may be outdated or superseded before the start of the 2018-19 academic year.

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