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Student parents

Funding your studies

The funding available to you will depend on your status in the UK, the level of course you are taking and how you study.

The Student Funding Office can advise you on what funding is available from statutory sources and funds within the College. The Student Advisers can advise you if you have problems applying for student funding, assist you with your budget and help you to identify other sources of funding. 

Undergraduate full-time home students and EU migrant workers

Home students and EU migrant workers are usually eligible to apply for a student support package from Student Finance England or the NHS Grants unit, which can help pay for tuition fees and living costs unless you already have already completed an undergraduate honours degree.

Student parents can also apply for additional funding (regardless of previous study) to assist with the added costs of being a parent and/or supporting an adult dependant whilst studying full-time.

Childcare Grant
The Childcare Grant is available to full-time students in low-income households. To qualify, you must have a dependent child or children in registered or approved childcare. If you qualify, you can receive up to 85 per cent of your actual childcare costs. You do not have to repay this help. How much you get will depend on:

  • your level of income and the income of your household
  • how many children you have in childcare
  • your actual childcare costs

The childcare grant is paid as part of your student funding package and covers all forms of childcare including school clubs provided it is registered and approved. Please note, to qualify your partner must not already be receiving the childcare element of Working Tax credit.

Parents learning allowance
This is an additional grant to assist student parents with the costs of books, travel etc. As with the Childcare grant the award is based on your household income and is paid to you as part of your student funding package. You can apply for the Parent learning allowance even if you are not applying for the Childcare grant.

Applications for both the Childcare Grant and the Parent Learning Allowance can be made to Student Finance England or your Local Education Authority depending on when you started your course. Further details and information on how to apply can be found on Direct Gov.

Adult dependants' grant

If you are a full-time student with an adult who depends on you financially, you could be entitled to the Adult Dependants' Grant. You don't have to repay this help.

An adult dependant can include a partner (of either sex) or another adult, usually a member of your family who depends on you financially. However, you can't count your grown-up children as adult dependants. How much you get depends on your income and the income of your adult dependant. 

Part-time undergraduate home students and EU migrant workers

If you are a part-time student with children or other dependants, you may qualify for help with your course fees and/or course costs. In certain circumstances you may also be eligible for benefits, please consult a Student Adviser or a local Advice Service. Further information is available from Direct Gov. 

All home students and EU migrant workers

Child Benefit and Tax Credits
Child Benefit is a tax-free payment that you can claim for your child. It is usually paid every four weeks but in some cases can be paid weekly, and there are separate rates for each child. The payment can be claimed by anyone who qualifies, whatever their income or savings.

Students with dependent children may also be entitled to claim Child Tax Credit from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). The amount you receive will depend on your circumstances and income.

You may also be able to claim Working Tax Credit. However, if you get the childcare element of Working Tax Credit, you won't be able to claim for the Childcare Grant as well. You can find more information about tax credits, including how to apply, on the Direct Gov website.

Postgraduate funding

For most students attending Postgraduate courses in the UK there is no statutory funding available for either tuition fees or living costs. However students studying on PGCE courses and some NHS courses can access funding and should see the Student Funding Office for further details.

Kings College offers a wide range of scholarships and funding opportunities for both taught masters and research degrees which may contribute towards tuition fees, living costs or both. Information and application details can be found at the Student Funding Office, and Graduate Funding database you will also find a wide range of useful information on postgraduate funding and national competitions at Prospects.

Funding a postgraduate course is a big financial commitment so it is very important that you ensure you have funding in place for the full duration of your studies before you start your course. Finding adequate funding once you have started studying can be very difficult and may lead to financial difficulties.

Discretionary Funds

The Access to Learning Fund is available to all home full time students and most home part time students. It is a discretionary fund given to universities by the Government to assist students on low incomes who experience financial difficulties during their studies. The fund cannot be used to pay for tuition fees and students wishing to apply must ensure they have accessed all statutory funding available to them. 

Overseas Students

In order to gain entry clearance to study in the U.K international students need to prove that they have sufficient funds to support themselves and their families whilst in the U.K. Therefore international students are not permitted to apply for or have recourse to public funds. This includes the Access to Learning Fund.

However, EU and International students experiencing unexpected financial difficulties may wish to make an application to the International Hardship Fund. To be eligible students must be able to demonstrate they had adequate funding in place at the start of their course and that 'unforeseen circumstances' have occurred after they started their course leading to financial hardship. It is advisable to see a Student Adviser to discuss your application before you apply.

Trusts and Charities

The Student Advice Service is able to assist students with identifying possible funding opportunities through trusts and charities depending on your personal circumstances, status and background.

Funding from these sources is not guaranteed and should not be relied upon for covering the full costs of a degree but may assist with general day to day living costs or help out if you find yourself in financial difficulties. To find out more about searching for and applying to trusts and charities please contact a Student Adviser.

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